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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 25, 2018

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 25, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 25 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 25 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 25, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 25 2018


Compiled 12:01 am EDT 25 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"


A. Jan. 24 2018 10:01 pm Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 24, 2018


1. Once again, the Alliance-Cabal war front has gone silent. No new information from sources today Jan. 24.


2. There has been confusion regarding the transition event. The following is a chronologically arranged list of the transition event based on information from several sources over time.


3. Grandfather gives his blessing to the Chinese Elders for them to give the final authorization to the one who holds the final sequence codes to the new financial system.


4. The final sequence codes are entered and the new financial system goes live. The RV begins, the 800#'s are released.


5. Exchanges begin. The exchanges will take place privately through undisclosed off-site redemption centers depending on your location. Exchanges at other locations abroad will take place at bank branches. Specially appointed employees at these bank branches will handle your exchange. All employees will be under NDA.


6. All exchanges will be processed through the new financial system. The new financial system is the GCR. All currencies have already been revalued to their true gold/asset-backed values under the new financial system.


7. Appointed bank employees will be momentarily given access to the new financial system to exchange your currency in new digital asset-backed currency of your choice. All exchanges will be supervised to prevent suspicious activities and ensure bank employees do not break the NDA.


8. All currency holders are expected to have exchanged within a course of two months.


9. Both the old financial system and new financial system will co-exist for a short period of time.


10. Iraq working to RI/RV under the old financial system is a charade. They are already asset-backed under the new financial system.


11. The new financial system will gradually be disclosed and replace the old financial system in a matter of months. All fiat currencies will be traded in. Paper money will be phased out. All currencies will be digital under the new financial system which is hosted on a protected quantum computer.


12. NESARA is implemented in the U.S. within 6 months (GESARA for the rest of the world) after the new financial system is fully in place.


13. The Republic is restored upon NESARA's implementation.


B. Jan. 24 2018 TNT Call, Tony:


1. The RV was supposed to go in Dec, then they changed the deadline to Jan. 2. Then Iraq announced they couldn't have their debts paid until Jan. 12. Those debts didn't get paid until last Sat. Jan. 20 at 7 pm EST.


2. The RV could happen Fri. Jan. 26 or by Wed. Jan. 31, but would definately happen in Jan.


3. Today banks were saying that the RV would go this week and likely within the next 72 hours, or by Fri. Jan. 26 evening-Sat. Jan. 27 morning.


4. As of today, Jan. 24, we remained on schedule to RV this month and not go into Feb.


5. The US plans to use this as a stimulus plan, starting with Feb. pay checks, so they want this to go as close as possible to Jan. 31.


6. The reason for the RV in Jan. 2018 was to give credit for the resultant upturn in the economy to the new tax plan, allowing the Global Currency Reset to come without fanfair.


7. Yesterday Jan. 23 the In-country Dinar rate (which only applies to Iraq) was $4.07.


8. The banks did not want to sign payout contracts that extended beyond 25 years.


9. Rates, interest, etc. were negotiable depending on how much currency you had to exchange and how long you agreed to leave your exchanged funds at the bank.


10. They say the whole deal will be taxed before we get it.


11. The banks will tell you the rates. Watch Forex on your phone. We will give you the rates they give us with the 800 numbers.


12. I was told the Exchange Centers would work until 1am and open up again at 6am, at least for the first day. Then I’m told they will work 7am to 7pm.


13. If you want contract rates, you have to go in right away. If you plan to wait until Forex drives the rates up, then you can wait a few days, so long as you are monitoring Forex, and have your manager on standby.


14. If you are married and need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement you must both be at the exchange to sign the NDA.


C. Jan. 24 2018 7:01 am EST: (Video) SGTReport -- Q: These People Should be Hanging


1. In an early morning text on Jan. 24 Q said that FBI emails have revealed:


a. plans to assassinate President Trump and his family.


b. a Secret Society in the DOJ with a purpose of undermining Trump.


c. a 16 year-old (actually a lot longer) Treasonous plan involving global elites including Obama and Clinton, to crash the American economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. (So the world would remain under control of the industrialized/militarized complex).


2. Five months of FBI texts have been deleted.


3. Pizzagate (standing for the human trafficking, pedophilia and human sacrifice of children) was alive and well in Washington DC.


4. The New York Police Department has enough evidence to put Hillary Clinton away for life. Her emails found on the Podesta computer showed her involvement in child sex and human trafficking.


D. Jan. 24 2018 7:21 pm EST: QAnon Exposes Obama/Hillary 16-Year Plan to Destroy America Info Wars Jerome Corsi


1. In an explosive post on Sun. Jan. 21, QAnon explained the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton 16-year treasonous plan to use two White House terms for a coup d’état in the United States that would end up revising the Constitution, cancelling the Second Amendment, and opening borders to flood the nation with illegal immigrants calculated to vote Democrat for the foreseeable future.


2. QAnon alleged that “Deep State” rogue operatives murdered Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in an attempt to lock in a hard-left ideology on the nation’s highest court by giving President Obama one final Supreme Court nomination.


3. The following are key parts of the DECODE with regard to the importance of the “Nunes Memo” the House Intelligence Committee is expected to release this week:


4. QAnon: #Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels. The Nunes Memo made public will alert the American people to the Democratic Party coup d’état (undertaken in large part through Obama/Hillary/Podesta collusion with Russia).


5. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Podesta (plus many others) are guilty of TREASON.


6. The Nunes Memo when made public will prove the Obama administration weaponized the intelligence community to ensure the Democrats would win the 2016 presidential election.


7. The weaponizing included using the Fusion GPS dossier to get FISA court approval to conduct electronic surveillance on Donald Trump’s campaign. Also included was President Obama’s plan to unmask and leak information detrimental to Trump’s campaign that was gained from the illegally obtained FISA electronic surveillance.


8. After McCabe communicates the Lisa Page “insurance” idea to Loretta Lynch, the HRC conspiracy develops as a pyramid structure, with Obama at the top calling the shots needed to use the Fusion GPS Dossier to get FISA court-ordered approval to conduct electronic surveillance on Donald Trump and principals in Trump campaign. Other two legs of pyramid connect to the Clinton campaign through John Podesta and to the intel community via Clapper and Brennan.


9. CIA Director John Brennan - the CIA “handler” of Obama - led the effort to sell the “Russia collusion” narrative to the mainstream media and the American public in order to prevent Donald Trump from serving out his term in office should he (unexpectedly) win the election.


10. QAnon makes clear Obama, Clintons, DNC, and the U.S. intelligence community planned their coup d’état boldly, confident Hillary Clinton would be elected president, never imagining Donald Trump would win.


11. The Obama/Hillary Clinton “16-year plan to destroy America” involved the Democrats calculating both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s two term presidencies would allow the unfolding of a 16-year plan to destroy America.


12. As part of the plan, the Democratic Party co-conspirators envisioned Hillary would follow Obama’s plan to put rogue political operatives at key positions throughout the federal government, just as President Obama placed John Brennan at CIA; James Clapper, DNI; Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch as Attorney General; Valerie Jarrett in White House, James Comey at FBI – the list goes on.


13. Hillary would continue Obama’s plan to weaken the U.S. military, while actively funding Iran and North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.


14. The only military commanders promoted by the Obama and planned Hillary Clinton administrations were to be those who: accepted the LGBT agenda and sex-change operations for transgender soldiers at taxpayer expense, were willing to eliminate any discussion of radical Muslims as terrorists, accepted a nuclear-armed Iran and North Korea, were willing to advance the Palestinian agenda to destroy Israel as a Jewish state, were willing to promote Muslim Brotherhood control throughout the Middle East and Africa.


15. QAnon predicted that Hillary would use her 8 years as president to cause World War III – a war that would cause death and destruction on a massive, never-before-imagined scale of horror. The war would be a “fake war” promoted by the government-controlled MSM. Billions of the world’s populations would be killed off, allowing the globalists (including Hillary, Obama, Podesta, and their co-conspirator minions) to pocket huge wealth on a global scale.


16. When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. middle class would be destroyed. The U.S. population (what was left of it) would be reduced to a status of enslavement, starvation, death, and disease. The U.S. would have no borders, the Constitution would be revised to remove the Bill of Rights and all fundamental U.S. freedoms, and the population would be disarmed by the repeal of the Second Amendment.


17. There would be no electoral college. Future presidents would be elected by a majority of the popular vote, giving control to large states like California, New York, and New Jersey that can easily be overrun with illegal immigrants voting for the traitors and their anti-American conspiracy. If illegal votes were not enough to make sure the Democratic Party traitors dominated all elections, George Soros would be allowed to install voting machines to make Democratic Party voter fraud easy to achieve electronically. The U.S. military would comprise a very small percentage of the U.S. budget, with transfer payments making sure excessive taxation redistributed income to minorities and illegals sure to vote for the Democratic Party traitors.


18. U.S. military bases would be closed worldwide, beginning in Germany. Russia, China, and rogue states including Iran and North Korea would no longer need fear U.S. military reprisals for their evil expansion.


19. Only “Project Mockingbird” PRAVDA-like mainstream media willing to be controlled by the CIA to disseminate the Obama/Hillary traitors’ anti-American ideology would be allowed to survive. All other news would be censored, with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet giants unleashed to eliminate from “Social Media” even the most private or coded communications patriots might attempt.


20. Barack Obama, the Clintons, and their “Deep State” Democratic Party co-conspirators are “pure evil,” capable of nuclear war to achieve their globalist goals. The allegations would place Obama and the DOJ under criminal investigation, create a Constitutional crisis and call for the investigation of Pedogate, human trafficking and human sacrifices said to go on in Washington.


E. Judy Note: Highlights from yesterday Jan. 24: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 24, 2018


1. Zim holders with over (5) 100 Trillion notes should expect a 25 year structured payout.


2. If you agreed to leave your money in the bank for a longer period of time in a structured payout the bank could offer you higher rates, better interest and more perks - but you had to ask for all of those.


3. There were different rates at Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and those depended on who you knew. We were supposed to get that Tier 4 rate, although Tier 3 rates should be available to us (for humanitarian projects) - but you had to ask for them.


4. Taxes (possibly 15%) would be taken off before we exchanged. The only tax we paid was on interest earned by keeping our monies at the bank.


5. Rates on bank screens as of Jan. 23:


Dinar: $4.07

Dong: $ .47 cents

Zim: $ .147 cents


6. TNT maintained that you take off 6 zeros from the Zim. Bruce maintained that you did not take off any zeros and could ask for the rate you needed to do your humanitarian projects. We won't know for sure until we were at the bank.


7. To obtain a $2 rate on the Zim rather than ten cents, you would have to have a contract with someone in Zimbabwe, and there were lots of rules about that.


8. Bank and redemption center staff were expecting the exchanges to begin momentarily.


9. Iraqi bonds would be offered for sale to the Iraqi citizenry by 12:30 am EST Jan. 24.


10. Humanitarian funding sources have been given the go ahead to begin utilizing their funds starting Thurs. Jan. 25.


11. Trump was in Davos Switzerland at the World Economic Conference and scheduled to give the closing keynote address on Friday Jan. 26.


12. Trump would deliver his State of the Union address next Tues. Jan. 30.


13. If the four-page House Memo (that exposed abuse of our Constitutional rights and named Obama, Clinton, the Democratic Party and other elites as perpetrators), was not released to the public by Jan. 30, Trump might read the Memo into his State of the Union Address.


14. Q was an intel provider at the White House (some believed to be Trump) who believed we were in the start of the second American Revolution. Q has released several posts over the past 48 hours which were on target, as always. Look for Q to release information about the elite's involvement in child sex abuse and child trafficking." No one can imagine the pure evil and corruption out there. These people should be hanging."


15. A two-week Intel blackout period started on Mon. Jan. 15 and would likely end just prior to Trump's State of the Union Address on Tues. Jan. 30.


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