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Poof Update: October 4, 2007

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to share? I would rather know that we have totally lost so I may put my mind at rest and go on with my life. This whole thing has been like a roller coaster ride.

I wish to thank you again for the Dr. Deagle talks. I have listen to them two times and shall listen again. I know that this group could help to save our world with at least part of these funds. I have no doubt that the funds are real but the dark side is very strong and we definitely need some help from the good ET'S> A reply would be appreciated,

Thanks JC

I stay silent until somebody I know that isn't compromised by all this stuff talks. The bottem line is and please don't any of you forget this; all of it, every last bit of the money business is under the control of brussels, which really is the world gov. Our program was brought there for dispensation many moons ago, the imf funds, under the control of brussels, junior has no power to make them be moved out. The imf attorneys were working for them when they went out and signed up all these countries to join the new global banking system. Any objections coming from the us are basically useless to this 'new world order', as the pecking order belongs to them. This adminstration has just tried to gain control of it thru legal strategies. The world has turned it's back as no amount of legal stuff is going to change the fact that money hasn't been paid out that should have been a long time ago and they all point here as the problem. There is no doubt they are about to pun ch the button and put the new system on line, whatever is necessary to bring the us online will be done in the way brussels wants it and not how junior wants it. The release of the imf funds are pivotal for the us be able to go online, with which the us banks can't operate internationally. Do you think junior can stare down the bankers and stop them? We have enough history that says, that will not fly. This is almost the flip of what happened in 1913 with the coming on of the fed. All my news says, this gets finished this week and the rest of the dominoes fall into place.