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Ten things that could ignite a full-blown civil war in 2020… and any of these ten could happen AT ANY TIME

Mike Adams

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As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away.

America’s conservatives, fed up with being malicious labeled “Nazis” while being systematically censored and attacked in the streets by violent left-wing lunatics, have just about reached the point of taking active steps to defend their lives, their communities and their nation. What’s apparent to every thinking person now is that the radical Left only wants to tear down civil society, not participate in peaceful coexistence.

As we enter 2020, here are ten scenarios that could ignite an almost instant civil war at some level, most likely in certain states that I’ll cover in a follow-up article. Note that any of these scenarios could happen almost at any moment, without warning. That brings up the question: What supplies will you have at the ready when that day comes? What level of survival or self-defense training have you achieved? How long can you survive without new deliveries of food, water, fuel and medical supplies? (Read for dedicated news on this topic.)

These are all serious, practical issues to ponder as the radical Left seems intent on collapsing America into total chaos and psychopath-level violence on the streets.

#1) A “successful” assassination of President Trump

If Trump were taken out, it would immediately unleash a call to arms among American patriots and conservatives, likely seeing millions march on Washington D.C., demanding the arrest and incarceration of all the deep state traitors who are behind the political coup.The most likely method for attempting to assassinate Trump would involve area effect weapons that don’t require close contact with the president, such as chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Notably, these weapons would also produce mass casualties of other innocent Americans, which tells you how little the deep state really cares about innocent life. See my full analysis in this important story, “The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America.”

#2) A Senate conviction of Trump and his removal from office by the treasonous Republican party

If the Senate Republicans turn on Trump and convict him for “obstruction of Congress,” it will set off a nationwide revolt against all the criminals in Washington D.C., Republicans and Democrats alike. Fortunately, it currently appears that the Senate will vote to exonerate President Trump once Nancy Pelosi stops delaying and sends the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for the impeachment trial.

Adding to these concerns, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition ( recently issued a press release warning that radical Leftist, in the aftermath of Trump being exonerated by the Senate, are expected to invoke “violent reactions” that could lead to nationwide disruptions in the deliveries of food, fuel and medical supplies. The organization is now warning of a “super supply chain crisis” due to truckers intentionally avoiding areas of conflict as America descends into regional civil war.

This dire warning from is covered in more detail at All News Pipeline.

#3) A large-scale false flag event gone bad, where conservatives are framed, but the conspirators get caught and exposed

Here in the independent media — the only remaining honest press in America — we are fully aware that the deep state is planning to carry out a mass shooting false flag attack that can be blamed on Trump supporters and gun owners. These false flag events were relatively easy for the deep state to coordinate and accomplish when Obama or Clinton was in office because they controlled the entire executive branch. But today, with Trump systematically removing swamp creatures from positions of power, it’s very difficult for the deep state to succeed in a planned mass casualty false flag event.

If they try another 9/11, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook or Boston marathon bombing, they just might get caught red handed this time, and it will blow up the entire history of FBI-run false flag operations in America. The FBI, of course, is a corrupt, lawless, deeply evil terrorist organization that has run both real terrorist acts and false flag operations against the American people for decades. And did I mention assassinations, too? That’s the real history of the FBI.

#4) The attempted confiscation of guns in any state, especially Virginia

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, an admitted advocate of infanticide and child murder, also wants to use the force of government to strip away the Second Amendment rights of all Virginians. And it looks like he’s willing to go war with the 2A sanctuary counties and cities that now dominate the geography of the state.

Should Gov. Northam — or any left-leaning governor in America — attempt to seize firearms from citizens at gunpoint, they will unleash a shooting war with the well-armed militias that now stand as the last line of defense between Americans and tyranny.

If the Democrats keep pushing for gun confiscation and outright tyranny, they might just unleash an armed citizens’ revolt which could see lawmakers and governors arrested and charged with treason.

Gov. Northam is, of course, run by George Soros, an evil globalist who wants to see America descend into chaos so that he can profit billions more from making bets on the collapse of the currency. How do you think he got so wealthy in the first place? By plunging nations into chaos and profiting from the collapse.

#5) UN troops entering American soil / occupying America

Various plans are under way right now to unleash UN troops onto U.S. soil. Some troops are already stationed inside the United States and are just waiting to be activated. Other troops are amassing just south of the U.S. / Mexico border, waiting to cross into America once a sufficient level of civil war has been achieved. Read Dave Hodges’ to stay up to date on UN occupation plans.

These UN troops are being coordinated by Barack Obama, still operating from his D.C. bunker with the aim of being installed as head of the UN so he can spearhead the final assault and take down of the United States of America — that was always his goal from day one of his election in 2008.

California Gov. Newsom, meanwhile, has already completed negotiations with communist China to land communist troops on California soil via west coast shipping ports. This is designed to establish a communist beachhead from which China plans to stage tanks, aircraft and other military weapons to carry out the complete military occupation of California and much of the west coast.

The communist troops will, of course, be described by CNN as “peacekeepers” and their first wave will involve distributing food and water to the trapped citizens of Los Angeles who will find themselves without a power grid after Newsom orders it shut down. Note that Newsom has already ordered HAM radio repeaters to be removed from California in order to cut off citizens’ ability to community, and the recent PG&E grid shutdowns were an obvious test for the “big one” when the Governor orders the entire grid shut down (and blamed on patriots, who will be labeled “domestic terrorists”).

#6) Cheating by Dems in the 2020 election

Democrats, of course, plan to cheat in the 2020 election just like they cheat in every election. They plan to flood voting locations with fake ballots, votes from illegal aliens, voted from dead people and votes from people who have already moved away. At the same time, all mail-in ballots that support conservative candidates will magically disappear.

This will happen nationwide in a coordinated cheating campaign that now characterizes the twisted, vile mindset of all Democrats who, by their very nature, are liars and cheats. There isn’t a single prominent Democrat who has spoken out against the entire Russian hoax conspiracy theory fronted by the left-wing media for the last three years, and there are no Democrats other than Tulsi Gabbard who dare raise their voices against the lawlessness, insanity and brazen deceit of the recent House impeachment fiasco.

Democrats are cheaters. They are liars. They respect no rules of any system unless those rules can be bent for their advantage. And yes, they will lie, cheat and steal their way to a 2020 election victory if the American people don’t stop them.

What we need is national voter ID laws that require presenting an ID to vote. Plus, we need to end all absentee ballots and mail-in ballots, because those are targeted for systematic abuse by dishonest Dems.

If Democrats win the presidency in 2020, it can only be through the process of cheating. That’s how they planned to win in 2016, but they underestimated the will of the American people to reject the corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton and the DNC crime cartel.

#7) A large-scale financial collapse

As I’ve documented recently, the Federal Reserve has decided to support President Trump for re-election in 2020. This is apparent in the Fed’s decision to flood the markets with liquidity, even as many stocks are already in bubble territory to begin with.

The decision was made in September of this year, after which the Fed immediately started flooding the markets with liquidity (i.e. more quantitative easing) in order to keep the markets propped up through the 2020 election. The following chart shows the Fed’s balance sheet, representing money creation:

However, anti-Trump forces are of course plotting to cause a market crash that can be blamed on Trump. A test run for this scenario was conducted a few months ago when the entire left-wing media all announced on the same day that a “recession” was looming. They managed to drop the DOW by a few hundred points, but their propaganda message was quickly swept away by more quantitative easing and irrational exuberance.

Nevertheless, the Trump stock market phenomenon cannot last forever. At some point the Minsky moment is reached and things rapidly unwind. But with the help of the Fed, they may be able to delay that realization until 2021 or even beyond.

The most likely strategy that will be employed by the deep state to cause a market crash, in my analysis, will be an FBI-run terrorism event on the scale of 9/11, which also crashed the markets hard. There’s no doubt in my mind that the anti-American traitors will, if necessary, nuke entire U.S. cities if it gets them the result they want (the destruction of America and the removal of President Trump).

For this reason alone, no one is safe in America until the traitors are brought to justice. And those “traitors” include Comey, Obama, Clinton, McCabe, Brennan, Holder and a list of literally hundreds of other high-level treasonous actors who must be removed from power and prosecuted for treason if America is to have any future whatsoever.

#8) A left-wing violent uprising, likely following the 2020 election

There are two potential events in 2020 that could spark a mass uprising of violence by radical Leftists. Those two events are: 1) The re-election of President Trump (discussed here), and 2) The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (see #10, below).

If Trump is re-elected in November of 2020, expect violent Leftists to pull out all the stops and attempt a nationwide communist coup, complete with the mass executions of conservatives, Christians, gun owners and Trump supporters. Liberal cities will descend into lawlessness and chaos, and this is the day you will wish you had kept an AR-15 fully loaded with “Controlled Chaos” ammunition (anti-personnel ammo), along with the skills to know how to use it in your lawful defense.

Remember, the radical Left has already decided that if they can’t win elections, they will burn the country to the ground. Whatever they cannot rule, they seek to destroy. This is why Leftists are flatly incompatible with civil society, and much like a rabid dog that has lost its mind and can no longer function in a practical way, sooner or later you have to put that dog down before it eats your child. (Yes, the Leftists want to murder children too, in the name of abortions and infanticide.)

#9) A grid-down event and loss of banking, food stamps and electronic transactions

We’ve already covered, above, how the Governor of California plans to cause a power grid outage in major California cities as part of his plan to see America invaded and occupied by communist Chinese troops. That will be a deliberate grid down scenario carried out as an act of treason against the United States of America and the people of California.

But there are other grid down scenarios that may occur as well, including sabotage, EMP weapons and the inadvertent cascading failures of power infrastructure components which only seem to be getting more frequent. On top of all that, there’s the Michael Bloomberg promise to shutter all coal-fired power plants and deliberately plunge the United States into a Third World existence with virtually no functioning power grid. This is described as the “green economy” by lunatics like Bloomberg and AOC, who think that “sustainability” is achieved by living in a mud hut with a ditch for a toilet, wiping your ass with ferns while praying to Gaia.

Never forget that when the grid goes down, food stamps, ATMs and all electronic transactions go down with it. This means, obviously, that cities with a high percentage of food stamp recipients will quickly descend into chaos, looting and lawlessness. Actually, that describes every day in Chicago, but imagine the worst case scenario on steroids, with police unable to do anything other than go home and protect their families from the runaway gang violence.

If you are caught up in this chaos, your chances of survival rapidly erode for every hour you are stuck in the city. But the roads will all be lined with hijackers, making egress by vehicle a very dicey situation. You’ll likely need to exit the city on foot, cross country style. And that scenario is also highly dangerous for different reasons.

Hence the importance of getting out of the cities in advance of all this, which is why I’ve been pounding this point for years.

#10) The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG is suffering from stage-4 pancreatic cancer, which means she probably only has a few more weeks (maybe months) to live. The media is, of course, completely covering up the truth about her rapidly deteriorating health condition. But those of us who are “in the know” are already aware that Nancy Pelosi’s delaying tactic of withholding the Article of Impeachment from the U.S. Senate is largely dictated by the fact that RBG is close to death. Why? Because Pelosi wants to delay Senate vindication of Trump so she can say, “No president under impeachment can nominate a Supreme Court justice,” even though she’s just making that up and her claims have no bearing under U.S. law.

Once Ginsburg passes, Trump is almost certain to nominate Amy Barrett as a replacement jurist. Mark my words when I remind you that this will set off violent, insane left-wing protests nationwide as the mass mentally ill Left realizes it’s about to lose the Supreme Court for a generation. Importantly, this almost certainly means abortion will be revisited by the court and Roe vs. Wade will very likely be overturned for a variety of reasons.

This decision will likely send the abortion issue back to the states, but even there, the practice of abortion can be challenged by family members who share blood lines with those unborn children who are being murdered. A second case is likely to end up in the Supreme Court, arguing that even unborn persons are still persons who deserve equal protection under the law.

At this point, the Supreme Court must either argue that unborn persons are only partial persons — which smacks of the Dred Scott 5/8th slave decision of 1857 — or that no person has any inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… meaning that none of us are persons.

In any case, the moment Ginsburg passes, you can fully expect the radical Left to riot like they’ve never rioted before, hoping to use brute force crybully tactics to essentially hold the nation hostage until they get the Supreme Court pick they want.

This would be an ideal time for a false flag operation run by the FBI to actually gun down left-wing crowds in cold blood and frame a Trump supporter for the assault, thereby whipping up mass guilt among Trump supporters and portraying left-wing mobs as “victims.” That’s the only role they play well in society, it seems, even if it means finding a way to victimize themselves.

Conclusion: Civil war can happen at any time, without warning and with no chance to get out

The upshot of all these ten scenarios is that you won’t be given any warning when civil war erupts locally, regionally or even nationally, depending on the circumstances.

Think about this carefully, because it means:

  • You won’t have time to “bug out.” You’ll have to “shelter in place,” as they say.
  • You’re going to be stuck with whatever food supplies you have right now.
  • You’re going to have to live on whatever water storage you have right now.
  • You won’t be able to buy more ammo, guns or gun parts.
  • You are likely to have zero communications due to a loss of electricity. So you won’t even know what’s happening unless you have a shortwave radio, a wind-up AM radio or some other backup comms device.
  • You won’t have access to medical services.
  • Leaving your home or apartment will be extremely dangerous. Staying put may be your only option, even if your local city is in a state of collapse.
  • You won’t have access to ATMs, cash withdrawals, banking services or credit card transactions.
  • Much of the internet may be inaccessible to you, and cell towers will stop working once they run out of backup power.

There are things happening behind the scenes right now that I can’t report on yet because I haven’t been able to confirm them via multiple sources, but if what I’m hearing is true, you can fully expect to find yourself living under a temporary state of martial law, complete with a curfew and travel restrictions.

Get prepared now, and most importantly, leave the liberal cities if you haven’t already. They are death traps.

By the way, there’s one more scenario in all this that I haven’t covered: The possibility of Trump invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807, then dispatching military police to arrest the deep state traitors and treasonous members of Congress who have taken an active role in the attempted illegal coup against the United States of America. We should welcome such action, but it is sure to set off a violent uprising among radical Leftists who will use the opportunity to bomb buildings, set fire to their own cities and attempt the mass murder of conservatives and Trump supporters.

I hope you’re ready, because the odds of none of these events happening in 2020 are quite slim. Something’s going to break, and it looks like it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Stay informed. Check for new videos every day. Read to stay informed, and check for real-time breaking news headlines from the most censored news sources in the world. And watch for the upcoming launch of our new search engine,