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GM Syas Yo Don't Own Your Cark You Just License It

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Jan. 11, 2016

True statement, and it has been so since the 1930's when Metro Government was introduced. You are allowed to drive the car you drive, as long as you stay current on your permit fees, which if the car has been paid off, are the license tags, and insurance. It should be obvious that any property you think you own -- including but not limited to real estate -- that is required to be registered with the state, does not belong to you, and never will. You are allowed to use the property you foolishly view as yours, so long as you pay the proscribed taxes for rental. If you fail to meet your enforced financial obligations as the current user, or tenant in common, the property is confiscated by the State, until all financial obligations, now including penalty fees, interest, and impound, are contractually satisfied, wherein the property having been broken out of jail, can then be returned to the user, or if not, then sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the debt.

"The only thing that Americans truly own is their slavery status, and the rights given to them by their owner, the State."