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CASPER UPDATE: November 6, 2007

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THE CAT IS OUTTA THE BAG. I'm so glad we "held our fire" yesterday regarding the secret weekend goings on at CITI. Along comes C. Story this morning telling it all better than we ever could and leading the WANTA disclosure parade which is appropriate. Check it out.

Have you ever seen such detailed and thorough exposure of GW and his mafia?? Remember, these reports go to everyone who is anyone in the financial/banking community worldwide. NOW, do you have any doubts left as to the criminal suppression and participation of the U.S. news media, print and broadcast?

They suppressed the "suitcase".

They have suppressed the horrors at "the ranch".

They have "aided and abetted" and they should all be jailed for TREASON just long enough to say goodbye to family after which they should be hung by the neck until dead then set on fire then strategically placed upon the railroad tracks along with half the politicians in D.C..

My hat is off to MR CHRISTOPHER STORY may he live forever. He is probably the reincarnated British Militant Kawes or Hawes or something like that from the early 1600's.

Our intell, subject to correction by a better informed Mr. Story, is that "arrangements" have been made last night and this morning concerning Wanta and that he will have his dinero when our deliveries begin.

Have you heard?? The big push to help Ron Paul yesterday resulted in 4.3m raised from more that 35,000 contributors, not a one day record (Hillary-6m) but far better than the mainstream thought possible. Perhaps after funding we can all go back and max out our donations ($2300. i think).

I mentioned inflation yesterday. We have been operating an asset based economy so i should have said expect asset prices to deflate (except commodities) while all things consumer oriented will inflate.

Due the difficulties described by Story, add a day to the delv. schedule, unless-UNLESS there is something else we can't see. Like what? The possible need to fix something at CITI?? We can't find Da Plane(s) at Dulles so maybe they don't need them anymore (or maybe they are full of criminals enroute to the hooskow).

Please remember They are doing so much in defense of the constitution.

They tried some more trades yesterday. Five banks were involved; CITI, B.A, J.P./CHASE, MORGAN STANLEY and WELLS FARGO. They were blocked of course.

Lots of small banks have closed since last week. Six we are sure about.

Lets all hope Story updates again soon. I am so anxious to hear whether those planes left fully loaded.

Consider the advice of Bill Gate's father. "The way to avoid estate taxes is to die broke". Meaning, give it away while you are alive so you may know the joy of helping others. After all, you can't take it with you.

Shall we try this one more time?? goodbye!

casper 11-06-07

P.S. Apparently my wish is Storys command and all i had to do was "think" his update into existence. Dateline NYC, 1p.m. today. More bankers, at additional NYC banks being arrested "as we speak". oh goody!

Then comes a report, Dateline Denver, radio talk show this morning, "300 CITI employees arrested this morning in NYC" loaded into black trucks, helicopters overhead.

Then, from the left coast; "CITI board of directors arrested last night. Provost preparing paperwork to arrest Senior and Clinton".

As usual the media says nothing.

Your turn Christopher. Where you are Poof??

casper 11-06-07