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OUR most recent updates were October 24Th and 25Th, included below for your convenience as both mentioned YOSEF. More on that subject below also. 

Do you recall what was happening at this time a year ago? Not a single dissenting voice, funding by Christmas, definite, guaranteed. Yosef had not yet arrived.

On a brighter note, more than a year ago the POPE said 2016 would be the year of Jubilee and debt forgiveness would occur 12-23-16. I don’t remember whether I saw this on T.V., read it in the newspaper, or what. I don’t remember whether it was during his trip to the U.S. last year or not. I filed this in my mental ‘Do Not Dare Forget File’. Whether it remains true or was ever true I don’t know, but he said it, I filed it and now you have it. The date is interesting. It was, as I recall, 12-23-1912 when our treasonous president and treasonous congress voted to hand over our monetary system to the international bankers led by Rothschild. Interesting ‘coincidence’ don’t you think?

At which also archives Casper updates, please read White Hat Update #57 and the Hatonn Letter to Obama through Anne Bellringer. These two articles in combination provide an exceptionally clear description of today’s realities. For that segment of the population still believing green cars are red, down is up and Obama was a great president, WE regret that there is nothing we can do to help you. Nothing anyone can do to help you. Just as it is virtually impossible to change the thinking of those growing up in the Wahhabi schools of Saudi Arabia it is equally impossible to help those subjected to a dozen or more years of brainwashing in the government indoctrination centers of the U.S./NWO. Just as the one grows up to be a ‘kill the infidels’ terrorist, the other grows up to be a dumbed down socialist/communist/compliant government dependent robot. In both instances IT IS INTENTIONAL.

Before I forget, I am not ‘White Hat Casper’ and have no idea who that might be.

Also before I forget, please read the Dinar Chronicle post “We The Battle Hardened” as it is especially appropriate right now.

After the Shotgun Wedding of The Programs, Farm Claims, etc. with currency revaluations several years ago we ‘old timers’ looked forward to Dinar Guru’s taking the lead in chasing Intel, carrying the ball so to speak. After 20 plus years we were tired and we lost so many along the way. Now we see dinarian’s and their guru’s struggling with the same lies and deceits we dealt with for so long. Into this mess, this quagmire, steps Yosef, in February as I recall, appearing to be a truthful messenger sent by god. Hundreds of updates later his conscience-- or some people named Smith in Kansas-- apparently gets the best of him and he confesses he is a government agent. Heartbreaking. Reminds us so much of the Greg Giles experience.

Today comes ‘One Who Believes’ saying the only thing Yosef lied about was the dates. This Guru has stated publicly he ‘has no sources’ so where is this insight coming from? Yosef was the source of the Intel saying the gold backed currencies are hidden in the Paris Agreement. Is that the truth or another lie?  Another post says ‘I have read the entire agreement and there is no such thing in it’. Yosef was the source of ‘Ryan is President’ and a dozen or so other exclusive increments of Intel. Are they true or false? How deep does the deceit and deception go?  Many times we have reported about the paid teams of professional liars working for the Agencies and Treasury. Men with no heart, no soul, no conscience and no morals. Cruelty, beyond the comprehension of a normal person. As I have said in many previous updates, “once you determine a man to be a liar it will always, always, be downhill from there”. Yosef’s ‘Busted’ triggered many readers. I was ‘triggered’ by Yosef a couple weeks earlier. His lengthy narrative regarding the passage of NESARA with Delta Force and Navy Seals lining the walls of Congress as they signed off was not written by Yosef. It was written some 20 years ago by the original and most prolific guru of all times, ‘Dove of Oneness’. Plagiarism by professional writers like Yosef is a Cardinal Sin often costing journalist their jobs. It is bad enough Yosef would publish someone else’s work under his own name without proper attribution but there is an even greater question. Does he believe the content? Does the voluminous work of Dove form the foundation of his understandings about the Republic, our funding’s, etc.?   In twenty years, to the best of our knowledge, no one was ever able to verify any of the hundreds of things Dove wrote about. No Seal, no Delta Force, no Congressman, no one ever confirmed anything. And remember, military connections was OUR long suit back in the day. This is a good example of what we meant when we occasionally said in previous updates, “dinarians have no historical knowledge or perspective”. How could they, this was 15 or so years before their time. This is their first rodeo with a Yosef. WE have experienced many Yosef’s and when we speak of dozens of deaths in ‘the family’ as a result, we are speaking literally not figuratively.

Yosef was instrumental in coalescing my spiritual thoughts and goals and I will always be grateful for that. But when it comes to outright intentional lies over an extended period of time to a vulnerable, fragile audience which has already been to hell and back, I have zero tolerance with such a Son of a Bitch. There is something very wrong with a man who can lie like that for months on end while talking spiritual stuff at the same time. Reminds me of Elmer Gantry. After ten months of Yosef providing the vast majority of Intel to the dinar community I suggest they/we do not yet know the full extent of his lies and deceit. Were I to venture a WAG (wild ass guess) it would be that Yosef wanted ‘out’. His inaccurate Intel was beginning to add up, he was catching increasing flak as a result. There is no sign yet of the Republic Rising, Yosef’s entire scenario depends on what happens the 19th. Or does not happen the 19th. Perhaps he was lying about that too. Perhaps he learned that he was being used or he was willingly, intentionally misleading everyone about virtually everything and all of that is about to be exposed and he simply wanted ‘out’ before the really heavy ‘incoming’ hit the fan.

Regarding ‘Intel’, its acquisition and disbursement: WE learned long ago, the hard way, that Intel, regardless of its quantity or quality, has nothing to do with actual deliveries or funding’s. It’s natural to pursue Intel in pursuit of the truth and the hoped for outcome, but when you get right down to it, the success or failure of that endeavor, individually or collectively, has no bearing or influence upon the outcome.

Fortunately there are four or five folks now posting positive reports saying by Christmas—which differs greatly from Yosef’s message in ‘Busted’--- plus the POPE statement above. Let’s pray this is not a repeat of last year. Let’s pray the pedophiles and their assassins don’t get to Trump. Let’s pray Yosef will yet be right about Dunford, Ryan and the Republic since the rest of his Intel is at stake as well, the demise of fiat, fractional and USA INC.. Let’s pray Yosef gets some professional help. Let’s remember the season, regardless




Casper Wendy and WE