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CASPER AS OF 8/24/16

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Something I read today left me with the impression the good guys don’t know how the bad guys are keeping their Fiat party going resulting in concerns ‘they’ may be faking their demise. Perhaps this tid-bit of intel will be of some value to the good guys.


OUR intel says multinational corporations are issuing FAKE DEBT which is being bought by the Central Banks using newly created fiat funds/digits to do so. These fraudulent money creation tactics have been underway in Europe for some time now, a couple of years WE think, and are soon coming to the U.S. with this scam if not here already. They are monetizing FAKE CORPORATE DEBT.


The tentacles of the wholly corrupt Cabal Octopus are willing to sacrifice themselves as necessary to keep the main body alive. Thus our previous opinion piece saying ‘force will be necessary’.


Also, something we have known for months but never reported, huge numbers of Pentagon computers were replaced with computers brought in from China six or eight months ago. If the U.S./China relationship is adversarial, why would they do that? More likely in our view, as WE have previously reported, the U.S. and China ‘are in bed together’ with EVERYTHING that is going on. If true, is it the Republic they are in bed with, or USA Inc.? The news today regarding Dunford is not good as reported by several Dinar Sites. My personal opinion is that Dunford is not corrupt, few Marines are, but is simply in over his head, is not equipped to deal with the financial oligarchs who are attempting to control ‘the new’ as they controlled the old which would confirm Judge Anna’s view of the situation. Dunford’s body language speaks volumns, head down, hang-dog look. Rode hard and put up wet. The fall guy for others TREASON. The snake in sheep’s clothing, in my opinion, is Ryan. Just another flunky of the money boys.


If the Elders are worried about more deceit and skull drudgery from the bad guys and are providing 100B in gold to the Republic as several report, it seems to me they should be concerned about the Chocolate Mountain Gold (Calif.) and the Grand Canyon Gold and which entity has access to it.


As WE previously said, all visible signs have New World Order written all over them. The question is, who’s New World Order?


Again I say, I would not trust Ryan with a quarter for the pay phone if his house was on fire. If he is supporting the “New Republic” incorporated in France then he is no better than Obama and the Clintons.