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NOV. 20, 2016

Robert Muggah must be delusional, because America is no longer, and no one living today remembers when it last was, because no one living today was ever alive when the United States was America. The word America -- with its many and varied theories of origin -- is, and was, a country where the spirit of freedom was once revered, and understood to be independence from government -- not dependence -- and was valued above all other concerns by the ordinary man, even though the forces of darkness were as present then as They are now. The main difference being that the people living before the Civil War were able to soley take care of themselves with the occasional help of Their neighbors in hard-times, in stark contrast to the people of today living on the US Corp Plantation,  who are 100% controlled and dependent on government.

The # 1 reason why America died, was because the people let government start pushing Them around, and started behaving in a dishonorable manner, and forgot that They were ever the boss, and not the government.  Consequently, over time, They not only lost the ability to be solely sufficient, but made the deadly mistake of becoming dependent on the government; a mistake that ripped the heart out of this country, and turned the people into thumb-sucking, bed-wetting, sniveling cowards.

"The America that once was, died on all the battle fields of the Civil War." 

Think about it, white family members slaughtering white family members, and for what? Still to this day, that question has not been truthfully, and factually answered if the lie about freeing the niggers is still the fairy-tale given for its justification, and for the great abomination of contrived suffering and pointless murder of so many good men.

The Civil War marked the end of what was still left of the former 'America', and after it was supposedly over, the people were left so badly fractured, confused, and traumatized, it was little wonder that most stood by and watched Their beloved country being reconstituted into a morphodite knock-off called US Corp, with very little protest or resistance. 

"Today's version of America -- called the United States -- has no more in common with its Progenitor, than a common house fly does with a giraffe."