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Charles Miller

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This monograph is an invitation. The reader is invited to explore the world of root causes.

Going back to July 3rd 1776 and reviewing the structure of the world operating systems exposes that there were only two classes of people anywhere on the planet, Owners and Property, or 'the owned', Kings and subjects."

The freedom to choose not to be property became a reality because of the Declaration. The first free people were then exposed to the the power structures of OWNERS of human stock animals world wide.

Consent of the governed, owned or free to choose, became a reality July 4, 1776.

The battle for maintaining individual liberty, the right to choose liberty, the right to not be property of another man, began that day in July 1776. That war continues today.

"The July 4th 1776 Declaration -- what Americans call the Declaration of Independence -- is the document that opened up to the whole of mankind a new class of people."

The Declaration did not create a government or country, no matter what any one says because it speaks for itself completely. There is no construction statement for the creating of a government or country in the document.

The good People authorizing the Declaration told king George We are no longer your slaves, kick rocks.

"In our American experience reference to the British control exposes the plight of the rest of the people in the world."

No matter where we look at the world in early 1776, the rule, the law, the fact, operating and controlling all societies worldwide was the two class power structure.

King George operated as the sole exclusive Sovereign. His kingdom, as all others, in Europe in particular, operated on the Divine Right to Rule. These were all supported by each other and their relationships in particular, their franchise positions ratified by the Vatican. These Royals and the Vatican ruthlessly enforced their owners position everywhere. All social, commercial, political, legal, religious, property and property rights structures were controlled from these two positions, owner and owned.

The good King George owned all of these structures as personal property. The identity of his property position in people is no different than livestock, cows and chickens in his farm yard.

All of good King George’s properties recognized his superior ownership position.

The good king George owned all of his subjects as private chattel property. The kingdom had a hierarchal structure of those with more privileges and those with less privileges. This system of descending privileges -- powers exercised over other people -- was fixed and understood by all. There was only one deviant sub class known as outlaws. Outlaws are defined as those not subject to the law of the king. Not only do outlaws operate outside the kings law they operate outside the People’s law and have no protection from any form of rule.

The colonist, one and all, July 3rd 1776, were all Chattel property of one king or another. They all lived in colonies, political/commercial enterprises owned by good King George.

The colonist believed, and correctly so, that they had a contract with good king George called the Magna Carta. Under the Magna Carta, the king still had subjects and property, yet the property held obligations owed to them by the king. This contract position is simply a property being recognized by the owner as a bit different from other properties. This class of property had the right to talk to the king about limited things.

The colonist complained to their owner, King George, that he was in breach of his contract and treating them differently than his other subjects. George refuse to deal with these complaints and instituted even more practices outside the contract. "Does this sound like the American people going to their public servants with their hands out asking their servants to stop beating them? Wow, we have come along way haven’t we?"

"Voluntary servitude is a contract." Every one has the right to sell or indenture themselves to another. The law will actually support and enforce that contract. Slavery is different because of the force applied to hold someone against their will.

Today We Americans are faced with the same choices our forbearers were.

Our choice is to lay down and let a new set of owners take over our country or, act like freemen and throw off these would be slavers attempting to destroy our country and our liberty.

The would be new owners class is organizing its take over right now. They know they are guaranteed to win because the People are doing nothing to stop them.

What the People are doing is talking about how terrible the new owners will be or have been.

What the People are doing is letting government actors that were perceived before as overbearing fight the battle against the new owner class.

What the People are doing is letting their President be ruthlessly attacked and doing nothing to assist him or protect their office of President.

What the People are doing is giving up the universal law of the right to choose expressed in the documents founding this country.

What the People are doing is sitting on their butts and complaining while being addicted to the style of their life rather than exercising the right to live it how they choose.

"It appears there is a new class being born."

What a great People we Americans are. We gave all mankind a new class of people, the freeman.

Now by our inaction we are birthing a second new class of people.

What that class will be or identified as is still open.

Any one with half a brain and even a little bit of a personal relationship to liberty should be able to recognize their world has changed and is in rapid change.

The PC culture, and all that it represents, strikes again.

Thinking for oneself is now a dangerous activity.

The key element to recognize is all the historical crap about who did what when changed in 1783. The property owner, King George released his interest in his chattel properties, released property ownership over 13 identified land areas on North America.

The reason the word “crap” is used is very simple and direct and explains the defining of the new class of people created by the Declaration and why it is so important to understand. All the historical reference points applied to the new class of the American freeman are invalid. Every thing written by subjects is property of their owner. Subjects are not authorized to impeach or weaken or change other subjects relationship to the King. All the Kings acts and all those of his subjects are required to serve the King. Thus, all the attempts to define or describe or understand or control the American freeman using reference points or writings from before 1783 are done in benefit of the King.

We the American class of free people are just that, free to create and choose our own identity.

Why do I need some Kings subject or subject matter to define myself?

More to the point, if I define or understand myself, right now, according to to some Kings or Popes, or Royals past subject matter created by that owners chattel properties, do I admit my identity is subject to another’s understanding?

Treaty of Peace 1783, Article I.

“His Brittanic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent states, that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs, and successors, relinquishes all claims to the government, propriety, and territorial rights of the same and every part thereof.” Emphasis added.

This is the good People’s birth right.

A birth right transfers only upon acceptance. Assumptions or presumptions of the transfer are not fact nor public record nor are they valid.

The new class of freemen created in 1776 as ratified 1783, is a fact of law and record world wide.

Does a deadman’s contract -- those alive in 1783 -- bind me today, or is it my right of free choice to join to the contract?

Are those advocating that I use some government position or document, historical record to define myself, just admit that their identity is defined by some one other than themselves.

Government is either my servant or my master. It is my right to choose.

Why do I need to convince any one, of any capacity whatsoever, of any position whatsoever of my personal capacity and standings among men or societies or commercial or political jurisdictions? It is others choice to either recognize me as I define my self or not.

Why should I believe and act under someone else’s assumption or presumption defining me and my relationships to them?

Dealing with another’s assumption or presumption defining me is giving value to the position attempting to define me. First, this act is an assumption on my part that the party making the presumption has some power to define me. Second, this act is an admission that I do not know who and what I am to myself. Third, and most important, my response to another’s assumption either sets up a conflict or settles the issue. Conflicts must be settled otherwise they creat a disturbance that affects others.

Is acceptance of another’s presumption or assumption an admission and confession? Of what?

My personal statement, placed on public record under public identifier becomes fact. This is the law of my country.

So my question to all the readers and those they serve, settles the matter which places those choosing to identify me for their own purposes, assumptions or presumptions, in the position of attempting to control me as a subject.

If I issue my own identification of citizenship document, create the public records carrying the identifying seals of the record holder, are all public servants to governments, required under terms of employment to respect public records in which I define my self?

The answer is, Yes!

Mr. or Mz. systemite, or others making assumptions attempting to execute a presumption upon me, by what authority do you act to identify me as subject to your presumption?

Here is my certified public record identifying my citizenship and your duty to serve me according to law. In the event you choose to ignore your employment contract by recognizing and acting under public records you do so under your personal liability?

Now, Mr. or Mz systemite make your choice!

The American freeman is required to ensure every one we deal with has their own free choice to define themselves. That is what our individual and collective liberties are founded upon. This requires we identify ourselves properly and ensure others we deal with know who and what we are prior to interactions. Otherwise we become responsible for the resulting conflicts based on lack of identity by all involved.

We the good People of America are either freemen, generic to man kind, or we are not. It’s our choice.

Charles Miller