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The real goal of eliminating the Second Amendment is to obliterate the First Amendment (and enslave us all)

Mike Adams

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Left-wing tyrants don’t merely want to strip away the Second Amendment for the sake of eliminating guns — which they stupidly think will stop violent crime. The real goal is to eliminate the First Amendmentand silence all speech that opposes the dangerous agendas of the Left Cult: Open borders, endless expansion of corrupt government, the criminalization of Christianity, the elimination of all white males from positions of influence (across government, academia, finance and culture), the deliberate collapse of the middle class into poverty and government dependence, the perversion of the English language into LGBT-compliant gibberish, the mass confiscation of wealth from those who have earned it, and so on.

But obliterating the First Amendment isn’t easy to pull off unless you first disarm the people and make them slaves to an authoritarian government regime run by radical left-wing authoritarians. That’s why they have to take the Second Amendment first, then the First Amendment second.

This is what Town Hall’s Kurt Schlichter writes about today, in yet another brilliant essay that I’m reprinting here because you need to read this. Be sure to also, which covers this important topic on a daily basis.

They Take the Second Amendment First and the First Amendment Second

by Kurt Schlichter,

We have talked a lot about the liberal assault on our right as American citizens to keep and bear arms for the defense of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our Constitution, but it is a mistake to think of a disarmed population as their desired end-state. No, that’s merely the first step toward the subjugation of the Normals. What they want is not only for us to be disarmed, but to be silenced.

They are not going to stop with the Second Amendment. Next, they are going to move to finish off the First Amendment.

They don’t want you to speak freely.

They don’t want you to have access to a free press.

They don’t want you to practice your religion as you see fit.

And when you are disarmed and silenced, and you are stripped of any god but government – the government they control absolutely and forever – then they will have achieved their dream. You will no longer be a citizen; you will be a serf.

We can imagine what an America without our rights would look likeand it is really bad.

Oh, that’s crazy talk.

Really? Let’s look across the ocean and see what’s happening there. The British have kindly given us a preview. They allowed themselves to be disarmed, but why would they need guns? Britain is totally safe – except London just stumbled past New York in terms of violent crime. Oh, and it has an epidemic of knife violence. And acid attacks. But on the plus side, the decent people are helpless.

In the view of the elite, that is a plus. When you are helpless, you need them, and you are compliant.

But at least they have freedom of speech . . . except no, they don’t. In recent weeks, some guy calling himself Count Dankula was convicted of a crime for saying something.

For saying something.

It was a joke, and a tasteless one, but he now faces jail for speaking words. Think about that. And the police agencies in a land that used to be a bulwark of freedom and human rights are on the case, tweeting warnings to others who might say something that offends the elite’s sensibilities that the bobbies are watching.

George Orwell would be all, “See, told ya!” if he was alive, except he’d probably be in the slammer too for saying things that are illegal to say.

Let’s review: In once-Great Britain, there are things that are illegal to say.

But not here at home. Not in America. Why, that could never happen here. Liberals certainly don’t want to limit your speech, just like they don’t want to take your guns.

Baloney. The left is intent on taking away your right to speak freely.

Take a gander at our college campuses if you want a spoiler into what America will look like in 20 years if these aspiring Castros and Chavezes get their way.

Try saying what you want on a college campus. Try saying something that dissents from the SJW gospel pushed by the pierced, tatted-up screaming weirdos that the gutless administrators cater to. State the obvious, that there are two genders, not 183 of them, or refuse to use ridiculous “gender-neutral” pronouns like “xir” and “xip.” See what happens. Do you think hugging happens, or do you think violent, unhinged retribution against the wrongthinker happens?

Let’s not even talk about due process in the kampus kangaroo kourts, because there’s nothing to talk about. Academic “justice” does not mean an examination of the facts and evidence, with the accused offered the chance to provide a meaningful defense that includes the right to cross-examine the witnesses against him. Yes “him,” because “SJW justice,” is not remotely like justice. It is, instead, a hierarchy of fake oppression narratives that dictates that the accused must be punished because of the difference between who he is and who the accuser is. Guess who is at the bottom and presumed guilty?

Remember, all this is not just tolerated by liberals. They think it is good that your voice is silenced. They think it is good that you can have your life destroyed not because of what you did but because of your sex or race or beliefs. This oppression is not a bug; to them, this oppression is a feature.

And it’s spreading off campus, into the real world, like gangrene. It’s not as far along as the campaign to leave you defenseless in the face of Democrat-friendly criminals and aspiring Democrat tyrants, but it’s coming. Look at Rosanne Barr, who is hardly a conservative but who dared to buck the elite’s prejudices about Normal people and refused to portray them as hideous, racist buffoons in the reboot of her show. Unforgivably, in the eyes of the liberals, it was a huge hit, thanks to those flyover rubes. So the elite is trying to destroy her.

Look at Laura Ingraham. She said something liberals don’t like, and through their agents in the big corporations – only an idiot believes that corporate America is still dominated by old school Republicans instead of eager Democrat allies – they attempted to annihilate her. And the liberals cheered at the thought that her voice would be silenced – including alleged journalists. There was a time when journalists at least pretended to believe in a free press, but one of the great things about the Age of Donald Trump is how the masks have come off. Liberal journalists hate the idea of free speech, because you Normals might dare presume to use it.

Liberals love the idea of shutting up the opposition. Today, it’s through intimidation. Tomorrow, it’ll be through the government.

It all starts with guns. Liberals hate the idea of you having guns for two reasons. The first is the fact that guns are the tools of free men, and when you have them you have the dignity that comes with the ability to protect your lives and your rights. They want to strip you of that dignity both because doing so will humiliate you and show you who is really the boss, and because they enjoy rubbing your uppity rube noses in your own powerlessness. But of course, you aren’t powerless yet, because regardless of their ridiculous lies about how an armed citizenry can’t possibly pose a military threat to a leftist dictatorship, they know very well that as long as you have your weapons you will never be their slaves.

Once your Second Amendment rights are gone, do you think the liberals will suddenly decide to be more respectful of your First Amendment rights? Or do you think they will accelerate their campaign to strip you of the civil rights that remain the last obstacle to their total control?