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Will California's Sad Past Become America's Sad Future? Updated 5-25-20

Rocky Montana

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Will California's Sad Past Become America's Sad Future?

Rocky Montana\

Is recent California history is about to repeat? 

And will draconian, unConstitutional vaccine inoculation mandates be forced on the people nationwide by current out-of-control socialist-Democrat governors as happened in California nearly 5 years ago?  I don't know, however, the same set of conditions are now in place.  We are being set up again, America, and we see it not! It's coming just as fast as the vaccines are approved, produced, and distributed--and when it arrives, you won't have time to consider possibilities--the time to prepare is NOW!  Californians may recall the excuse given for Gov. Brown's draconian Mandatory Vaccine Inoculation Program of 2015 was 136 cases of measles--what a con-job!   Look for this radical, unConstitutional Inoculation Mandate to be cloned in other blue states across the nation.  If I am wrong and this scenario does NOT play-out, no one will be more pleased and relieved than me. 

Am I saying don't have you and your children vaccinated?  Certainly not, for all people have the God-given right of FREEDOM OF CHOICE.  I am suggesting, however, that you inform self of the sorted history and questionable effects of vaccines, beforehand.  Then, use your God-given gifts of REASON and LOGIC to make the wisest decision possible for you and your family.  


Mostly socialist-Democrat governors will issue "Covid-19 Vaccine Inoculation Mandates" for ALL citizens or for elders (70 and above), and possible indefinite quarantine periods for adults and school-children who don't comply.  (This is analogous to socialist-fascism, or communism, and has no place in America!)  These state politicians are the blind and corrupt, being led by the International Zionist Political Party-Committee of 300--U.N. Eugenics policy--implemented by their henchmen, stooges, and tools within the Medical Monopoly (WHO, CDC, AMA, FDA, BIG PHARMA, and AMA trained doctors, et al., still, surreptitiously controlled by the Rockefellers). Look for near-endless fear-mongering by "medical experts" and other political and media prostitutes warning us that "Covid-19 vaccination is for our best good" and "failure to get vaccinated is unAmerican".

Things, like the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and some 98,000 deaths in the U.S. and 341,000 deaths worldwide (if you can believe these figures from the Medical Monopoly), don't JUST HAPPEN--this scenario is carefully planned, orchestrated, and executed.  One of the goals of the Committee of 300 is worldwide depopulation--down to 550 million people. To achieve their social-engineering goals, they use the three-step process authored by Hegel and perfected by the Marxist/Leninists: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The first step (thesis) is to create (or fabricate, preferably) a problem: The Coronavirus (Covid-19).  (And, yes, I am suggesting the Chinese Communists and the Rockefellers are involved).  The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria, indefinite quarantines, and economic damage).  Psychological conditioning is now achieved.  The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created in step one--a change that would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.  The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccine.  With me so far?

What if they made a vaccine and no one took it?

Beware, there is NO WAY of knowing the type and quantity of toxins vaccine manufacturers put into their vaccines and/or how and to what extent these vaccine toxins will assault and damage the human body.  Further, there is no way to test each and every syringe-full of vaccine, and even if there were, could you trust the results?  Clinical tests?  How many times has the FDA gotten clinical tests wrong or "looked the other way", released the drug or vaccine for mass-usage, and then recalled drug or vaccine only after portions of the citizenry had been damaged and killed?  Are you going to trust the FDA and vaccine manufacturers with your very health and lives?  Remember--the bribery system is alive and well among traitorous bureaucrats in key positions within the U.S. government.  There is a long, sad history of vaccines that have damaged and killed people--also a mountain of evidence in independent studies pointing to the toxic and deadly effects of vaccines as far back as the mid-1960s, as well as evidence of the lack of effectiveness for which the vaccines were created.  If you get a Covid-19 vaccination, you are literally putting your health and life in their hands. 

Unfortunately, even some within the Trump Administration and FOX News (Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity, etc.) are giving aid to this potential VACCINE POGROM ready to be sprung upon unsuspecting Americans by singing the praises of future mass vaccinations as the nation's savior.  I give these ones the benefit of the doubt that they are simply uninformed and ignorant of the facts and all previous empirical evidence to the contrary.  So brain-washed and mind-controlled we Americans have become. 

This couldn't happen in America? 

It already has!  But for the mass-protests of we-the-people, this scenario would have been carried out nationwide in 2009 under the Obama regime--remember?  And now, the socialist-Democrats are secretly salivating at another opportunity to spring their vaccine pogrom trap on an ignorant, compliant, and unsuspecting public.  Do your own research NOW and verify the accuracy of what I am telling you--if necessary.  There is little time before socialist-Democrat governors' spring their "Covid-19 Vaccine Inoculation Mandates" upon state citizens.  I would even suggest that the vaccines may be ready now, only awaiting an appropriate amount of time before they are "approved" by the FDA--possibly recycled from unused 2009 stockpiles!  How will you know the difference?  Further, the socialist-Democrat governors' mandates may already have been prepared and are ready for passage and signature into law!  We-the-ignorant sheeple seem to always be playing catch-up in these deadly games of the adversary.  America needs less sheeple and more sheepdogs and shepherds.

There should be NO  unConstitutional reprisals, house-arrests, or fines imposed on the citizenry by state politicians for opting NOT to be vaccination victims.  But, I am a realist.  I know socialist Democrats' debilitating and depopulating agenda for American citizens which includes vaccination mandates for all or perhaps for only elders and children "this time".  I'm not sure President Trump will be able to stop it.  Please support his efforts to support and protect we-the-people in imminent threat against the public. Look for this evil pogrom to begin in California, for California is the testing and proving grounds for the Global Elite's social engineering programs.  If you and your family decide not to be vaccine victims--how will you Opt-Out--what will you do when your state enforcers come for you when they put you and your family under indefinite HOUSE-ARREST unless and until you comply with their mandates? 

When people have had enough...

they will find a way to create order from chaos.  To this end, it is good to see the people of Michigan fight back against Gov. Whitmer's draconian lock-down decrees. They are suing the governor and have started a petition to recall her from Michigan Governorship.  344,000 signatures have been collected--when they get to 500,000 signatures, they will put her up for recall on the November ballot.  After Michiganians brief flirtation with a socialist-Democrat governor, it is encouraging to see their push-back efforts.  One can only hope they will find, run, and elect a good Constitutionalist-Republican governor to replace her.  Michigan may become a role model for patriotic citizens taking back their states from would-be dictators pushing socialist agendas.  I am inspired by and support Michiganians' fight to reclaim their state and am watching with great interest! 

Look at the successes of the governors of Arkansas, South Dakota, and Florida for better ways to balancing Coronavirus precautions with state citizen's U.S. Constitutional rights and economic prosperity. 

We all have a stake in this deadly game. 

In the end, right over might will depend on the collective will and effort of American citizens uniting in one voice any telling them, NO!  To counter the adversary's agenda, preemptive steps could be taken NOW: Patriot protest groups could be organized, to be mobilized at a moment's notice; attorneys could be retained and court injunctions prepared, to be filed at a moment's notice for this eventuality; professional, honest researchers and doctors in the know could come forth on all media formats and make their case against mass-vaccine inoculations.  And finally, there is always the power of prayer, for with Creator God, all things are possible.  I am waving a warning flag.  It's all I can do--the rest is up to you.  

* * *


Below, the cause of California's sad history, "CALIFORNIA VACCINE BILL SB 277", signed into law in 2015:





Tracy Seipel and Jessica Calefati Staff writers

June 30, 2015

[Emphasis and comments added by Rocky Montana.]

[After reading this article, I was reminded of the common-sense wisdom of chief Lone Watie (the old Indian chief character in the Movie ' JOSIE WALES').  If you recall, a carpetbagger was selling bottles of snake oil in town.  He turned to Lone Watie, who was standing near him listening intently, and said that he should try a bottle of it.  Lone Watie said, "What's in it"?  The carpetbagger said, "Well, I don't know"?  Lone Watie then wisely said, "Then you drink it" and walked away.

That's good advice I hope all Americans would emulate at a time like this.  We know nothing of what is in each and every syringe and batch of vaccines now mandated by California law for all school-age children.  Further, we will never be allowed to know or know how the content of each inoculation adversely affects the human body, until it is too late!  Will we naively accept these mandated inoculations on all California children's behalf?  We must be wiser than that.  My advice is to follow the wisdom of Lone Watie.  If they are unwilling to consistently provide the contents of the vaccines and what those contents do to the human body, we should resist allowing them to force-inoculate California children with them.  We should tell them in one united voice, "Then you take it" and walk awaySaid another way: YOU HAVE A CHOICE!]

SACRAMENTO -- In a historic decision that could reverberate nationwide, Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill mandating that almost all California schoolchildren be fully vaccinated, regardless of their parents' personal or religious beliefs [or, plain old common sense based on 40 plus years of negative empirical data regarding vaccines].

By signing Senate Bill 277 into law, Brown pushed the Golden State -- long a bastion of liberal vaccine exemptions -- into an odd political alliance with two conservative states, Mississippi and West Virginia.  Until Tuesday, they were the only states that permitted medical exemptions as the sole legitimate reasons to sidestep vaccinations.

Otto Coleman, 6, waits outside the Governor's office with his brother Fenton, 4, left, and father Joshua, to deliver a stack of petitions with thousands of signatures calling on California Gov. Jerry Brown to veto a measure requiring nearly all California school children to be vaccinated Monday, June 29, 2015, in Sacramento, Calif.  The state Senate approved the bill sending it to Brown. Joshua Coleman said his son has been wheelchair-bound as a result of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.  (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli) ( Rich Pedroncelli)

"The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases," Brown wrote in his signing message.  "While it's true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community."

[Mandatory vaccinations for all school children?!?  What a naive, misguided, and brainwashed California governor and the state legislature, marching head-long into evil U.N. mandate against the will of the Californian people, who voted these charlatans into public office!  Or have California's state and federal elections been stolen from you-the-people for decades?  Is this not blatant enough an example of treason against all citizens by your "representative" government, Californians?

Californians: Do you know that you are losing your freedom, or even care?  Do you care about your children's health? Because they will be the ones who will suffer from this law; they will be the ones who will become sick, incapacitated, and die from the inoculations of the mandatory vaccines.  And they will be the ones who will curse you, their parents and guardians, for allowing this evil to come upon them, while you did nothing to fight this evil law.  You are losing your freedom to raise your children in their best interest.  And you are close to losing your democracy, forever if you do not overturn this unjust law.  You are flirting with living under socialist-fascist (communist) state rule.]

But the governor also noted that the Legislature had specifically amended SB277 to exempt children from immunizations whenever their physicians conclude that there are "circumstances, including but not limited to, family medical history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization.''

[There will be a big jump in doctor visits this summer, I suspect, as frantic parents seek out physicians who will exempt their children from this evil U.N. vaccination mandate. Pediatricians must be licking their chops in expectation of the business this mandate will generate right about now.  The alternatives for parents of conscience are to either fight and overturn this law in a multi-plaintiff lawsuit while home-schooling their children, or flee the state.]

Still, opponents who have rallied and railed against the bill at the state Capitol -- arguing vociferously that the legislation violates their parental rights -- vowed both to sue the state and take their case to California voters.

"We are going to have a referendum to ask the public to put a hold on the law," said Palo Alto resident Christina Hildebrand, president and co-founder of A Voice For Choice.  "We will continue to fight this -- we are not going away," added the mother of two unvaccinated children.

Whether or not the remaining medical exemption will open the floodgates to parents seeking to get around the new vaccine requirements is up to their doctors, who will have enormous powers under the new law.  But many physicians believe very few of their colleagues are likely to agree to medical exemptions unless they're truly necessary.

[I expect that there are a handful of educated and caring Pediatricians who KNOW the dangers associated with vaccines.  Watch for physicians and politicians who speak out against this inhumane law--they may well be the ones who could be of the most help to parents in getting their children exempted.]

Among them is Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, a pediatrician who co-authored the legislation with Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica.

"We trust doctors' professional judgment," Pan said Tuesday after a news conference at a Sacramento elementary school where none of the students has skipped vaccines because of their parents' personal beliefs.

[Trust doctors in general?!?  The same doctors who routinely kill 150,000 plus American patients, and injure 1 million-plus American patients per year?  Not on your best day!  Be very selective as to which doctors you trust with yours and your children's health and life.  If they support this forced vaccination program, I would run as fast as you can from them.  Trust doctors, who tell you that all the scientific research and reports say that vaccines are safe, while never divulging the experts, the author's, or the financiers of these biased research reports, and who cannot intelligently discuss what is in those vaccines?  I think not!  This is pseudo-science at best and a pogrom against the American people at worst.

Trust the independent research and reports that started coming out over 50 years ago and continue to come out.  Trust the whistle-blowers against these Pharmaceutical companies that make the swill.  Never depend on the advice of the so-called nameless experts.  Do your own research.]

"Californians have spoken.  The governor and Legislature have spoken," said Pan, surrounded by a crowd of several dozen beaming mothers and young children wearing "I (heart) immunity" stickers.  "No more preventable contagions.  No more outbreaks.  No more hospitalizations.  No more deaths.  And no more fear," Pan said.  The bill "is now law."  [What a bunch of lies!]

The law doesn't take effect until July 1, 2016. But even then, parents will be required to show proof of vaccinations only when their children enter kindergarten, seventh grade or change school districts.

Political analysts on Tuesday were skeptical that opponents will be able to get a referendum on the November 2016 ballot.

If opponents succeed in placing a measure on the ballot, the law would not take effect until after the election.  They have 90 days from Tuesday to collect 365,880 valid signatures.

"Any citizen can take advantage of the initiative process," said Dorit Reiss, a professor and vaccine law expert at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

And anyone, she said, can sue for anything.  But, Reiss noted, the nation's courts have consistently upheld immunization requirements because they protect such important public health interests.

"Opponents may not like that, but I doubt it will change," Reiss said.

The clamor around the elimination of California's "personal belief exemption" heated up after a measles outbreak started last December at Disneyland.  By the time they declared the outbreak over in mid-April, state health officials confirmed 136 measles cases in California.  Nearly 20 percent of those cases required hospitalization.

[So what? 136 measles cases in 2014 compared to 38 million-plus people living in California?  That is not even 1/1000th of one percent of the population.  Anyone with common-sense knows that this is not worthy of mandating state-wide immunizations of all California children.  And, how can you trust the numbers put forth by people with a socialist-political and financial agenda?  It certainly doesn't take much to lose your freedoms, health, and/or life these days in California, does it?]

The United States experienced 668 measles cases in the first half of 2015 from 27 states reported to CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD). 668 cases in a country of 320 million-plus people; also not even 1/1000th of one percent.  It is hardly worthy of comment.  [So, if the low numbers of measles is not a REAL threat to the health of the population, what do you think this is REALLY going on here?  The U.N. DEPOPULATION POGROM against the American people perhaps?]

Opponents of the new law also have threatened to recall politicians.  But some pundits on Tuesday scoffed at the notion.

"Any legislator, if he or she has any brains or political smarts, has already computed that risk" before they voted on the bill, said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a veteran political analyst at the University of Southern California.

Regarding the opponents' chances of a successful referendum that would repeal the law, she put it this way:

"How much money do they have? Will they qualify?  What is their campaign organization? What will the other side look like?  And how much money will the other side have?"

Unfortunately for the opponents, she said, polling shows the majority of Californians strongly support the get-tough vaccine legislation. [Beware of statements from political analysts, particularly "veteran" political analysts!  Everyone should know by now that pollsters are hired to advance an agenda and to sway public opinion(s) in order to control the outcome of their poles (their client's agendas).  In other words, THEY LIE FOR A LIVING!]

Whether or not California's law will prompt legislation in other states remains unclear.

"What we've found in general over time is that some states lead and others follow," said Dr. Walter Orenstein, president-elect of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.  "So having a big state like California make this policy means that other states will pay a lot more attention as they consider their own policies.  That would be my guess."

But Jeffe isn't so sure.

Now that the Disneyland measles outbreak is history, "there won't be the kind of pressure there was in California to move on this in other states," she said.  "It's totally off the radar screen now nationally."

[ATTENTION CALIFORNIANS: All socialists, communists, international Zionists, and their Global Elite would-be controllers, whether they realize it or not, are working to bring America down by replacing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the legitimate U.S. government, state Constitutions, and national and state' sovereignty with the U.N. Charter and an Occupational Zionist Government (ZOG), which is intended to usher in their One World Order run by these Global Elitists.  If this happens, all peoples who are not depopulated from the planet will become slaves to these madmen.  And America will be no more--our beloved nation will be transformed into another third-world hell hole.  When you vote into office a state socialist-Democratic Congress majority and a socialist-Democratic Governor, you end up losing your liberty and freedoms, as Californians are currently experiencing.

If you have not figured it out by now, We-the-people are in a war; a war for our very lives and way of life.  Fight this unjust law in the California courts, is my advice to you, and don't stop until this law has been repealed.  Because, if this law is not killed, this forced inoculation pogrom will most likely spread throughout the land before it will be, most likely, taken up by the Supreme Court and, perhaps, voted into another unConstitutional law of the land by a majority of socialist-Democrat Justices.

The best defense against dis-ease is and has always been a strong immune system.  Like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, vaccines damage the immune system and make the body susceptible to more diseases.  Furthermore, vaccines may contain one or more toxic bacteria, chemical, and/or viral in their make-up, which will get you even sicker, more debilitated, and/or even dead.