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Casper Update: (3rd Update) Oct. 1, 2007

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ed their packs and accessed.

The IMF, in anticipation of getting their's now, withheld public Embargo announcements although the Embargo itself proceeded. As the day wore on five separate "port watchers" reported no ships coming in and multiple important additional sources confirmed the initial information regarding the Embargo. The language used by GW when this attempt to circumvent the eight year old controlling contract failed miserably was, we hear, quite colorful. The packs went back out this afternoon for delivery tonight (seems impossible) or tomorrow.

No further weaseling expected by the IMF now that the facts of life have been explained to them. The very FORMAL EMBARGO DOCUMENTATION has been prepared and will be released to the public unless ALL deliveries for ALL programs have been completed within 48 hours measured from this afternoon.

Global Banking did occur at 12:01 a.m. this morning in each time zone. They will use the FRN's until the announcements then intro the Treasury currency which, by the way, is already in the 454 TREASURY BANKS available to us in addition to the 100 banks which are private banks. As an interesting aside, this currency is "traded out" in each bank every three days as a security measure to be sure none of it has been "misplaced".

Announcements have been rescheduled for Wednesday and will lead off with the constitution and treasury banking.

And so, barring unforeseen circumstances, delivery tomorrow.