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Casper Update: Sept. 21, 2007

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at the top of the "avoid at all cost" list.

The packs controlled by GW in D.C. which were supposedly released from Treasury control Wednesday, shipped out via UPS and positioned yesterday a.m. at the 100 banks(led by CR. Suisse) for delivery yesterday afternoon never left D.C..

At multiple levels CR. Suisse lied throughout the day yesterday saying "yes, we got them, they are out the door for delivery today, the trucks are rolling, etc.etc.".

All lies coming from the top down including the President of CR. Suisse for the U.S. After several days and nights of infighting the Adjutant General for the U.S., accompanied by the Provost Marshall for the U.S. (the only one who can arrest the President), and armed with 10 charges of Treason ( we are reliably informed) lodged against Bush by the Wld. Court, managed to retrieve OUR packages from Paulson who follows orders from Cheney/Bush supposedly resulting in their leaving D.C. midday the 19th.

These many thousands of packages include Freedom which must come first according to many international sources incl. those at the World Bank. Also included are quantities of packs from every program. Instead of leaving D.C. airport as we were told they were moved to the B.ofA. vault in D.C., one of the three "hide the pea" locations used by the evil ones in their constant game of hide and seek, the other two being Treasury and the B.A. vault in Charlotte. The purpose? They are constantly trying to trade the money and can't allow delivery while doing that. These are known as "stealth" trades. The money does not move but is used as collateral for the attempted trades which are constantly stopped, blocked or leined and seized if one slips through. GW, China, and the banks. B.A.& CR. Suisse, all "sign off" giving banks and the trade world the "authorization" they need to proceed. They apparently have no way of knowing it is a fraud and readily accept the sign-offs as legit. Our side "catches" the attempt and stops it. The result? Continuous and ever increasing sanctions against B.A. and CR. Suisse both of which are said to be bankrupt and desperate. And now the "rumor" offshore is that this time it will go BEYOND "sanction's". Notice that CR. Suisse and B.A. are two of the six "levy banks" involved in the Wanta funds scandal, a term I am unfamiliar with.

Now for the "kicker".

All packs are in the B.A. vault in D.C. this morning. More than 300,000 packages.

MEANWHILE as Paulson waxes eloquent about the U.S. strong dollar policy the Fed debases the currency hand over fist. While reports fly around the internet and the world that the U.S. entered the new Global Banking System 3p.m. Wed, or 12.01 a.m. the 20th, depending upon who you listen to, Paulson request of the Senate an immediate (10-01-07) increase in the debt ceiling of some $800 or so billion (a continuation of deficit financing), the exact opposite of what one would expect at this moment in time (treasury rising, debt reconciliation, etc.). Gold hits a 28 year high meaning the ESF(exchange stabilization fund) has lost control of that market, (finally), the dollar falls even with the Loonie ( Canada's Dollar) for the first time in 30+ years, the euro hits all time highs-daily...AND, The Gov't of Dubai makes "a compelling" investment in the London Stock Exchange yesterday and offers to buy 20% of NASDAQ today.

MEANWHILE congress calls for an independent investigation of the "accidental" movement of nukes to Barksdale AFB, the staging base for the middle east and the head of the senate judiciary committee says the administration admits to wiretapping a domestic "community of interest" (that's you and me boys and girls).

MEANWHILE rumors persist regards the imminent departure of GW and the pending arrest of Paulson and Cheney,,, and Paulson's closed door meeting with congress the afternoon of the 19th supposedly advising same we have now joined the new Global Banking System.

Never in history has a gov't or central bank chosen differently than did Bernake and the Fed this week. They ALWAYS choose to try to inflate their way out in times of emergency as the alternative is even worse (deflation).

In today's asset based economy which they created intentionally the overriding rule is INFLATE OR DIE. Everything done to date and all that you see day in and day out was to first line the pockets of the bankers and now to protect them from the normal fallout from fraudulent paper. The banks, Wall Street Investment banks and commercial banks, and the gov't., are all in on the biggest scam in history together. Goldman Sachs and the U.S. gov't are basically the same thing. They share the same blood supply. Hopefully they will end up cell mates.

What CREDIT SUISSE and BANK of AMERICA have done is beyond criminal. It is beyond cruel. It is beyond words. Future excuses, "the devil made me do it" (in the person of GW and China) cannot be acceptable to any of us. We must never do one dime's worth of business with either of them and it should be our well financed mission in life to see to it that they never ever profit, even indirectly, from our activities. We should take this to the extreme, refusing to have anything to do with anyone or any entity which banks with either of them. As I understand it, GW caused the communist to buy B.A. private banking in anticipation of massive profits from the trading of ALL the offshore funds, a trade arranged well in advance as the " get well" trade for all bad guys. When it was Liened and seized they went berserk and we are still dealing with their DESPERATE actions while the Commie's are left holding a bag of S___ thanks to junior. Remember, the Renminbi is tied to the dollar, they are holding $1.4T in treasuries and we are their customer. Not surprising GW would try, and apparently did, convince them to help him try to preserve the status quo. This is where it gets above my head.

Why would they not simply wait on NEW Treasury then exchange one for one.?

Why did Clinton give them our advanced missile technology??

Why did we give them the port of Long Beach???

Why both ends of the Panama canal ???? There is more here than meets the eye. The Bush/Clinton/Bush crime syndicate is in bed with Communist China plain and simple and obvious. And where, pray tell, is the whorehouse-oop's-I mean the Senate? Why opening the borders of course. And passing laws for the banks and credit card companies so that you no longer have even the "protection" of bankruptcy as this approaching massive collapse occurs. Nice guy's huh ? They are ignorant putty in the hands of the illuminati bankers. It has always been thus. Well, back to business.

The delivery of packages, primarily on the West Coast, has been going on for a very long time. It is always to those who can't access such as retired bankers. Over time these packages have come to be known as "O" packages as distinguished from the CH or MK packages. They "trigger" nothing and that's why they could continue delivering them. F.C., CH, and Freedom are the "trigger packages" and all are in the vault in D.C. now.

Help has again arrived and are hard at work on the situation as we speak-er-write-er-read. Whatever anger and frustration you feel, be aware that GW is the root cause of all the problems, ably aided and abetted by B.A., CR. SUISSE and China. It will get fixed. It is being overcome. There is a slim chance of weekend deliveries. It may be Monday. They have delayed it again but, short of another 9-11 they can't stop it.

Barbara said " you have destroyed the family name". Laura said, " I will hold the divorce papers and will stay on as first lady till the end of your term-for 10 million dollars". Condi says, "I'm ready when you are". The rest of the world says " you bastards are not welcome here under any circumstances", (and that includes Paraguay). And that also includes Senior and the Clintons.