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Charles Seabert

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ows who else. To get us to this point of deliveries, it was difficult. 186 countries had to have their banking systems changed. Probably new computers, etc. Training of all the employees had to be accomplished. That has been completed and the deliveries are now a simple project. Probably a 3 to 5 hour project to make the delivery. Delivery companies normally deliver about one million packages and letters per day. So the number in the programs is rather small. That is no longer a problem.

It is my understanding that they want the announcements to be on TV within 24 hours of our deliveries. That is the big problem now. Coordinating all the security throughout the U.S. before the announcements start. That is what these meetings are all about. The security, the arrests of many of the "bad boys", deciding the seriousness of their crimes and who knows what else. This is now the most difficult task that they are facing. As soon as the announcements are all set to go, then they will deliver our packages as they will be able to have the announcements within 24 hours of our deliveries.

My thoughts only and no one else's.

Settle down, relax, enjoy, be happy.............they are coming.