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Watch: Assange Is All Of Us

Jon Bowne |

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As China’s arsenal of hypersonic weapons becomes more of an international threat, Chinese troops amass on the waters outside of Taiwan and the Atlantic coast of Africa.

But if the Biden administration can’t even wind down the nearly 20-year occupation of Afghanistan without military deaths and abandonment, wouldn’t the nightmare scenario be Biden getting us into a world war?

It is times like these that the skills of Julian Assange are vital to leveling the playing field for a populous continuously kept in the dark by the planners of the pandemic, the Great Reset, and the gradual infiltration of Chinese communism undermining Western Civilization.

Instead, Julian Assange, the 50-year-old founder of Wikileaks, faces extradition from Britain to the United States after the U.S. government won an appeal in London’s High Court years after the incidents of hacking diplomatic cables, and the inner workings of the 2016 election and classified U.S. military atrocities.

Assange will face criminal charges including breaking a spying law and conspiring to hack government computers, essentially doing what our leading investigative publications failed to do with the power of the free press.

Assange was a weapon of the First Amendment, wrestling the documents that forced transparency from a secretive military and political industrial complex hiding earth-shattering revelations that affect all of humanity and the future of the Republic.

Will the people stand up for free speech and truth?