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This update deals with the ongoing INABILITY of the Good Guys to overcome the Bad Guys and the New to displace the Old.

In previous updates WE opined, ‘we believe the assets are available and the will is present, so it all comes down to whether or not the New has the ABILITY to enforce itself upon the old and, WE believe, force will be necessary’.

In our September 2015 update and again in our January update we said, ‘it’s not that something smells bad, it’s that something stinks to high heaven’.

In our last update in June we said, ‘there is a  whole lotta crawfishing going on’.

So here we are in mid -July OBSERVING that in our OPINION things are getting worse not better, and as a result our hoped for funding’s are moving further away from us, not closer.

In previous updates we called to your attention a study presented to USA INC. which said that every last drop of spending capacity should be milked from the current FIAT System before any new system should be allowed to come into being. That is but one of the things they are doing. In previous updates we called to your attention a study presented to USA INC. which said that if all Western Countries were to dramatically increase Quantitative Easing simultaneously and by proportionate amounts it might be possible to extend the life of the present FIAT System indefinitely. WE then reported the demand of ABE at the G-7 meeting in Japan that all western countries immediately embark upon massive additional Quantitative Easing if an imminent financial collapse was to be averted. This is, in OUR view, exactly what is happening and it means that the old has not surrendered to the new but has instead quadrupled down on their failed policies having already passed through the tripling and doubling down stages. ABE has instructed his government to prepare plans for the dumping of 10 TRILLION FIAT YEN into the Japanese economy by year end. WE reported to you in our previous updates that China and dumped 2 TRILLION FIAT YUAN into their economy so far this year in an all -out attempt to avoid a crash there which places them squarely in bed with the FED and other Central Banks.  Meanwhile the ECB is somewhere near the middle of their program to dump 1.5 TRILLION FIAT EURO’S into the European economies and are also planning another 150 BILLION FIAT EURO bailout of Italian banks over the objections of Germany. WE also reported previously the ongoing use of Q.E. in the U.S. often using 3rd party countries under Fed/BIS control to disguise things. It’s not simply manipulation, it is outright fraud and a desperate attempt by the FED and Obama and his NWO Marxist allies to keep the status quo in place and push the consequences of his treasonous incompetence off till after he leaves office January 4th. To all this we can add and observe the treasonous printing of 3 TRILLION FIAT DOLLARS CASH in Thailand as recently reported by Crayford and also the recent speech by a FED Board Member in Australia stating that the FED stands ready for massive additional Q.E. should the economy require it not to mention the previous 3.5 TRILLION FIAT DOLLARS pumped in by Bernanke.  Taken together this appears to us to be definitive proof that the CABAL remains in control, has not surrendered and has no intention of compromising. The WAR continues?  ‘They’ will do anything, anything at all, to preserve their Fraudulent FIAT Financial Playpen and to maintain themselves in power.

This writer believes that excuses for never-ending delays such as “more bad guys must be rooted out first” as nothing more than that—excuses—to cover over the fact that the Good Guys and The New simply do not at this time have the ABILITY to overcome the Bad Guys, the Old System. So a new ‘window’ is provided, the last week of September which coincides with the end of USA INC’s fiscal year. Same song, different verse. Wash, dry, repeat. Not to be overlooked is the wise counsel from Judge Anna as discussed in our last update-- Dunford not our friend, instrumental in the attempt to repeat previous scams upon the American People using a ‘New Republic’  INCORPORATED in France and also that the Good Guys are no longer good having been bought by the Bad Guys with the whole operation moved to China which might explain their massive FIAT participation. Keenan recently said the Chinese Government and the Golden Dragon Family are basically the same thing which might explain why ZAP continues to be ‘stiffed’ week after week, month after month, year after year by  ‘his own people’.

In his Tuesday night update Sheldon Nidle says  STALEMATE    STALEMATE    LOGJAM.

In his Saturday update Mike Quinsey, my favorite ‘channel-er’, says, under the title Distribution Of Funds, ‘Distribution of funds requires safe circumstances that do not exist at the present time’.

In his Saturday update Dr. Clark says  ‘U.S. Committee’  makes decision not to go at this time, new window last week of September.

In his most recent update Fulford says bounty placed on many bad guys, 100M Gold Reward for each and provides pictures, i.e., surrender did not occur.

All projections, promises and prophesies of all ‘Ascended Master’s’ and Yosef and Katheryn May since February, fall flat as they have dozens of times before.

Guru’s continue to believe what they are told by low level bank employees who are themselves victims of the lies coming from above.

Dr. Clark says two more entities much crash first. Zap says R.V. dependent upon an event first which he knows but can’t talk. Two more weeks more or less. If that event was the surrender of the Cabal it didn’t happen. Cobra said the bad guys surrendered and negotiations under way. If so we would have our new banking system and asset backed currencies not a quadrupling down on the old FIAT system.

Arrest more bad guys? What a joke. Our Incorporated Law Enforcement Agencies are part of the problem, the BLM, DHS, Justice Dept.? and now the FBI? They are THE ESTABLISHMENT, dedicated to preservation of the Status Quo. One report says the resignation of 150 FBI Agents is being covered up. Resigned because the most treasonous, evil woman in America was set free by their boss.

Experiencing still another two and one half month delay till late September is bad enough for those who have waited so long and suffered so much but that’s not the worst of it. This buys the Bad Guys more time to start another war which they are threatening on several fronts. Against China over the South China Sea. With Russia, using any number of excuses. In Syria as the Petro-Dollar folks are not going to give up regarding the pipelines across Syria. Or the Turkey/NATO/ Islamic Government situation there. Or a race war in the U.S. or another 9-11 type event to stop things cold as they did in 2001. That little number bought them 15 years so far. Or a series of smaller terrorist events for which OBAMA’s latest Ex. Order sets up the justifications for the Military using force against American citizens. His Military. His Political Appointees. Give them an inch, they will take a mile. Another possible is the FIAT Controllers continuing to flood all Western Countries and allied Countries with unlimited dumps of FIAT for the purpose of stopping the new. If bread goes to ten dollars a loaf they could care less. When the whole thing implodes which is a mathematical certainty, they will just leave Obama’s pile of rubble for Trump. As WE have reported previously there has never in history been an exception to what they do, what they are doing now, which is to try to inflate their way out of the massive debt they created leaving the creditors holding worthless ‘dollars’, or Yen, or whatever. The alternative is an outright default with accompanying deflation, a devastating route no government has willingly chosen.

Many economist continue to say that what’s coming will be 3X worse than 1929. Well known economist who have been around forever. This latest massive Q.E. worldwide will make matters even worse. The Sinclair/Holder collaboration in the company of David Stockman, former OMB Director, say this is all a power grab by the Feds. The FEDS, for you Liberals out there, are the Bad Guys. They have moved Trillions of problem assets from the bank’s balance sheets to their own balance sheet. Real assets?  Not as worthless as the tsunami of computer digits they are creating. Their Ponzi Fraud is so out of control each thing they try is more stupid and outrageous than the one before   UNLESS  it is all part of a master plan to completely crash the existing system then ride to the rescue with their NWO currency (SDR’s)  while continuing a Government Sponsored Psyops Program to keep the peons pacified and believing in Asset Backed/Republic and away from their pitchforks. This scenario, if true, god forbid, would place The Ascended Masters at their respective desks in Quantico.

Fulford (I think) said Rothschild made 2T on the Brexit vote. He must be laughing all the way to the Bank. His Bank. His Central Bank’s, while the Good Guys flop around and accomplish nothing visible or tangible in 25 years.

Sources inform us One Trillion Dollars has been spent propping up the DJIA.

Is it true the Chinese stepped in to save Deutsche Bank and in turn the Euro as reported by ---I forget who..  If yes, that would mean the FIAT WORLD’s most vulnerable Big Bank has been saved by those supposedly backing ‘asset backed’. D. BK.’s failure would have immediately triggered a worldwide collapse of the FIAT/FRACTIONAL Banking System. As I said in a previous update, ‘Riddle me that one believers in China’.

Obama is like a spoiled brat wielding a loaded shotgun. Hillary is worse. She would sell her mother’s liver for a hundred dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation. Bill would negotiate the deal, demand a commission and give half to the FBI and the Justice Department. And Dr. Clark talks about arresting the Bad Guys. ROFL.

Iran rebukes the U.N., Ban Ki Moon, Obama and Kerry and says it will ‘continue strongly to implement its missile program’. Welcome to the real world Democrats. While you were watching t.v. your fantasyland President gave the bomb to the radical Muslims.

Isn’t there anything positive you can report, Casper? Anything at all?  I will try but I’m going to have to stretch to do so.

A worldwide change in the 100+ year old monetary system would be a massive undertaking and many events along the way which appear negative to the desired outcome, desired by us, may not be negative but rather misunderstood,  because we can’t see all the considerations and problems and motivations involved. Saving D.Bk. for example, if true, might serve the greater good by helping the World and especially Western Europe to avoid the financial devastation such an event would trigger. It could literally result in a ‘Mad Max’ world. So while it might appear the Bad Guys are being propped up or ‘saved’  as it were, the motivations may be entirely honorable. This reasoning is available in virtually every negative appearing circumstance. From here we are forced to venture into the great unknown. Will things work out more or less as we have anticipated for so long in due course OR,  are the bad guys so strong and devious and clever that we will end up more or less where we started and are now, with lipstick on a pig?  I believe WE could present a thorough and rational argument for either side of this great unknown. People choose up sides every day especially in Dinarland.

My truth is that I don’t know what is true. After 25 years of this I see more variables than ever before and todays answer, if there were one, might very well change by next week. That’s why we often say ‘the war continues’. If the issues were settled in our favor we would be in the banks. That we are not in the banks does not mean the issues won’t be settled next week or by the end of September. I think we as a group receive virtually zero consideration as the financial war being waged or the bones being fought over is so far above us that those ‘players’ never even think about the consequences at the street level and to the extent they ever have it was for the purpose of intentionally lying to and misleading the ‘little people’ all over the world. This endeavor was led by teams of professional LIARS in the Agencies and the Treasury Dept. and for their efforts they have earned for themselves, in my opinion, a very special place in hell.

And so, in summary, as has always been the case, there is absolutely nothing we can do except wait to see which of the opposites presented above will be true. Faith applied here is a good thing but no excuse for closing our eyes to world events. The Bad Guys are flooding the world with FIAT. A collapse of currencies is the inevitable result but there is no guarantee it will happen by late September and there is no guarantee the ‘replacement’ waiting in the wings will be asset backed Sovereign/Republic Back as we have prayed for and believe in or whether it will be a Cabal Controlled replacement in disguise resulting in ongoing debt slavery.

Casper Wendy and WE,      7-18-16


Subect: casper 6-8-16 Observations and Opinions


Sub Title: Whole Lotta Crawfishing Going On?

Our last update was Jan.26th. On the 17th of January WE summarized the reclassification of bank depositors to bank creditors. The update before that was September 25, 2015 which included at the bottom our previous update dated May 29th, 2015. All are included herein so with this update you are getting five for the price of one (free). Too much reading for most but having reviewed them today there is so much still relevant information we decided to include them.

I intended to begin today with some Shock and Awe, advising that Muhammad Ali supported and voted for Reagan for President, but, heckeedurn, it’s all over the net today.

Did you notice the conflict in Sunday night’s Zap update between what Poof had to say versus what Zap had to say?   “Poof’ expresses doubt about funding’s while Zap repeats previous statements that releases have occurred and things are underway. It strikes me as odd this disagreement would occur within the same update from the same ‘house’ (so to speak). I would like to know who is doing the ‘Poof’ writings, after all he passed a couple of years ago. Has Suzan become a ‘channel-er’?  Have you noticed how the Poof expressions of doubt seems to agree with the title of Sheldon Nidle’s next webinar scheduled for June 19th, “How The Galactic Federation is Overhauling Their Strategies To Overcome The Cabal-And Get Our Funding’s To Us”. Does that sound like things are imminent? Hence the sub-title, Whole Lotta Crawfishing going on.

Which reminds me, no decent observer could possibly overlook the recent mud-slinging between Zap and Crayford which was started by an attack on Zap by Crayford out of the blue a few weeks ago, possibly because Zaps business appears to be progressing without OITC approval. Crayford lumps Zap with Hudes and accuses both of being pawns of Cabal Banks, BIS,IMF, etc.. Yes for Hudes, no for Zap. He has always said his funds are coming from another direction. Crayford’s position has always been that there are no funds not derived from the theft of or use of the Collateral Accounts and OITC is Big Boss Man for those accounts. In his update Sunday night Zap alluded to OITC’s inability to access or use the Collateral Accounts which, coincidentally, was the bottom line outcome of OUR amateur investigation of OITC many years ago which said  “OITC cannot access one dime of the Collateral Accounts”. This remains the position of our sources today (VIP-Euro-Bankers). This begs the question, If OITC owns the Accounts as Crayford states, and is M-1 as Crayford states, why can’t OITC access the Collateral Accounts?  And if things are so perfectly clear, why do others continue to war over the accounts? This seems to me too come down to a Proxy Fight, Crayford vs Zap, OITC vs Grandfather. 0-1 vs M-1. Isn’t it strange that Grandfather knows nothing of Crayford/OITC and Crayford/OITC knows nothing of Grandfather. High strangeness everywhere. All of us need to pray Zap is right as the alternative, made plain on multiple occasions by Crayford, is that no one gets anything---ever.

Regarding Zaps other recent dookie slinging arguments with Obama supporters my advice to Zap is   “Learn to argue with fencepost. You will find them to be considerably better informed than Obama supporters”.

Speaking of Politics, I voted for integrity, intelligence and character as I said I would, I voted for Ben Carson. That forty plus percent of the American People are willing to vote to put Mrs. and Mr. Satan back into the White House just shows the depravity and depths to which the Democrats and our country has sunk. As you can read in one of the enclosed updates I still say Biden will be their man. It was not because of his son’s death that he did not run. It was because, he said, very privately, “I can’t run, I am compromised”.  ‘Compromised’.   D.C. speak for I accepted a 200M bribe from Bush, delivered by Hillary. D.C. is a sewer. They are all ‘compromised’, blackmailed, bought. What a strange election cycle. My lifelong Democrat mother and extended family are all voting for and happy with Trump while I, a lifelong Republican until I ‘resigned’ last year in favor of the Tea Party,  think he is a nut case. High strangeness everywhere.

Now let’s observe and opine regarding the many messages from ‘Ascended Masters’ which have appeared since our Jan. 25th update. Two things stand out, the sheer quantity and the appearance of Yosef in support of the messages. As a follower/student of such messages since 1986 I can attest that never before have virtually all known self identified Ascended Masters shown up within a few weeks of each other with basically the same positive and beautiful messages as occurred beginning late February through early April and never before have they been accompanied by a real live human being in support of them with equally positive and beautiful words. As you know I concluded a couple of years ago that the messages were not coming from Ascended Masters as it would not be possible, in my view, that such sources, if real, could be wrong 100% of the time as they have been for the 30 years that I have followed them. At about that same time ‘channeler’  Greg Giles learned and reported to his followers that he had learned that he was being used in a Psyops Government Mind Control Program. Demanding to know why the ABC Boys would do this to him (ruining his life) and why they would use him to intentionally mislead his many thousands of followers, he was told “We are conducting an experiment to determine the ability of the people to discern truth”. These words haunt me each time I begin to once again put hope in the messages. Ninety five percent of these messages are posted by  channeler Doctor Katheryn May. She has been doing so for many years and has never once been right. That is to say the messages have never come true. Is she a subject of the same mind control experiment as Giles? How about Yosef? How about the Guru’s being led around with always in retrospect, false intel? How about me? How about you? If you don’t understand that USA, Inc. intentionally commits unbelievable atrocities as a matter of course, then you are uninformed.  Look up what they did to the Tuskegee Airman (syphilis) or Native Americans (small pox in blankets) or Obama arms and trains ISIS. Our reporting of these things does not even scratch the surface of what our ‘Government’ does. Am I saying this is what is happening in Dinarland?  No. I’m saying I don’t know. Where could we ever find more positive messages. Where could we ever find a more positive spokesperson than Yosef?  What is the status of the things said in the messages and by Yosef? The status is the same as with all previous messages over a thirty year period of time. And so you ask WHY. If the above is true, god forbid, WHY would they be doing it? Well, the first possible is their own words, it’s an experiment. Second possible, how much money do you suppose has flowed to UST and CBI, both Cabal Controlled, from the people of the world in return for what is still, worthless currencies? Hundreds of billions? More? Third possible, much Guru talk about reducing the ‘note count’ in Iraq. Is not the ‘Note Count’ in the U.S. being reduced with each sale of Dinar and other currencies. Is not this monstrous cash flow basically without cost to USA, Inc. and ‘little brother’ Cabal Controlled CBI?  Is this not one way to “War On Cash” that we read so much about? Fourth possible, WE have reported off and on over time the draining of various Government Accounts (money turned over to Treasury), draining of Pension Funds, even the draining of Japanese Pension Funds, another little brother who does as ordered or gets Fukushima-ed, so given the USA INC. bankruptcy  perhaps they are so without funds they are running a Madoff like Ponzi, the difference being there are no payouts, none.  Fifth possible, the messages are truly from Ascended Masters as claimed. For help in holding on to this possibility read again the combined channeled message from St Germaine and Archangel Michael dated 4-2-16  (patience, use this time wisely) included herein.

‘Faith’-- scream the Dinar Websites. Even ‘observations’ not in keeping with the view of the host--not allowed. And woe to any messenger who has called the shots correctly for years (Mountain Goat), BAN HER, BAN HER I SAY. I believe in faith. Did not the healing occur by faith when the woman struggled just to touch the garment of Jesus? And what about the faith of the poor  Israelites with the chariots bearing down on them waiting for Moses to part the sea? That friends is faith. Another example is continuing to believe the ‘programs’ will fund after 25 years of waiting (1991/2016). Twenty eight of my friends have died--waiting. Many have died, many were murdered, many imprisoned.  I’m all for faith. I don’t think that is the same thing as intentionally burying ones head in the sand. I think the average person is being whipsawed by Site Managers. Some of the ‘intel’ reported is so absurd WE would laugh out loud were we not very aware of the heartbreak it causes. “SWIFT is out of business”  for example (announced last week Iran/Turkey reconnecting using SWIFT) or the YUAN is gold backed (not one as Chinese Govt. admitted, but two T fiat YUAN dumped into Chinese Economy during first quarter)  or 400 TRILLION metric tons of gold backing first tranche of funding’s (pave freeway system in gold L.A. to N.Y.- AND BACK).  GURU’S come and go. They show up suddenly with red hot intel and they are the belle of the ball, their light shines brightly. Time passes. Their intel proves false, they disappear. Do they come back using different names?  How many are and have always been, ‘pumpers’. New Gurus show up, so many we can no longer count. Time passes. Without exception their intel proves false. Then YOSEF shows up, the best ever. Now he has been wrong every day since mid-February. Often I have referred to Dinarians as ‘the new kids on the block’. Not derogatory, a simple statement of fact. They have been around a few years, some 10 years. Are you guys good to go for another 15, Dinarians?  You must obtain an understanding of the big picture if for no other reason than to honor those who preceded you and fought the good fight and are still doing so if still alive, while you throw spitballs at each other on the internet and give no thought to anything other than the next ‘window’.  At the same time, other Guru’s or commentators say,  ‘I actually know someone who has exchanged’. Are they lying, are they pumping or are they telling the truth? Or is it that only the ‘insiders’ are allowed access which was the case a couple years ago. An insiders game for insiders to enrich themselves? Obama has fought this tooth and nail as we have reported to you for seven long years. Obama supporters are unable or unwilling to observe the obvious. How many of them do you think saw, heard or gave a second thought to what Obama said to the White House Correspondence Dinner and a National Television Audience the last day in May, his opening remark?  “The End Of The Republic Has Never Looked Better”?  They sell their votes and their children for beads and rock candy. It would be no different if a Republican were in the Oval Office. All are establishment status quo operatives who truck no interference with their gravy train.

Have you noticed the definition of ‘Freedom’ in Iraq? Those who stole Billions, even Trillions of Dinar still free while protestors are being arrested. Reminds me of us.

Citi Bank leveraged 349:1, 70 times worse than Lehman Brothers.

Congress approval rating? Four Percent (Fox News).

Illegal immigrants including Terrorist are surging across southern border. Do not arrest, per Obama (Border Patrol).

Was caught behind a school bus last week, high school students. Bus stopped every hundred feet for five blocks. Of fifteen or so students getting off, not one was carrying a book. All were using their cell phones. Is it any wonder we have fallen from 1st to 17th in world education ratings. Teachers Unions/Democrats/Incorporated Dept. Education (Common Core, etc.)—all working hard to dumb down our kids. As I am fond of saying, ‘put liberals in charge of the Sahara Desert and there would soon be a shortage of sand’. Nothing, including the corruption in D.C., has done as much damage to our country as have the Liberals.


Have you heard? Candace, at Abundant Hope, has declared herself to be the ‘Planetary Christ’. Maybe she is doing the “Jesus Calls’ for Ashtar Command?


Looking back at old notes just now. On February 24, 2016 YOSEF said ‘Good Bye”, its done. That was three and a half months ago. Since he was mentioned by name in the Ascended Master updates from Katheryn May why does he not ask them why things have not happened? And if you should see this YOSEF, while you are at it, please ask them whether it is true that a whole lotta crawfishing is going on.


As I reported in one of the previous updates included herein, it appears to me that China and USA ,Inc. are very much in bed together which I think is a scary proposition. At the G-7 a few days ago ABE made a presentation urging all G-7 countries to begin immediately a deluge of Q.E. (fiat), a tsunami of Q.E. to try to avoid certain and imminent financial chaos. Did the others buy in?  Is that why  we see nothing? One more round, one more attempt to preserve fiat and the status quo? As a previous update says, included herein, “it’s not that something smells fishy, it’s that something stinks to high heaven”.  I still can’t see asset backed operating alongside fiat therefore I  must conclude, rightly or wrongly, personal opinion, ‘The War Continues’.


In order to keep this update short (ROFL), just one more subject which I saved for last because I believe it to be the most important. For 15 years or so WE have written off and on about getting our country back, our original Constitution and getting rid of the multitude of Corporations Americans have come to think of as their Government. Many many Patriots have addressed this subject over the years all standing on the shoulders of those who came before. WE were mentored by “S” who went into Exile to avoid persecution at the hands of ‘Government’ not wanting this info to get ‘out’. Now days everyone is talking about it but it was not always this way. Many died, many were murdered and/or imprisoned. This information that WE and  now SHE has brought forward has now reached a boiling point thanks largely to the efforts of Judge Anna Rietz(inger), a Common Law Judge referred to by Crayford as ‘that Fake Judge’ which tells me that Crayford does not know squat about American History or the importance of this person and her work. I wonder dear readers, how many of you know and/or understand?  Judge Anna, in my opinion, may well be the most important woman in American History. More important than Pocahontas, Martha Washington, Susan B Anthony, Harriet Tubman and dozens of others who made such a difference in our history. Before going further I must disclose that these words are my own as most of WE has never believed we will ever ‘see the day’. Judge Anna’s  many writings have been delivered to Congress , the Joint Chiefs, Dunford, the United Nations, the Vatican, the World Court and many others. She has done what many of us tried to do but were just not capable.  The entire world has now been noticed regarding the pure EVIL visited upon the American People by the Cabal, USA Inc. and its Political bought and paid for whores in Congress. Which is more important to you, receiving your anticipated funds or getting your country back?  Do you answer only for self or have you also considered your progeny? ‘Both’ is the best answer, avoiding slavery for your children the next best. She has laid it all out in such detail and understandable language that the only possible excuse for not understanding is personal laziness. Too lazy to read  even when others have paid the ultimate price, even when others-Judge Anna- has spent tens of thousands of hours to bring the truth to you so that you don’t even  have to get off your lazy ass to know the truth. Start with her writings posted round about on the net, it’s all free to you. Buy her book (Amazon) YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN--- “AN AMERICAN AFFIDAVIT OF PROBABE CAUSE”.  It’s not expensive and is written with pictures and illustrations in such a way that even the most uninformed are brought to speed quickly. If you care about your country, if you want to know what happened to it and how to get it back and how it all relates to our funding’s, this will get you there quicker than anything else I know about. I wish I could afford a copy for every person I know. It should be delivered to every home in America. It should be taught to every high school student. How about that for a ‘project’ after funding?


Judge Anna is not at all sure we will ever be funded. In fact her position is that the bad guys are still bad guys and the good guys are now bad guys having been coerced  by the bad guys into being bad.  She thinks the new replacing the old is the old in disguise and will be run out of China instead of D.C., N.Y. and The City. This one is still up for grabs in my opinion , but the visible signs have New World Order written all over them. Have you seen the videos of the Satanic celebrations and statues at Cern or at the opening of the longest tunnel in the world in Switzerland last week? It’s in your face now coming from every direction every day. Their hand signs. Grown men in the bathroom with your little girl.  It’s foundation in the U.S. is the Democratic Party.

Except for Guru messages, Sitrep Reports and the like, which cannot be confirmed , there is no visible tangible evidence of the Republic Rising. If it does not come into focus quickly my money is on Judge Anna’s analysis of the situation, good guys ‘Compromised”, another hundred years of ‘Satan (and Liberals) Rules The World’ in the guise of a new asset backed system with the same controllers at the helm and a cashless society coming as demanded by the Fed and the Evil Ones as far back as the seventies. Card only, ‘Mark of the Beast’? Fraud stacked atop fraud with the people unable to recognize it. Of course there could be a New World Order of a different kind as described by the Ascended Masters for the last twenty or more years. It never occurred to me that God and the Ascended Masters would have such a difficult time with a bunch of chicken chit bankers. Anna says there is a different way, that things are not necessarily black or necessarily white, that silver is what our Constitution calls for, not gold, and our Republic lives and rules the land, not the Attorneys andBarristers and their Maritime Jurisdiction and USA,INC.. If you Dinarians don’t understand you owe it to yourselves to learn and you can do so easily by reading Jude Anna’s writings free on the internet with more coming out each week including this week. Dinarian’s have been around ten years or less. I have ‘been around’ twenty five and know others at thirty five and more. There is a bigger picture, bigger than our funding’s and all is out of context without an understanding of this bigger picture. It is all related, parts of a whole. Bottom line from Judge Anna, we are again being snookered, conned, defrauded, retained in slavery, subjected to the same deceits and lies as before when we lost our country to the Bankers and their puppet, USA INC..



I hope this update does not come across negative. If I didn’t sincerely believe it’s coming I would not still be here. There have been many dozens of reports saying “I know someone”. Who is to say that they are false just because we have not received 800#’s. Others swear they know someone in the exchange centers. Many say bankers have confirmed that they have prepared and are waiting for us. The weekly Nidle update out last night is exceptionally positive and Zap says his funds have been released. Nidle says the funding’s and getting our country back are coming hand in hand.



In summary, I hope that Zap will bless us with an explanation as to why his info and Poof’s info is so different within the same update and tell us who is putting forth this ‘Poof Says’ stuff. Poof never said the many dozens of things put forward now as ‘Poof Says’ and I doubt he is speaking about current events  from his casket. I suggest GURU’S take more responsibility for things they say. I think it is high time the ‘Ascended Masters’ explain 20 years of incorrect information if they are, and if they can, and that their human spokesperson YOSEF, explain why more months have passed with nothing happening as offered by him. I hope that all who are expecting funding will begin to question why world events appear to support a continuation of fiat and not a new asset backed system and especially I hope Dinarians will start to demand explanations from those posting a steady barrage of false information on websites and that they not stay with those sites demanding silence, conformity and censorship. I hope that every person expecting funding, regardless of source, will read Judge Anna’s work as she has offered up a remarkable map of what happened to us and a historical record no one will be able to sweep under the rug.  And finally, I hope you can find time to browse previous updates included herein as I did,  because there is so much information that is still relevant. For example, do you recall what the Crop Circle said as reported in the Sept. update


Casper, Wendy and WE


p.s. For those familiar with this unimportant, dated subject,  it was not John Roberts screaming at the gathered Treasury Dept. personnel.  It was, if I recall correctly from memory,  Tiny Tim.