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Casper Update: September 30, 2007

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"Our" information is that the Bush's, Queen, China and many banks continue to do all possible to block everything including Global Banking, and that they did so again this weekend. Remember-stop deliveries=stop everything. All the dominoes are lined up but they need only stop one domino-the first one- and they did so again this weekend.

More trades were attempted today and again blocked. Almost all our funds are offshore and no longer available to them for trade or theft. Those who insist G.W. has no power to block deliveries or Global Banking appear unable to observe the obvious which is that deliveries continue to be blocked. Maybe they think its Osama or Bugs Bunny doing it. The man, in addition to being a fascist dictator, has unbelievable War and Emergency Powers at his disposal not to mention the institutional corruption supporting him so as to avoid exposure themselves.

The packages were back in the Sup. Court this morning. The overnight response from the " world" was quick and especially severe, so severe in fact that we have been asked not to be specific at this time.

The outcome is that G.W. has backed down, the D.C. packages have moved out again this afternoon for delivery tomorrow. This solves the Freedom First issue and allows other packs/letters/cards, to the extent they exist, to move forward tomorrow also. All the positive developments we hear about each day are true and yet nothing could occur until Bush was dealt with which has now happened.

Assuming no further interference and delivery tomorrow, this takes us back to the subject of on vs. off access and the ongoing internet debate about this.

Almost all money is offshore and protected. The remainder is on a card and also unaccessible by "them". We have always discussed access in terms of U.S. Treasury banking being in place as part of the new Global Banking System and attendant announcements having been made. We have stated many times, although not every single time, that we expect the announcements to follow deliveries almost immediately and to run for 7 to 14 days. Part and parcel of the announcement process is the demise of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the change in banking laws, with those which can't or won't comply being closed. It is within this context we expect domestic access to be safe, or in the alternative, instructions to the contrary in the packs. Apparently some folks are so determined to be "right" they are unable to read anything with an open mind and insist that they are better informed than those who prepared the instructions. OUR position is FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. All else is opinion about what the instructions are likely to say. Again, we know more about this than we are able to write about, and in view of that knowledge we continue to believe that domestic access will be safe, and further, that when you see the instructions and the announcements you will come to the same conclusion. If not, do whatever makes you feel secure.

As matters stand now, look for deliveries Monday, into banks Tuesday and announcements beginning Tuesday

casper 9-30-07

P.S. FYI: The INTERPOL personel charged with kidnapping and Illegal Detainment have now been released on orders from BUSH.