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The Disinformation War inside the Patriot Movement


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Jan. 15, 2012

Americans beware of troll and hacks inside the patriot movement with disinformation tactics to move the people in a certain direction. These are the people calling for violence or just to say lay down and allow it to happen. I have to question some broadcasters in the movement saying it will happen when it has not happened yet. Many people are well intentioned and well meaning. They do not realize they are helping the New World Order by just telling people to lay down and take it.


                 Now it is getting crunch time and a collision inside the Patriot movement is happening real soon between the disinformation people and the people who want to push for real solutions instead of hearing bad news always. One of the biggest problems I see is too many people give the New World Order Crowd too much credit. They believe they are all powerful and all knowing. They think these tyrants know what they are doing manipulating the minds of the people ,mind control and propaganda. They waste too much time on people who watch dancing with the stars alienating the people who are awake. It is time to stop talking about the problem and start talking about solutions.


                I have to warn the people inside the patriot movement who are the leaders. You are at a point disenfranchising the audience complaining about the people who will forever being brain dead. Stop wasting your timer with Chem trails, Eugenics and GMO foods in detail. It is waste of time. These programs are a symptom of the people in power. We can stop the chem trail and GMO foods. We may stop it for a short period. If the people are still in power and in high places in the goverment. The problem is not solved, That means starting regaining control of our local and state governments first. If you are not going to talk about removing the people responsible for it that is the goverment closest to us first. We will never stop solve the problem. The only way we can stop all this is doing what is front of us. That is removing by any peaceful means possible those responsible for this.


               To depress the people will a bunch of issues is waste of time on the air. If they talk about all this wasting their breath and not the people responsible being removed from power starting taking back the government close to us . Then we will keep getting chem trails, deadly vaccines and GMO crops. They are only a symptom to a much more deeper problem, wickedness in high places. It is a waste of time trying to solve the issues of the day from the top down. It has to come from the bottom up from the grassroots taking back our local goverment. If fixing things from the top down worked so well. We would not be so upset how the tea party candidate who were swept into congress who are supposed to be a check on power against an out of control White House.


             There will be an inner war inside the Patriot movement with dis-info agents and FBI informants sent in to cause infighting in the movement trying to divide us and conquer by sending confusion into the ranks. It is time to stop the battle of egos and all must get on the same page. As we try to get Ron Paul elected with a libertarian minded congress. We must not put all our eggs in one basket. We need patriots serving as sheriffs, mayors, state legislators, city councilmen, county commissioners and state governors. The only restoration of true liberty is when we take back the government closest to us. Wasting time on eugenic, chem trails, GMOs and other covert operations against the people only goes so far. Taking back the goverment closest us must be the strategy. We must not let our egos cancel us out.