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Craig Maus

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by Craig Maus

December 4th 2018
"Our enemies are a traditionless, homeless race. From the days of CROMWELL to the present day they have been the disturbers of the peace of the world. Gathered together by CROMWELL from the bogs and the fens of the north of Ireland and of England, they commenced by disturbing the peace of their own country. They disturbed that of Holland, to which they fled, and they disturbed England on their, return. After what has happened the last two years, my only wonder is that we consented to live for so long a time in association with such miscreants. Were it ever proposed to enter again into a Union with such a people, I could ho more consent to do it than to trust myself in a den of thieves." ~ President Jefferson Davis

"I tried in all my power to avert this war. I saw it coming, and for 12 years, I worked night and day to prevent it, but I could not.  The North was mad and blind; it would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came, and now it must go on till the last man of this generation falls in his tracks, and his children seize the musket and fight our battle, unless you acknowledge our right to self-government.  We are not fighting for slavery. We are fighting for Independence, and that, or extermination, we will have....Slavery never was an essential element.  It was the only means of bringing other conflicting elements to an earlier culmination.  It fired the musket which was already capped and loaded.  There are essential differences between the North and the South that will, however this war may end, make them two nations . . . " (President Jefferson Davis, July 1864)
President Davis was clearly aggravated when Lincoln cleverly changed the cause of the war from Southern Independence to Slave Independence after the stalemate at Sharpsburg in the fall of 1862. At the time he knew it was a political war gesture as it freed no one under Union control. Lincoln joked with the Southern delegation at Hampton Roads in February 1865, two months before the surrender, as he recalled issuing the emancipation as a war maneuver while he was comparing the freed slaves to groveling hogs. His famous line of "let 'em root" speaks volumes of the man. Now there is some emancipator!! It's time to renew the Confederacy. It's time to rally up around the old flags. It is time to step up. Find your way back, back to Confederacy!
“ The Constitution is NOT an Instrument for the Government to restrain the People; It is an Instrument for the People to restrain the Government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” ~Patrick Henry. "If Patrick Henry could see this country now, he'd puke himself back into his grave. . ."

The below commentary is by Craig Maus, President of The Confederate Society of America:

Because of what has been done to America over the last 157 years, ANY attempt to explain the manner in which we have become a ‘disenfranchised’ country presents a herculean problem because it requires an ‘attentive & open mind’ free from any & all outside influence.

The American ‘educational system’, for the lack of a better description, has become an extension of the Political Power Base that resides in Washington.

The entire ‘educational system’ derives most of its funding either directly or indirectly from Washington.

Only a few Colleges across America today now stand on their own resources for funding allowing them the province of Independent Educational Teaching & the Freedom to express that teaching without fear of Financial Recrimination.

Without a fair & balanced understanding of ANY FACT via a Free & Independent Educational System, can we ever again expect to retain/regain the Identity of our Origin & Purpose.

Sadly, we have lost that key & essential impartiality resulting in a ‘Language of Revisionism’ in which the ‘End MUST Justify & Support’ the current Political Inquisition of these ‘modern’ times.

‘Balance’ is becoming as invisible as our History but then again, isn’t that to be expected when the national IQ is as low as the abyss into which Washington & Friends has created & put us ALL into?

Therefore any & all ‘CONCLUSIONS’ are NO longer reached in a cogent manner but simplified to the degree that anyone can get an ‘A’ if they eschew the teachings of their Master?

How then could any “Dot’, moving forward, ever be ‘Connected’ when the theory of ‘Dot Connection’, in of itself, is NEVER taught to begin with?

CIVIL WAR is brought about by MULTIPLE ISSUES…. And NEVER just ONE!

Al Benson’s recent article regarding RECONSTRUCTION being the Ideological Center that put Marxism in play in its ‘early infancy’ while growing itself exponentially & systematically over the ensuing decades bares attention because it IS Spot On!

Reconstruction allowed the Enablers to Marginalize America in many ways.

Thus, and over time, they were able to Infuse Social Programs within THEIR New America,

Social Programs is the Premiere Cardinal Tactic of any Marxist for without it, they simply cannot exist.

Once America’s former bulwarks were over-run and removed, it was an open road free of any interference that heretofore presented itself…. And along with it, ANY & ALL CHANCES for a comparison between what was and what has become!

Today, America’s ‘Educational System’ offers NO such Compare ‘N’ Contrast venue because it is totally one-sided.

Thus today’s American ‘Government’ is the total antithesis of what it originally was.  

  • Now combine the Transition resulting from an earlier but on-going RECONSTRUCTION and throw in a compromised Media for ‘good measure’ & what do you think you get? A State-Sponsored Arm every bit the same as that which existed in the ‘former’ Soviet Union (USSR) that was called Tass & Pravda during that time.

  • Conflate all of the above with a Reconstructed ‘Educational System’ that is totally dependent upon Washington’s funding and what does any logical thinking man or women think the NET outcome will be?

America was eclipsing toward a Civil War LONG BEFORE South Carolina seceded in 1860.


SIMPLE - Then and just like today, a smaller but equally similar group of malcontents understood what a Central Government could do for THEM - Power, Money & Control.

  • Those in the north, understanding this only too well, IMPORTED every Marxist they could from Europe after their Socialist Revolution failed.

  • They were known as the 48 er’s.

  • And Each & every one of them found Sanctuary in the north.

  • They would eventually find their way into the Central (then Federal) government, the northern states, their local municipalities, newspapers and industry.

(….And EVERY BIT THE SAME AS TODAY IF ONE IS TO CONSIDER THE ‘TYPES’ THAT HAVE BEEN ELECTED IN THE EXTREME BLUE STATES! Compare ‘N’ Contrast Folks.The times may change but the purpose and persona does NOT!)

The ‘Economic Policies’ PRIOR to the Civil War in the north simply SUCKED because of WHO was in charge as noted.

And eventually, as the ole saying goes, the Ka-Ka eventually has to roll downhill.

In our case, it was Southern Bound.

Meanwhile and unlike the failing economies of the north at that time because of who was running the ‘Candy Store’, each and every southern state was wanting for nothing.   

We were an Agrarian Society and that is why we headed South instead of North when we came here from Europe. That was the ‘jib’ from which we were cut.

Our land was rich in soil and would grow just about anything put into it.

Thus the south would become a major importing and exporting entity over time because of our ‘jibs’ cut’. 

But because of many reasons as noted above, the independent northern states were coming upon hard economic times and when that happens with anyone, ‘one’ is inclined to look elsewhere to find a ‘Solution’….. a Final Solution as it were.

In short, they wanted a Piece of the Southern Action because theirs was drying up.

(This is ALL Fact by the way- providing one has received an ‘elementary’ education and not a government sponsored one)

And because the north held the greater MAJORITY of STATES (sound familiar- that word Majority?) they found ways in which to hold the South to ‘ACCOUNT’…

So they used their Majority OF STATES to pass various ‘Legislative Acts’ over the lesser number of southern states using Tariffs as a means toward THEIR ENDS.


They had now merged, collectively, into every Political Niche be it ‘Federal’ or State.

What they saw here in America was an ability to get what they couldn’t in Europe - A CENTRAL GOVERNMENT!

Such would provide them ALL with an UNLIMITED CAPABILITY allowing them to Reign & Rule in a Pretense Capacity.

But before any of that could happen, the one entity that stood clearly in their way, was a Constitutional Republic whose States held the ‘reigns’ OVER the then LIMITED FEDERAL Government - WE HAD TO GO!

And what better way than to concoct a CIVIL WAR that would provide them ALL with EVERYTHING they ever wanted.

And that is why I have so often shared John C. Calhoun’s writing issued in 1831 wherein he asked:

What are we?

A Constitutional Government based entirely on the Sovereignty of the Independent States or, a Consolidated Government (meaning NATIONAL)?

His question merely echoed what was written in the Last Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence by the way.

Again, this was asked in 1831 because ‘things’ were beginning to ‘trend’ much differently than those ‘Trends’ we were fighting for only 55 years earlier in 1776!

Thus the Tariff’s would become even more imposing demanding more and more of the South.

The Marxists in Washington were pushing our buttons knowing full well what would come from it.

In fact, it became common place to see fights breaking out in both Houses of Congress between northern & southern representatives due to the UNFAIRNESS of these actions.

But the ‘POWERS’ saw the potential & wanted it ALL!

So they had to ‘push one last button’ and what better way than the issue of SLAVERY.

Heretofore, that was NEVER an ISSUE because many northerner’s owned slaves but that too is a lost FACT in the revised History Books our kids are forced to read.

So what did they concoct?

The 48 er’s took the Basic Lesson Plan right out of Marx’s Manifesto, written in 1847, and used Humanitarianism/Slavery AS THE MEANS FROM WHICH THE American CIVIL WAR would come about.

They embedded themselves with the Abolitionists of that time and provided them with ALL THE MONEY THEY NEEDED TO RAISE HELL ACROSS AMERICA using Private People in which to do so driving a DEEPER WEDGE between the states whose outcome was as PLANNED as it was PREDICATABLE - CIVIL WAR!

What “Those People” failed to understand was the resolve of the South that was linked ENTIRELY to those written conscripts within the Declaration and Constitution.

The SOUTH did NOT invade the NORTH but the NORTH’S CENTRAL Government INVADED the South thinking this would be a quick fix with a ‘Few Winks of the Eye’ afterwards dissolving the Intent of the Founders and replacing the Sovereignty to which Each State was GRANTED with a behemoth of a ‘NEW & IMPROVED’ UNLIMITED NATIONAL government.

The SOUTH NEVER WANTED WAR and decided instead that the time had come to leave… but leave peaceably and thus did our First State - South Carolina so do in 1860 BUT not BEFORE ASKING THEIR FOLKS TO VOTE ON LETTERS OF SECESSION UNDER THE THEN 10TH & FINAL AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION .

But Lincoln would hide behind lies, chicanery & treachery and claim otherwise as his merry-band of Marxists would ultimately smile ALL the WAY to the Bank & the POWER they always sought.


That is how ALL Marxists think!

The South had to be MARGINALIZED!


Today is NO different in that the same MARGINALIZATION is now taking place.

But today, it is being applied in Each & Every vestibule of this country whereas before, it was simply ONE SECTION of this country being played off of another SECTION of this country and by the SAME PEOPLE that EXISTED THEN as THOSE THAT SIMILARLY EXIST TODAY!

The ONLY difference is that “Those Same People” TODAY have grown in size and scope and are now PROTECTED by the LAWS their masters of yesteryear created which are being further advanced today by the siblings they have since spawned.

But once again, what is the ‘CARDINAL AGENT’ behind their Political Protocol?

‘Humanitarianism’ once again BUT being used in a far greater manner than before.

There are so MANY filthy hands that have participated in this charade Robert than one might imagine.

But yesteryear, it was much more simple to see and understand because everything was black and white.

Today, everything is being filtered thru various parties…. Be they the Media, the Homogenized Crazies who think everyone is entitled to everything because America somehow owes everything to everyone and the Omni-Present Wizard whose Shield continues to hide & cloak his presence and the Babylon of his residence - That Mecca of Mediocrity in Washington!     

Did ANYONE ever wonder why a Select Class of America’s population, only 2% , pay the ENTIRE TAX BILL of this Country?

Because it is “Those People” who own and run this Casino and paying the ‘majority of the freight’ is but a small price to pay when one can own the Entire Metropolis whose People fight Their Wars and Bleed in the name of a Patriotism for a Country that in NO way resembles its ‘Original Architecture’ whatsoever!

What a DEAL!

We will see another Civil War Robert and pretty much for the same reason(s) as before-NO ONE APPRECIATES GETTING THE SHORT END OF THE STICK…. Particularly when the ‘Stick’ was intended to do otherwise!

We MUST Separate… while we still hold the numerical power to do so!

For GOD, Family and the Republic of the Original CONFEDERATION of Sovereign & Independent States,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America