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The System is Broken

Al Benson Jr.

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A few years back I read an article about a Harvard University political scientist who was mourning the fact that more Americans don't take part in the political process nowadays. He noted polls indicating that the number of Americans who worked for political parties fell 42% between 1973 and 1994. He also observed that the number who attended political meetings fell 35% and the number who bothered to write a letter to their congress critters fell by 23%. He mourned that we have become "a nation of bystanders" and he felt that when ordinary folks quit taking part in the civil life of a "democratic" society then that society tends to become unbalanced. I might enquire, in my cynicism what "democratic" society is is talking about. One can hardly label the corporate fascist society we exist under todaly as "democratic" unless he uses that term in the classic Marxist sense.

The political scientist claimed that our present problem did not exist earlier, where civic participation was to be expected to some degree at most levels of society. The article stated that: "Everyday Americans had a voice, and the nation's leaders listened because they depended on them--whether as citizen-soldiers, taxpayers, or volunteers." Sounds nice, but in all honesty, we are forced to recognize that the situation being described has not existed in this country for many, many years. It sounds so warm and fuzzy that we must reflect that it is simply not realistic. This country's leadership couldn't care less what ordinary people think or feel. They have their agenda and that agenda, a One-World government one, will be pushed and promoted regardless of how the public at large might feel about it. Look at the illegal immigration problem, for example. Polls have shown that somewhere around 80% of the public wants strong action from the government to curb illegal immigration. Are they giving it to us? If you think they are you must be dreaming. What has been the national "leadership's" response in both branches of the Republicrat Party? They've done a lot of promising and rhetorical side-stepping and that's it. They voted for a border fence and then told us the funding isn't available for it. So their solution is to ignore the problem and hope we don't notice that all the rhetoric doesn't amount to doodly-squat. The One-World clique in control of both major political parties wants the illegal immigrants in here. They will help to totally adulterate what is left of American culture as a definable entity and that's what they want. So we'll get that from them whether we want it or not. They want the illegals here; they mean to have them here--and the public be damned!

We also need to take note of our government "education" system, the one that most of us were forced to endure for twelve miserable years. It is a system that does not encourage political participation unless it be in a variety of Left-wing causes. For instance, we celebrate "Earth Day" in April. I remember the first Earth Day they celebrated and made such a fuss over way back in 1970. They just "happened" to pick the day to begin observing that on the day that was the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth. The purest of coincidences of course!

It seems that many folks, one way or the other, have finally figured out that the political system we now have (the same one we've had since the Lincoln administration) doesn't work, and will never work for them and their families. That being the case, they have just sort of "tuned out" and refuse to bother taking part anymore. The dog and pony show we euphemistically refer to as the "national elections" don't interest them any longer, and who can really blame them? Most of these folks couldn't tell you rationally what's wrong with the country if you asked them. Yet, in spite of their government school "educations" in their heart of hearts they instinctively know something is wrong, something isn't working right, and they know they are powerless to change it. For ordinary people THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN and never to be fixed. Ordinary folks must continue to pay the confiscatory taxes and take with a grain of salt the constitutionally illegal usurpations of their freedoms the system dishes out, and so they, having little idea of how the game is really played at the top, attempt to live with the current situation with as little personal hassle as possible. Some of them over the years, me included, went to political meetings and wrote letters to our Congress critters about the many problems we saw. About all most of us ever got back for our efforts were those nice, meaningless form letters from them, telling us how important our opinions were and how they would take them into consideration when they voted. A pile to cow chips--bovine fertilizer, if you will! Most of them never saw our letters. Some ribbon clerk in a back office somewhere in Washington rubber-stamped the congressman's "signature" on form letters back to their constituents and they couldn't have cared less about our opinions on anything! They were going to vote on this or that whether we wanted it or not, because the One-World government clique wanted it and that was that.

In the current dog and pony show, has anyone listened to Hitlery or Obama or McCain in the soundbytes we get on the tube? Are any of them really saying anything different than the others? Are any of them really saying anything? Seems to me all we are getting is pious socialist platitudes from all of them. Years ago George Wallace said there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties. Whatever else you might think of Wallace one way or the other, he was right on this point. It doesn't make any difference which party sits in the White House after next November--you are going to get the same agenda either way. Only the rhetoric will be different. The politics of plunder, confiscation, and collectivism, with an aim to completely restricting our liberties will remain the same. You think something like this new "North American Union" isn't part of this? Think again.

So lots of folks just don't bother to participate in the workings of the system any longer because they know, at the gut level, that the politicians that rant and rave at them, pandering for their votes, don't mean a thing they say, will break every promise they made after the elections are over, and business as usual will continue on in Washington and most of our state capitals--compliments of the Council on Foreign Relations and the rest of the One World government crowd.

Unfortunately, many Christians who should know better, mostly don't. They've been gulled into thinking that "voting Republican" will, somehow save the country. Many of them and their fathers have been doing that, voting Republican, since Abraham Lincoln--and look where that has got us. And I'm not saying that because I'm a Democrat--I most assuredly am not.

If Christians are not going to wake up enough to work to change this moribund culture, then they at least should do enough homework to realize that they need to start thinking about third party candidates. If ever we are to see any meaningful change in this country we have got to begin to look somewhere else rather than to the two branches of America's Socialist Internationale that today call themselves Republicans and Democrats.

If you want to check out a little of the sorry history of this country since the conclusion of the War of Northern Aggression in 1865, please check out my website at and if you want to check out the book Donnie Kennedy and I have written "Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists" then please check out the website of Ole South Books.