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Exercise Your Free Speech Right, Go To JAIL !!

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Dear fellow Americans,

The attached picture of our newly self-appointed fuehrer, giving the Nazi salute, says it all !

Read the following ,which cites the new anti-free speech EO (executive order) that this man has just enacted with the stroke of his pen..This is the biggest step yet taken by our government, with the help of our un-elected (twice) President to permit the cancellation of all of our rights as Americans to the use of free speech.

This new criminal edict,ostensibly enacted only for the purpose of stifling dissent from any of us who would dare criticize our country's Imperialistic designs on other nations, including the absolutely unconscionable War Plans against the Aryan nation of Iran - not to mention our insane Military involvement against the Iraqi people, the genesis of which was predicated on a BIG LIE ! ; This July 17th Bush EO, in addition to muzzling us all, further prevents any Reporters, talk show hosts, TV or Print News sources - from speaking in any way critical of Bush, his cabinet , the Military and it's illegal wars, or the administration as a whole !!

Under these new rules, the criminals in charge - to help achieve their own perverted objectives, will make use of the frightening Patriot Act (so-called) under the watchful evil eye of Israeli-U.S. citizen, comrade Michael Chertoff and his Nazi-style HSD (Homeland Security Department) Gang of Thugs.

His paid Gestapo Goons can, on a whim, knock down your door in the dead of night and forcibly restrain and arrest you- no warrant necessary- and hold you indefinitely against your will -without benefit of council or notification of kin - merely for saying anything that may be perceived as criticism or dissent (written or oral) of any activities carried out by our Military or government agencies.

Since our new 'thought crime' laws further restrain us, you do not even have to say or write anything that the authorities may take offense to..a little tip from a neighbor, acquaintance or co-worker may be enough to prompt their move against you ..

More Ruthless crimes by government will soon follow . The new president come next election will merely continue on with the same policies, be it Obama or McCain..

Habeas Corpus? what's that?

Bush, even though he is essentially a puppet who dutifully carries out the wishes of his superiors, as the President, is nonetheless given the authority to have these terrible orders put into place against us all... I think that GWB is the kind of man who, more than just a little, would enjoy crushing most of us like ants under his shiny jackboots.

Under these new rules, even if one were to make a truthful statement, like: "Bush is such a stupid Jerk", he or she can be arrested and hustled off to one of the new Gulag Prison Camps, (that are built and now open for business right here in the USA) never to be heard from again.!

Come-on now, my dear fellow Americans, lets all Wake up! We are fast approaching life in a Totalitarian Police State, (most simply just don't know it yet) under the control of most vile and despicable human monsters mankind could know..

Can you say, "Beam me Up, Scotty !"

My thanks to Pat Ryland and Wayne Blanchard for submitting this for our discernment..

Peter Rogers

The Shrub outdid himself with this he ready to pay the ultimate price??