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Casper Update: Oct. 15, 2007

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nking system. Because we deal with these various bits and pieces of information all day every day we know the outcome is not in question even when setbacks occur and are overcome. Discussing the movement of Gold, for example, would be of no value to you unless you understood the history and had a detailed explanation of today's gold movements, i.e. the Queen and China getting their gold today. . The daily trials and tribulations of peripheral program trustees (wanta got access today) and their money movements would be equally confusing as would the "compliance activities" of the various banks. And so, we avoid reporting most of this stuff due the time required to do so, but wish you to know that we follow all of it carefully so as to be able to offer assurances that "it" is still happening even when daily events cause more delays and frustration.

Credit Suisse remains the problem de jour as they continued to try to trade our money Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today. What money?? The money on the Cr. Suisse bank card in the package. Why?? Because they have used portions of that money elsewhere and are desperate to make it up. How could they? Because they are criminals. What were they told? All trade attempts blocked, none will be permitted and Cr. Suisse will fund all monies due even if it is necessary to close all Cr. Suisse banks including the home office in Zurich. At a minimum, we hear, their 100 domestic banks will be closed and their funds have been frozen in order to guarantee availability of funds on their cards. Outcome?? Packages being "staged" for deliveries tomorrow if current plans and schedules work out. If not, another delay while this problem overcome. The IMF wants their money as do all the countries, trustees, program managers, etc., etc., so intense pressure is applied around the clock.

So many huge things are interrelated. Treasury banking, our deliveries, constitutional law, arrest warrants, resignations(?), global banking, new currency,debt reconciliation, bank compliance, announcements, the list goes on. The dis-info teams put out multiple stories every day which we must sort through in order to try and isolate the true reason why the previous schedule was compromised.

Today was another delay attributable to Cr. Suisse.

Now lets see if the new schedule holds up. We fully expect that to be the case and so therefore, wherefore, whatfore, heretofore and without further adieu- goodbye--goodbye----goodbye--(as in the sound of music).

casper 10-15-07