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Mat Staver

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I want to give you a sneak peek at what will happen if our values lose in the November 2020 elections.


Honestly, it would look a lot like the state of Virginia. A few months ago, radicals took control. In that short time the state has lurched so far to the left it would be completely unrecognizable to the many Founding Fathers that were born there.


In fact, Virginia is quickly becoming one of the most radical states in the union. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT EXTREMISTS WANT ... NATIONWIDE.

We believe that our pastors are key to stopping this. But they have been lied to, bullied, and intimidated into silence by these same radical groups. We have a life-giving resource that counters these lies with the truth.


You can get this powerful DVD and booklet into the hands of a pastor for just 10 dollars. That covers all the costs for us to create and ship these materials directly into their hands to give them the freedom to speak out.


Help us spread this truth before it’s too late by clicking below. - Mat

I want to give you a chilling overview illustrating what you will face if our values lose this next election.


In the past few weeks alone, Virginia has had an alarming number of bills work their way through the legislature. Here are just a few of these radical bills:

  • Young girls will no longer have privacy or safety in public restrooms or protections at school.
  • Christian colleges would no longer be able to have dorms according to biological gender.
  • All employers of six or more people cannot decline employment of LGBT interviewees. If anyone is fired for that behavior, they can sue their employer for damages.
  • If a landlord rents a portion of their own home, they are forced to allow those participating in LGBT conduct into their own homes.
  • Any religious counselor who speaks up on the biblical view of relationships would have their funding and grants blocked.
  • Professional conversations from a Christian perspective with anyone under 18 on resolving LGBT issues would be outlawed.
  • All insurance providers must fund gender transitions with the money paid to them by religious clients.
  • And they have already passed the Equal Rights Amendment, which would make abortion a constitutionally protected "right."

Perhaps you might think this could never happen in your state? A few months ago, Virginians didn't think it could happen to them, either!


Pastors were silent. A huge number of races didn't even have the option of a candidate supporting basic freedoms. And tons of voters stayed home. That is how Virginia got into this mess.


We need to start today to educate people on their rights. We need to call them to an understanding of the importance of being involved this year. And we need to show the clear choice our nation is facing between freedom or radical governmental control over your family, your home, and your life.


I urge you, be warned by what happened in Virginia. Don't let it happen to the whole country. Thankfully, our best defense against attacks on our religious freedoms is found in voting to protect our values in the polling booth.


Sponsor one or more clergy to be given these powerful materials today so that they can find their voice.

These bills and laws I shared with you are just a few of MANY more examples that show the radical reorganization that is happening in Virginia.


Extremists are severely restricting the rights, freedoms, and opportunities of religious people to live out their faith in public. Virginia lawmakers are placing Christians under pressure to either follow their conscience OR obey the law.


But what is deeply concerning is that radicals are pushing hard to bring all of this to a legislature near you!


In the face of these urgent concerns, I’m excited to provide you with a way to fight. You can help shape the understanding and activism of opinion leaders across America. Send pastors specific information that frees them to stand up and lead their congregations and communities to fight for freedom and truth by clicking below.

Thank you for the incredible privilege of allowing us to stand with you. It is through your partnership with us that we are able to create solutions to the problems of today. And together we can help our nation make wise choices.


Please prayerfully partner with us in this vision to restore our nation. Become a monthly sponsor or give a one-time gift to keep our ministry armed and actively working on Capitol Hill and across America.



Mat Staver



P.S. Help us awaken a silent army by partnering with LCA on our list of 70,000 pastors and churches in battleground states. Get SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION into the hands of thousands of pastors to show them what they CAN do leading up to November.


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