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Charles Miller

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THE PASSPORT Identity Theft

by Charles Miller

May 26th 2019



False Identification v Proper Identification

We are misidentified as United States citizens. This alleged, presumed citizenship is a legal, political and commercial impossibility! The United States is the administrative body operating the powers of a national government. "No matter its structure the entity holds no authority to have citizens." The United States of America is a nation among nations. Nations as political bodies, all have the authority to recognize Citizens, that is the recognition by which nations identify them selves in the family of nations. Not only is the citizenship recognized, it is required so the whole world recognizes individuals exercising their loyalty to a political body, National identity.

"The United States of America -- created by the Union of States -- had citizens before the creation of our national government."


The States never surrendered the identity of, nor the duties to its citizens, to the national government under Confederation or Constitution. Thus, the United States of America is absolutely required to recognize State Citizens.

The proof of these statements is contained on the face of every passport. The name of the nation issuing the passport is the United States of America, not the United States.

This one statement then proves the passport application is a fraudulent presentment, an enticement to slavery via false citizenship to a non existent nation. Further proof is the glaring fact that citizenship in or of the United States of America -- the issuing country -- is not represented any where on the form. Yet, the United States is represented as having citizens.

It is a well established fact of law, that the states are independent nations as they have been from day one, July 4th 1776. Yet the passports as issued lists country of birth as the United States and not the real country of birth, a Union State.

States venue is defined by exterior boundaries. The United States venue is defined by the Constitution. The same Constitution creating the United States of America and its administration of national powers operating under the name United States, defines United States venue as a specific limited area gifted to the nation by the States of 'Virginia and Maryland', and other places gifted by other states for forts, magazines, arsenals and other needful buildings. This constitutional fact has never been altered.

*Jurisdiction may be waived.

*Venue can never be waived.

The United States venue being so limited is then incapable -- even if the entity itself was capable of having citizens -- of extending citizenship to any one other than those born on its venue. To exceed the venue limits by extending the limited powers of the United States into the Union States and claiming citizens, then becomes an invasion by a foreign party to the Union States. This is in fact and deed, a badge of slavery, perpetrated by the United States in direct contravention to its admitted bar against slavery.

When the People are misidentified in such an amateurish circumvention of common sense and logic -- by alleged government actors claiming to be employed by the United States -- it is an impossibility that these same alleged public servants could ever provide National Security to the People.

"It is absurd to believe that the same entity publishing the Passport application form could define anyone as a non citizen national of the United States."

Non citizen national??? What in hell is that?

One is either a citizen or not. Next is citizen of where and what loyalty?

How can their be a National when the United States is not a nation or a country? If for no other reason than that of the form itself -- required by the United States to obtain a passport from the United States of America -- proves it to be a fraudulent inducement by the term "non citizen national". Non citizen means just that, not a citizen. Then the application is signed under penalties of perjury!

There is no nation to secure when the government servants misidentify so openly the People each servant allegedly promised to serve and protect.

'Real live awake Americans', will insure that We, the boni fide contract holders -- that all government servants promised to serve -- are properly identified; or the servants will be creating a certified public record that the United States of America for all practical purposes. . . does not exist.

The error of misidentification is an identity theft. Our identity as State Citizens first and then Citizens of the United States of America second, has been stolen. The proof of the charge, a massive Constitutional Tort, is the passport application and the issued passport.

When ones country of birth, a Union State, is not recognized on the passport and United States is substituted, a massive fraud is executed.

The errors founding the fraud of United States citizen being on any government document is only resolved by the admission of mistake. Then correcting the mistake by proper action.

Every holder of the United States of America passport now holds right of TORT action.

Mistake or intent to defraud, deceive while enticing to involuntary servitude the good People to a nul tiel, void, non existent jurisdiction of United States citizen; which is it?

We, the Contract holders, Sovereigns, are not responsible, nor required, to correct the errors or mistakes of the United States or the United States of America; the government servants are, that’s their job.

We are not required to do our servants jobs.

All that We need do is properly identify our selves and tell our servants to correct their records. Then watch the fun.

I for one, will not be coerced into using misleading fraudulent government forms in order to go along to get along.

I do not consent to being misidentified as a United States Citizen.

Who can identify me and my capacities and my citizenship better than I can?

Who can make my citizenship choices for me?

Charles Miller