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Casper Update November 9, 2007

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The new Wanta update by C Story is out and available at We continue to hear Wanta's aspect of the big picture is ready to go when our deliveries begin. We have always said and we continue to believe that all programs are in the same clogged pipeline and when they turn the faucet on all will come out together worldwide, including IMF, humanitarian,, F.R. programs, Freedom, Dotson, prosperity programs, etc. etc.. Regarding his mention of 353T total payout, we hear much larger numbers, much much larger, but our numbers include funding countries, new banking systems, humanitarian, etc. The "blackout" continues upon all those who were originally "squashed" making it difficult to get at the truth but as we hear it right now we are very much on go with last minute stuff being handled (including the Wanta stuff).

Several mid week reports that Paulson had been arrested were untrue. Story seems to know more about arrest than anyone else. The extreme level of secrecy we are experiencing right now is to be expected given the seriousness of all that is taking place. How many arrests? Who? When? Where? It's not essential we have these answers, only that we can confirm the forward movement and blockages removed and we are comfortable reporting that to be the case.

The Bernake dog and pony yesterday was worth watching. At one point he said the FED was not putting it's money into the banks, this in answer to a congressman's question. Oh really? Well whose several hundred billion has he been putting into the banks including another 43B last week? As you might expect not a single politician called him on it nor did any of the talking heads. I wonder why? The FED provided the 2B BOA used to bail out Countrywide didn't they? This is a very curious statement and even more curious why no one followed up on it. My guess is that it was an "in your face comment" along the lines of " hey stupid, we create the money-you borrow the money into existence-you owe the money-its YOUR money that's going into the banks. Would you like to borrow some more? And none of them understand it except, you guessed it, Ron Paul. Another curious thing happened mid week. After a candle light dinner for Sarkosy at the White House the night before, Sarkosy addresses a joint session of congress the following morning delivering a most wonderful speech about Franco/American history and the many times we have bailed each others chestnuts out of the fire. It was a moving speech, much passion, warmly received with standing ovations. Near the end he threw in a gratuitous comment which seemed so out of place. Something like "if the U.S. does not do something about the falling dollar promptly worldwide economic warfare may break out". Why did he think such a remark necessary? Couple this with the 160 in NY to be paid and throw in a Merkle trip to Bush's ranch this weekend, the Provost takeover of Treasury (per Story and many others) the movement of Wanta's money today ( after the Story update), the relentless fall of the dollar, the arrival of Putin, a really serious blackout of those they are able to hush, the emergency meetings at CITI, the many valuable pieces of info reported by Story, an interview with the President of the German Marshall Plan on BBC, various "tests" which have recently occurred, successful completion of audits followed by some final bank compliance activity (also today), many arrest if not the biggest arrest and as you can see we have enough info to suggest that delivery could occur at any time. It may be over the weekend. It might be Monday or Tuesday but its coming PDQ so relax and think and plan and observe.

Virtually none of the behind the scenes activity right now has anything to do with us. We are READY. As soon as they are finished with peripheral matters the faucet will be turned on.

casper 11-09-07