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FULFORD: A Warning to the Media Barons About H1N1 and Other Bio-Weapons

Benjamin Fulford

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A warning to the media barons about H1N1 and other bio-weapons

How can it be that when a well trained science journalist presents 173 pages of evidence of planned genocide and lays criminal charges against the UN, the WHO, major drug companies and world leaders the corporate media refuses to report it and instead reports things like “Obama interrupted by phone that quacks?”

Jane Burgermeister, who has written for Nature and other publications has proved that, for example, Baxter AG sent 72 kilograms of bird flu virus to 16 laboratories. She is not alone; the evidence is for planned genocide by use of bio-weapons is overwhelming. If the corporate media does not report this ASAP the owners of the major media corporations, including Rupert Murdoch, will be labeled as enemies of humanity.