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Poof Update: October 14, 2007

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Bob Marley

Them belly full but we hungry

A hungry mob is an angry mob

A rain a fall but the dirt it tough

A pot a cook but the food no 'nough

You're gonna dance to jah music, dance,

We're gonna dance to jah music, dance,

Forget your troubles and dance,

Forget your sorrows and dance,

Forget your sickness and dance,

Forget your weakness and dance

Cost of livin' gets so high

Rich and poor they start to cry

Now the weak must get strong

They say oh, what a tribulation

Them belly full but we hungry

A hungry mob is an angry mob

A rain a fall but the dirt it tough

A pot a cook but you no 'nough

We're gonna chuck to jah music chuckin'

We're chuckin' to jah music, we're chuckin'

Belly full but them hungry.

A hungry mob is an angry mob

A rain a fall but the dirt it tough

A pot a cook but the food no 'nough

A hungry mob is an angry mob

Greetings and Salutations;

The title is a response to all the kicking and screaming that's been going on amongst 'grown folks', when confronted with the fact that, the sand has run out in the hour glass. It had to happen one day, for god's sake. Even greenspan warned them about what happens when the 'foreigner' takes his money somewhere else. They asked him if he meant the other central banks, he replied no, it was the private, individual investors. So while junior steps out and tells us how booming our economy is, somebody in the media says there's a sheriff's sale going on in the states, they are selling anything that they can to anyone that'll buy it. America isn't 'american' anymore. Instead of buying treasuries, they are buying businesses, land, and pieces of american infrastructure. The asians are steady buying up gold.

Movement began for us, to completion, last weekend. A number of folks got lit up this week and while I discovered a hiccup of some sort, it was not defined as serious or a hindrance of some sort. This thing started in jan 05 with one too, so the situation is quite normal, I'd have been surprised if everything did run, as smooth as, silk. A lot of money is being released into this world, nearly all at the same time. The banks have braced for this and we're going to see who survives, for all the preparations done. But the whole world wants their money and 'not now' isn't an answer any of them are interested in hearing. So there will be more pressure internally in america, as the nations collectively turn their backs on the dollar and the fed. The big boys say it'll take about 3-5 years to clean this mess up, after all the funds have been released into the world, america going 3rd world for a minute. If you import everything and depend on the world for your existence, that's

not really hard to imagine, when combined with money that's been devalued on the global stage. I know everybody likes to jump over the transition period and go straight to americans dancing in the streets, but you still have to burn off the weeds before the green grass can grow. That's not going to be overnight. Nobody in dc is going to go without a fight and you can bank on that.

There's really not much of anything else to add. For many on both sides of the fence, it's pretty worrisome. This has never happened before and you can't let things keep heading off the cliff without doing something. As I said, many moons ago and quite often, there was always going to be chaos. The question was, organized or unorganized. 'Management' opted and prepared for, 'organized'.

Be well and spend no more time crossing the water than absolutely necessary. I'll be right here until my own visitation, at which time I shall vacate the premises, to get into the things, I planned for many years ago. All the things many of us discussed doing in this world, that need being done. If you need a consultation, just write me here. Donations are appreciated, needed, thru account

Love and Kisses,