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Casper 9/27/07 - 2nd - 3rd and 4th Updates

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funds over the last three days, and 3 more this morning all of which were blocked, had still another despicable plan up their despicable sleeves. Wanta's funds were made liquid yesterday but not before another FORCED sign-off on same by GW, Cheney & Paulson. Their plan was to grab and trade or "hock" and trade Wanta's money immediately and they proceeded to do so not realizing that Wanta, that sly fox, had instructed the banks involved to keep the funds in the "locked down" position apparently anticipating just such a move by that criminal enterprise known as the CORPORATE U.S. Government, the entity which overthrew the CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of the U.S..

Much of the attempted trading referenced above was routed through the WORLD BANK computers proving that they are now willing participants in the illegal trading of other peoples money along with the World Court. Computers leave a trail of codes and these attempts have been traced back to the WORLD BANK COMPUTERS.

Again the best laid plans of mice and RATS are brought to naught.

Letter with card ? Second set of packages? "WE" don't know. We follow the "D.C." packs over which such a fuss is made everyday and they have been returned to S.Ct. by Interpol this morning.

The meaning of all this? The outcome? What next? Will have to advise later and will do so when possible.

casper 2nd update 9-27-07


Subject: casper 3rd update 9-27-07


After that last update hit England, Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong the poo poo really hit the fan. Now the countries are all over the World Bank demanding answers to their ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL trading activities.

MEANWHILE INTERPOL is "catching it" from all directions with demands to know whether they work for the LAW or whether their ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL activities on behalf of GW and the QUEEN is their new calling. Something or someone must have gotten their attention as their new orders are "to get those packages delivered TODAY at all cost, at any cost.". Can they? Will they?? Is it physically possible to do that?? I guess we will know by midnight.

If deliveries occur refer back to the last sentence of todays first update. If not we will wash some more laundry.

casper 9-27-07 3rd update


Subject: casper 4th update 9-27-07

Many most excellent sources say letter with card today even if it is getting late.

The D.C. soap opera continues with the Queen stating early afternoon EST," The people will get their money when I decide to give it to them and not until". Senility?  Or unexplainable power??

INTERPOL, which had stated late morning EST, "we can't have this country questioning our integrity and we will get them delivered today or tonight no matter what it takes", NOW SAYS, " we have recieved direct orders from the QUEEN to stand down and to have nothing to do with deliveries." Supposedly these packages had already left D.C. to be delivered by someone else, now without INTERPOL management or involvement.

Can anyone anywhere explain why the "worlds" law enforcement agency follows the QUEENS orders?? We cannot.

casper 9-27-07 4th update today