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Casper Update: October 12, 2007

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Still another "conference call" with Bush Wednesday night which included faxing to him in the oval office the formal documentation for charges of TREASON. This includes his cabinet, the congress and the Sup. Court and is deadly serious business. In his typical Jeckle & Hyde, bi-polar, ac/dc fashion he again flipped from arrogant King George to begging for mercy and agreed to let our packages go. He again signed off on non-interference with deliveries or announcements and, as always, his word and his signature were completely worthless. There were additional signoffs, including his resignation. Then the packs moved. I refer here to the infamous "D.C." packs which include Freedom which must come first or simultaneous. They moved from the Sup. Court to Cr. Suisse in D.C. where they again tried to trade portions of our funds. This was caught and blocked today and the IMF is dealing with CR. SUISSE now. This is another broke and desperate bank now exposing their internal corruption for all to see. They are claiming they had "a carrier problem" or whatever other excuse they think might work. The FACTS are they were caught red-handed trying to trade the money, the trade was blocked and the IMF gave them until tomorrow (saturday) to deliver or there will be no more CR. Suisse in the United States.

Remember this during those moments when you are deciding who gets your extremely valuable banking business.

casper 10-12-07