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LifeSiteNews has launched a video channel on Brighteon featuring outstanding interviews with America’s top truth tellers and health freedom advocates

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We are proud to announce that LifeSiteNews has joined with a brand-new video channel.

Recognizing that there is no future whatsoever at YouTube, LifeSiteNews has made the right choice by migrating its video offerings to Brighteon, where they will never be censored.

After a successful run of its Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health virtual conference on Brighteon, LifeSiteNews decided that this is the way to reach the most people without having to deal with the Big Tech censors.

As you may recall, LifeSiteNews was banned from YouTube back in February for telling the truth about abortion-tainted vaccines. Last summer before that all happened, LifeSiteNews launched a petition calling for an end to Big Tech censorship.

“Ever since our permanent suspension from Big Tech companies like YouTube and Twitter, we have been streaming our videos and sharing information on alternative sites such as Rumble, Telegram, and Gab,” LifeSiteNews reports.

“We are now pleased to join the powerful platform Brighteon to continue fighting the battle against censorship and for the restoration of the culture. We also want to give a huge thank you to Brighteon’s Mike Adams for his support of LifeSiteNews.

A wealth of resources are available at the all-new LifeSiteNews channel on Brighteon

If you click here, you can see everything that LifeSiteNews has already uploaded to Brighteon. You can also subscribe at that link to receive updates every time a new video is posted.

In the following video, you can hear immigrant Melissa Tate talk about how success in America is dependent upon the choices one makes as opposed to the color of his skin:

Tired of having to wear a mask? LifeSiteNews also has a video about that. Watch below as attorney Thomas Renz, J.D., talks about his lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) concerning mask mandates:

This and so much more is available at the all-new LifeSiteNews Brighteon channel, so be sure to check it out.

To avoid any possible censorship elsewhere, LifeSiteNews is encouraging its readers and followers to subscribed to email alerts. These will always bypass the Big Tech censors by feeding you information directly rather than through a corrupt tech platform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

“We look forward to sharing the truth to all our new viewers on this platform through our podcasts, shows, and videos,” says the LifeSiteNews staff.

“You can continue to watch content such as select episodes of The John-Henry Westen Show, pro-life stories, inspiring and informative interviews, and so much more.”

Other free speech platforms where you will find exclusive LifeSiteNews content include:

• Rumble:

• Rumble LifeSite Catholic channel:

• Telegram:

• Gab:

• MeWe:

“There was NO way that Big Tech could continue to operate in the public square with such impunity and malice,” one LifeSiteNews commenter excited about the new Brighteon channel wrote. “This trend will – and must – continue. Prayers are being answered.”

“I joined Brighteon just this morning and have already subscribed to LifeSite’s channel there,” wrote another, making an excellent point about the need for health freedom advocates to also make the switch.

“Friends, it’s time to kick the YouTube, Twitter, FB, etc. lifestyle; it’s unhealthy, causing all kinds of mental diseases and phobias. You’re taking care of your body by NOT letting them inject you with the dubious gene therapy products. Now it’s time to take at least as good a care of your brain by rejecting the Zuckerberg-Gates poison.”

To learn more about how Big Tech censorship is a threat to the First Amendment, be sure to check out

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