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Casper Update: Oct. 26, 2007

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Much has happened since our most recent "goodbye" last Friday I think it was, and huge volumes of disinformation have again been shoveled this week.

After GW's mafia was caught in the fraudulent 5m treasury card scam last week the white house was informed at 3 a.m. last Friday that the accounts backing those cards had been frozen. He responded by again grabbing the D.C. packs and ordering the postmaster general not to deliver the cards and letters which were coming postal. Replacement packs were prepared last weekend and have been available for delivery since then. This is but one example of a "happening" we could spend much time and energy writing about. It might prove entertaining but is of little value after the fact.

All things have continued to move forward and problems such as this one get fixed as quickly as possible. Meanwhile daily diversions such as bank compliance or Frenchman this or that have virtually nothing to do with the timing of our first delivery which may arrive at literally any moment.

The Wanta update out today from Mr story is supurbly written and contains valuable and current information. Notice the many things we have reported which he confirms and expands upon with details we didn't know. Conspicuous by it's absence is the confirmation regarding Wanta's funding, but he does confirm the return of Q's gold as we reported last week. No doubt there are limits to what this group can say at this time. Story's disclosure of the "hedge fund loophole" in the new global banking system is extremely significant information as it would allow the criminals a method to "wash" their stolen funds back into the new and supposedly "clean" banking system rendering it little more than an ongoing farce no matter what disguise they employ (metals backing, treasury, constitution, etc.). Watch carefully his future reporting on this subject as it will expose their true intentions, i.e. continued corruption at the highest levels-or not??

GW and his mafia again gained access to the offshore accounts and misappropriated HUGE sums which at first indicated a delay till January for the offshore stuff. Recovery, auditing, etc. is going much faster than anticipated so that delay will soon be overcome and in any event will not affect the first deliveries.

Having been through a couple hundred "black-outs" over the last 15 plus years we usually pay no mind to them but we hear and we believe this is a time for quiet and "vagueness" so lets go along and see what happens.

Casper 10-26-07

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