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Epidemiologists Say Thanksgiving Lockdown Rules NOT “Data-Based”

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( Epidemiologists bravely came out this week to attack the Thanksgiving lockdown rules put in place but (mostly) Democratic governors across the United States, claiming that the rules are and based on data.

According to the New York Times, epidemiologists studying the spread of COVID-19 believe that small gatherings among friends and family are not the driving cause behind the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Had this advice been listened to, millions more Americans across the country could have enjoyed a more normal Thanksgiving with their friends and family amidst the most chaotic year in recent American history.

Harvard University infectious disease specialist Julia Marcus told the newspaper that it’s a matter of hearsay.

“Somebody says something, and somebody else says it, and then it just becomes truth,” she said about the Thanksgiving rules. “I worry about this narrative that doesn’t yet seem to be data-based.”

You hear that, Governor Cuomo?

The report said that epidemiologists believe the rules, which stop people from meeting other households even outside, are not based on established science or data. The example of Minnesota, where Democratic Governor Tim Walz banned families from meeting outside, is reportedly creating resentment among Americans who don’t understand why some activities are allowed and others are not.

“If people are going to meet up, doing so outdoors is probably the lowest-risk way to do it,” Ashleigh Tuite of the University of Toronto’s infectious disease department said. “Telling people they can’t spend time safely outdoors isn’t a rational approach. People are going to recognize that and push back.”

The scientist said that the average person can see that it doesn’t make much sense for people to be allowed to meet nine friends at a table at a restaurant, but cannot do the same at their own house or in their garden.

The Times laid out the case for large social events spreading the virus worse than small social gatherings, describing how communities with tight-knit social networks were contributing the most towards the spread of COVID-19.

“But the same cannot be said of smaller private gatherings with friends and family,” the report says. “In Colorado, only 81 active cases are attributed to social gatherings, compared with more than 4,000 from correctional centers and jails, 3,300 from colleges and universities, nearly 2,400 from assisted living facilities, and 450 from restaurants, bars, casinos and bowling alleys.”

The Times also explained how social events account for just 1.7% of the 3,300 cases that Louisiana has clear exposure information about.

So…why aren’t the Democrats following the science, despite spending the whole of 2020 promising to do just that?