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George Karavelis

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an>It would be in America’s, best interest, from a self preservation stand point, to study the fountainhead of the Constitution, the Annals of Congress, the Congressional Globes and the Congressional Records.  Only with a dedicated commitment to understanding and applying  these cherished treasures, can we avoid the menace of totalitarianism.  We must reclaim what was lost in 1933, the torch was passed to a new generation of Americans, as John Kennedy  had envisioned.

   The U.S Constitution is based upon wisdom that dates back for thousands of years, it is based on three fundamental laws. The first rule on Constitutional law states “ a law has to be clearly written or it is not law.” The second rule reminds “the U.S Constitution cannot be compromised by any proposed legislation.”  The third describes that the Constitution is superior to all treaties.”  Treaties like the U.N, NATO, GATT  are treasonous frauds, and are not found in the Constitution.  But, Public Law 87-297, calls for complete disarmament, so the U.N can maintain internal peace. Ladies and Gentlemen, 51 million U.S acres of land are now U.N designated. Let me repeat the third rule on Constitutional law, “the Constitution is SUPERIOR to all treaties.  In addition, treaties can only be made between sovereign states( nations), and the U.N is not a sovereign state. To quote Thomas Jefferson “ The united states is not bound by any treaty which requires funding by Congress.”  If this nation( republic) is lost, it will be for the precise reason, that its populace neglected to study its Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The extortion was initiated long before our generation came into existence, but the torch has been passed to us, and we must uphold and regain its validity.

  The greatest of all our burdens is the banking and currency system. If the first rule of Constitutional law states “ a law has to be clearly written or its not law.”  Where in the Constitution can we find the mandate for the Federal Reserve to exixt?  There must be  a section within an article, that specifies that debt money, federal reserve notes are the law of the land ?  Not according to Daniel Webster “ Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.” The whole experiment with paper money so disgusted most Americans and provoked such a deep mistrust of paper currency, that the united states printed almost no paper currency from 1800-1861. “  Again, the second rule on Constitutional law states” that the constitution cannot be compromised by any proposed legislation” . The constitution was compromised during the 1913 Federal Reserve  Act, was it not?  Interesting enough, there is a back-out clause to this menacing legislation, that allows the united states of America to buy out the system( Federal Reserve), for the  same price, it was created with.  If this would happen, the national debt would virtually end overnight. We should not tolerate this appalling system,  and pay its cost, not one more day.


                                                     George Karavelis