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Larry Klayman

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Exclusive: Larry Klayman warns of 'a violent counterrevolution' should Trump not intervene



The public interest group I founded, Judicial Watch Inc., recently wrote the mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, and demanded that she paint the motto I coined at during my 10 years at the organization on the city streets: "Because No One Is Above the Law" – this after the mayor permitted the words "Black Lives Matter" to be painted on 16th Street. It was a clever publicity stunt, given that Judicial Watch does little to enforce the law, other than to mainly just obtain documents under Freedom of Information Act and then implores the government to do the job of We the People. Indeed, our Founding Fathers did not ask King George III for help against his own tyrannical regime! Instead, they took it upon themselves to enforce colonial law and the law of God and founded a new, free republic.

Today, our once-free republic is under siege, instigated by a radical cabal of communists, socialists, anarchists, atheists and other radicals of all colors, sexes (there are in today's world more than two) and sexual persuasions. And, they are not only destroying private and government property, such as police stations, but also looting, burning and killing.

Last Monday I appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in a case I had filed three years ago – yes, way ahead of the current downward spiral – against members of Antifa, the University of California at Berkeley and the city itself. I wrote about this earlier this week.

At the outset of the hearing, in providing background to the three-member panel of federal judges. In a Freudian slip, I referred to the date that my brave gay woman client, Kiara Robles, was attacked by Antifa on the Berkeley campus, as Feb. 1, 1917. When I saw the jurists wryly smiling that I had said 1917 instead of 2017, and then poked fun at me for being 100 years off target, I responded in jest that whenever I think of the university and the city I think of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution.

My slip of the tongue rang true. With the current occupation of sectors of Seattle, and the anti-capitalist maiming, assault and destruction that is now underway in full force in localities and states all around the nation, indeed we are in the midst of an attempted forceful takeover by the radical left. It is the result of not only leftist financiers like George Soros and university professors who have brainwashed our youth, but also the race baiters, conmen and radical racists like the so-called Reverends Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. These hate-filled communists and socialist organizers and vigilantes see an opportunity to reduce the republic to ash and then build the country back up in Marxian style.

We are thus living through a period not unlike what Russia experienced in 1917, and what Ayn Rand predicted in her famous book "Atlas Shrugged."

What is making matters worse, is that not only the police have been ordered to lay down their "arms," but local mayors and state governors are taking an exit stage left and allowing this Bolshevik revolution to gain traction. Couple this with President Trump essentially dumping off responsibility to the localities and state authorities, and we have chaos, as the leftist cancer continues to spread with full force into a stage four malignant brain tumor. Listen to my appearance today on Crowdsource, which is embedded below, to fully realize the consequences of even the president's prevarication and lack of action, other than tweets and words, to put this revolt down.

And, here is the ever-present danger of words over deeds by the president. If this law enforcement vacuum is not filled, then other groups, such as neo-Nazis, the Klan and radicals posing as militias will take care of business, and what we will then see is a "sea of blood" running through our streets. A violent counterrevolution will have begun, ignited by law enforcement inaction.

I am sending forth this clarion call to President Trump to man up and stop the tweeting and bloviating, replete with his classic chest pounding, to prevent this by taking "affirmative action" and ordering the police in, which he has power to do under his emergency authority. He must round up and incarcerate these lawless "Bolsheviks" and other radicals. He must also order his do-nothing attorney general, Bill Barr, to indict these criminals, try and convict them and send them where the sun don't shine, in prison where they belong.

We at Freedom Watch are using our resources to also bring legal actions for police who have been victimized, such as in my birthplace and the birthplace of our republic, Philadelphia, by what is in effect reverse racism, where white cops are fired based on what the leftists falsely consider to be racist tweets and social media posts on private accounts. And, we have other legal actions in the works to restore equal justice under the law no matter what one's race, ethnicity, gender, or religion may be. Our Framers wrote and enacted a Constitution on the bedrock principle that all men and women are created equal. But in today's warped world, some are not treated equally, particularly if you are a white male cop!

So, while I take my hat off to my former colleagues at Judicial Watch for its high-profile publicity stunt, let me take it into the real world of the moment. What exists now is not any semblance of "Because No One is Above the Law," but instead "Because There Is No Law!" In this regard, I myself have now written to Mayor Bowser and to demand that she have this "truism" painted on Pennsylvania Avenue right in front of the municipality building of the District of Columbia. And, when she refuses, the mayor can expect to be served with a complaint, as the District has an anti-discrimination law for stifling political speech in a public forum.

Now, in the words of Thomas Paine, is the time that try men's souls. It is not a time to push off to others what We the People must rise up to do to save our republic and preserve liberty and freedom. Mr. President, I support you, but stop just talking and join Freedom Watch and the American people in putting down what is in effect a modern-day Bolshevik revolution before it is too late. Go to and enlist and support our citizens' peaceful and legal army of patriots.