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GOOGLE banning advertising of nutritional supplements and gun accessories in latest censorship attack

Jayson Veley

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Image: GOOGLE banning advertising of nutritional supplements and gun accessories in latest censorship attack






(Natural News) For quite some time now, conservatives have warned that Google’s efforts to combat what it considers to be “fake news” or “hateful content” is really just an all-out attempt to censor Internet content that doesn’t conform to the progressive narrative. With each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that this warning has proven to be terrifyingly accurate. Indeed, Google has turned into one of the most constitutionally hostile, anti-First Amendment companies in the United States.

Google and Big Pharma

One of the ways that Google seeks to control the narrative is by establishing strict rules and guidelines regarding what types of medical content are permitted on their platform.

As reported by Government Slaves, on the bottom of page 108 in Google’s 160-page handbook, the company states that the following content would not be deemed acceptable:

Pages that directly contradict well established scientific or medical consensus for queries seeking scientific or medical information, unless the query indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.

In other words, Google is deciding what medical information is inaccurate based on whether or not there is a consensus for it and then taking steps to hide said content from users. Google may be one of the largest, most profitable companies on the face of the earth, but that doesn’t give them the right to infringe on our freedom of speech. The Constitution is the law of the land, and it needs to be respected by all. (Related: Google censored Natural News and removed 140,000 pages from its index.)

Google censoring firearm-related language

It’s not only medical information that Google is suppressing; it’s also words – not even information, but mere words – related to firearms and the Second Amendment. “Google will be adding words like “gun-grips” and “scopes and sights” to its list of prohibited AdWords later this month,” Breitbart News reported on Monday, adding that Google officially announced the changes in an email, with a subject line that read “Google AdWords Policy Update – Change to Dangerous products or services  Policy.”

Breitbart was able to obtain this email, and learned that words like “stocks,” “conversion kits,” “scopes and sights,” “tripods and bipods,” “gun-grips,” and “gun-making instructions” will all be banned on Google’s platform.

Of course, this policy change comes on the heels of yet another controversial move on Google’s part, which involved the banning of all gun demonstration videos on the Google-owned video sharing site YouTube.

In addition to being yet another example of how Google is utterly destroying the freedom of speech of their users, it’s worth mentioning that the content they are censoring is, at least in this case, not even controversial. How is excluding words like “stocks” or “tripods” going to decrease gun crime in this country, or prevent a psychopath from getting his hands on a firearm and killing innocent people? It does nothing but stifle the peoples’ First Amendment rights, and quite frankly, that’s something that everybody should be outraged over, regardless of political affiliation.

Where does this end?

There’s an old saying that says “what you allow is what will continue.” If the American people do not take a stand against this growing censorship – which, by the way, exists on dozens of Internet platforms, not just Google – then it will continue until freedom of speech is practically non-existent. (Related: If Google and Facebook are not regulated, their politically-motivated censorship will drive America to open warfare in the streets.)

Natural News can proudly say that it has been working to expose Google’s oppressive campaign for quite some time now, but if more Americans don’t join the fight, then the future of Internet freedom looks dismal at best.

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