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AG Barr Fires Warning Shot To Lockdown States – If They Violate Constitutional Rights, His Justice Department Could Challenge Them

Adam Casalino

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\April 29, 2020





Thank goodness we have an attorney general that stands up for the little guy. Especially during this crisis, Barr has been fighting to uphold our Constitutional rights.

He, like so many other Americans, have watched as governors clamped down on states. Already, the AG has stepped in to help churchgoers who were fined for attending an Easter service.

Now, he’s taking the gloves off, as he directs U.S. attorneys could investigate violations of our rights.

From Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr said the United States must balance public safety with preserving civil rights as he directed every U.S. attorney to look out for any coronavirus restrictions or lockdown orders that “cross the line.”

“…the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis. We must, therefore, be vigilant to ensure its protections are preserved, at the same time that the public is protected.”

Boom! Bill Barr warned states that they cannot cross the line while battling this outbreak. He even directed every U.S. attorney to discover any restrictions that violate Americans’ rights.

Um… I can name a few, Bill!

Barr boldly stated, “The Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.” Right on, man!

It seems some states leaders (mostly Democrats) feel they have the power to rule like dictators, just because of a disease.

Yes, we need to take precautions. Americans have stepped up like never before to protect the health of the most vulnerable.

But can’t we both protect our freedoms and our health at the same time?

The way some states have behaved is more troubling than the disease. Already lawsuits have been launched that target the powers governors have during times of crisis.

You better believe Barr is watching each case closely. Don’t be surprised if, in the coming months, the DOJ itself will back crucial lawsuits that are sure to arise.

After all, we have mayors and governors threatening to shut down churches, for crying out loud. Do you think they may have gone too far?

What do you think Bill Barr’s going to do—if he believes states violated our rights?