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Poof Update: October 7, 2007

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a long time coming

But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will


And then I go to see my brother

And I ask him to help me please

And he just winds up knockin' me

Back down on my knees

There were times when I thought I couldn't last for long

But now I think I'm able to carry on

It's been a long, been a long time coming

But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will

Greetings and Salutations;

Now that we've entered the zone, where I have much more background, I need to offer up some info that perhaps will allow for more insight, on the gears behind the 'shifting of the wealth' of the world.

After the last world war ended, many movers and shakers came together to create a future based on a one world gov. David Rockefeller, for example, being highly instrumental in the creation of the IMF and the World Bank. It was at the time, the dollar was anointed as the world's reserve currency and currencies were kept stable by an agreed upon, $35 an oz gold base. Bretton Woods agreement, establishing this as a further stablizer, until such time, when a new stablizer would be instituted. Well the new stabilizer turned out to be, 'let it float' which turned into petro dollars. The us dollar backed by the control of oil and past reputation....and military might. My only question about Rocky is, is he a republican or democrat, as so much world be considered 'socialist' by today's standards? The reason I question this right now is because guiliani has been taking lunches with him in NY.

He and the membership of the CFR have always been about a NWO situation because 'it'd be good for us', we just don't 'get it', so we need these brain trusts to run our lives for us, for our own good. What's up Rudy?

Now while certain europeans had been in 'cahoots' with americans in the same club, a number of years ago, a split began. The europeans having more experience in banking, know from personal experience fiat currency systems just don't last forever, so something had to be done about the eventual implosion of the dollar, especially since it included the whole world. This began with an actionable plan among some european elite who decided at that time to 'kill the fed', as the 'scourge of the planet'. The first call to put it into action went to the rothschilds, as who had it installed over here in the first place.(see JP Morgan) The action words were, 'either you  get rid of it, or you go down with it'. This began the 'war' between the rockefellers and the rothschilds, which was still going on when O'neil, a rothschild 'agent', was sec of the treasury. One trillion went 'missing' one day, out of the treasury, headed to puerto rico which then 'poofed' into hyperspace, never to be seen again. The full control of the fed's future became clearly in the hands of the rothschilds. Just remember the rothschild are a family, despite the fact, they have various 'houses'. Any problems develop with one house, they'll swarm like bees on the attacker.

Here enters george the first. He, feeling like he could do what rocky  couldn't, decided to go after the european elite, against better advice, and gain control of the nwo, the banking, everything. Remember the famous 1000 points of light speech? What gave him the idea that he could do what rocky couldn't? A meeting he had with the very people I mentioned above, on a boat in the carribean. These folks are fond of boats because the other meeting was held on a boat on the med, too. For george, this was a very successful meeting and gave him the confidence he needed. Little did he understand that  they were setting him up. After leaving the boat, they all looked at each other, agreeing they couldn't trust him, as far as, they could throw him, 'but could use him' for a while. The difference in philosopy was essentially this, 'you can get a lot further with honey, than salt'. These were not the youngsters of the families either, they were the old and battlescarred, who didn't want their children to have to clean up behind them when they passed on. A 'mad max' world is not what they wanted to pass on for their children's future, thus all these actions were taken.

When the foundation handed over the distribution of this program to  Brussels, it proved to be a boon for the european elite in what they saw as needing to be accomplished. The euro came into being, which would serve as a bumper for europe and other parts of the world, when the dollar went to it's inevitable demise. The thawed old funds also went into their control, as imf funds are traded in zurich, so europe can't be avoided, and it's been that way for over 60 years.

So essentially, the world gov has control of all the funds to be distributed. While junior distains european control of his life as president, especially the money, it was there before he ever paid  attention to world affairs. This is a case of learning to get along with your betters, whether you like it or not. One of the reasons they put the release of the imf money, after the distribution of these programs, it was one of the ways to control the american gov, who were way too intent on spending than paying it's bills. Hey, the world owes us a living! It's hard work printing all this money. The kinder, gentler side of the new world order won this war. This is why, no matter what this administration did, I knew they were going to get confronted with their global betters and have no choice but to kneel. Frankly, they have a lot more patience than I ever did.

Arrogance, don't get you no captain crunch, you'll have your high view of yourself but you'll be hungry as hell, and how long will that work for you? Pride cometh before a fall.

Sometime, in another location, I'll feel free to rat more folks out, but not now. I have received no 'problems' out of brussels or the distribution center. All is clear and as I said, friends don't lie to friends. Brussels isn't trying to broadcast everything they are doing either, for obvious reasons. Just know the us Will be going under the new global banking system and that's stamped in rock. This money is the grease and gears of actualizing it. The us banks signed onto basel 2(transparency) and in order for them to continue to operate globally, they must enjoin the new banking system, which is centered in brussels. The place where that computer we used to call 'the beast' is located, which remains publically denied, to this very day. This will monitor the entire system under a merged imf and world bank. I suppose they have some new nifty name already sitting on some paperwork somewhere. Oh yea, the euro was never intended to last for years.

The estimation is about 5 years, after the changeover, at which time they'll swing the system over to something which will be metal backed in it's entirety. The schematics for that are already in a file cabinet but stabilization comes first. Europeans think in 100 year increments, americans barely can hold five years of memory in their heads. Anyone who can hold more could be a threat to national security. Our politics are a testimony to that.

Stand by, deliveries are at hand.

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