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Our most recent full blown update was Sept. 29th, 2015. WE offered very brief commentary 11/16, 11/19 and 1/17/2016.
I don’t enjoy doing updates anymore. Not sure why. They say the longest journey begins with a first step, so here goes. WE hope you find it useful. The title today will be one we have used many times before,
                            “THE WAR CONTINUES”
Gurus are fond of saying so many things which are simply wrong. One of their favorites is “there is no blockage, it’s just a process”. Rather than listing all the reasons why they are wrong about this item we refer you to the Zap update of 1/24/16, specifically the messages from ’Poof’ and Suzan . They pretty well nailed it. Notice also that their remarks track closely recent updates from Sheldon Nidle . WE believe they, and WE, and you are victims of well-intentioned miss-information. WE believe it likely that the ‘sources’ of said miss-information are themselves victims of the situation described by the Poof and Suzan paragraphs of this update.
In that same update ZAP offers the following comment:   ‘Transform the crap that has been perpetrated on our environment by the beetle-headed flap-eared scum sucking low-life bottom dwellers intent on seducing and raping and pillaging that I was not born with enough middle fingers to express my true feelings for’.  I will never understand his need to be so polite. The flap-eared scum suckers occupy all aspects of the Corporation not just the environmental department, also a Corporation.
Many times over the years WE have referred to D.C. as a sewer and Congress as the whorehouse on the hill. Now read the words of former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts in a recent interview:    ( paraphrasing)  “Never in history has so much EVIL existed in one place as now exist in Washington D.C.”.
Here are our most recent observations and opinions in no particular order:  
1). Miscellaneous Financial News and Events.
     A). In an Emergency Update from his home in New York Monday night 1/18/16 economist insider, newsletter publisher and former CIA consultant Jim Rickards told his audience of approximately  
         40,000 that tens of trillions of dollars have already been lost in derivatives markets. AND, that the Saudi’s are going to drop their dollar peg. He said it could happen tomorrow or it could be in a few  
B). The chief economist of the World Bank says the world is facing an avalanche of bankruptcies that will test social and political stability.
C). Last year my son sent me a picture of himself standing in front of the Monte dei Paschi Bank in Italy, the world’s oldest bank. A run on this bank and others in Italy is underway and it is facing “a  
      Mountain of bad debts”.
D). Ray Dazio, one of Time Magazines ‘100 most influential people in the world’ issued a statement saying we are entering into a Depression.
E). The TPP is to be signed 2/4/16, Asian Trade Agreement soon after. This is the takeover of the world by Corporations bypassing Sovereign Constitutions via Treaties and ‘Agreements’.
F). Word from Davos, ‘We can’t allow Trump to destroy us’. I call B.S. on this one, Trump is and will be their best friend (IMO).
G). From Economist Michael Pinto,  ‘the coming crash will be worse that 1929 and 2008 put together’.
H). Total World Debt, Government, Corporate and Personal? 152.784 Trillion, up 38T since 2008.
I). BBB—Bond Bubble Bursting. Was 80 T 2008, now 100T. Default 95B so far 2016.
J). World Stock Markets—8 T lost since first of year.
K). China to Banks—‘Stop buying USD’. Banks suspended from Foreign Exchange Trading.
L). Domestic mints unable to keep up with demand for metals.
M). The BDI has crashed. Obama surrounded by Communist Czar’s.   
N). GOLD—First true price discovery mechanism-Shanghai-April.
O). Domestic Bankers—Why are they suddenly walking out?
P). Societe Generale--France—Bearish Gold and short Silver.
Q). Wallmart—Closing 269 stores.
R). MIA—IMF employee Jack Lew.
S).  Wells Fargo—not a bank? A securities company? Bought the name?
T). World Bank—‘Perfect Storm-2016’.
U). 1300+++ Accounts---White Spiritual Boy, etc.etc.etc.etc.  No money here. Ghost Accounts. Used by Reagan to fool Soviet Union.
V).  The AIIB will lend in DOLLARS.
W). J.C. Collins, a most excellent writer, continues to write ‘Fiat Forever’, in the form of SDR’s.
X). The fight over the Collateral Accounts appears to be ongoing thereby jeopardizing funding’s tied thereto.   
Y). Q.E. (Fiat Forever) continues around the world especially in China, Japan, Europe, and secretly in the U.S..
Z). Multitudes of economist and financial newsletter writers are writing and speaking in the same vein as above: Bix Weir, Jim Willie, Bill Holter/Sinclair collaboration, SGT Report, etc., etc.. The list is
      Very long.
Want to fix most of the above in ten minutes? Our various funding’s with simultaneous Debt Jubilee. For the first time the PTB/PTW are speaking out loud about a debt jubilee, most recently from Davos. This is very important, enlightening and exciting.
As WE have reported so many times before, Iraq is a part of something much larger than itself. It’s ‘readiness’ cannot ‘push the button’. All things are dependent upon the ‘rulers of this world’ coming to agreement in a  number of arenas, the same verbiage WE have used many times before, hence the title of this and many other updates      ‘THE WAR CONTINUES’.
2). Next, WE will address the ongoing miss-information provided by the Guru community. These remarks do not apply to all Guru’s as some appear to be quite conscientious. Mountain Goat wins the Gold Star for continuing to say NO while most others say YES and have been doing so weekly for years. Who can argue about who has been correct, not once or twice, not for a short period of time. If ‘the proof is in the pudding’ hers is the only pudding that has not been burned  to a crisp several times over. Unfortunately when she leaves her pudding, her ‘knitting’, and steps into the status of other matters she is completely lost and has no idea the foolishness of what she says. She should stick to her knitting, her specialty, the Dinar Revaluation.
  There is a steady flow of miss-information from the Dinar Community. Even the simplest things are bent completely out of shape, miss interpreted. If ever there was a case of the blind leading the blind this is surely it. That said, 24 years ago when I began this journey I was equally uninformed. Their Community appears not to have experienced veterans of this very long WAR. But that said, we should never lose sight of the fact that they are doing their best to carry the flag forward even if they don’t understand what that means. Who among them has the time and motivation to research  what has gone before? And who among us has the time or motivation to bring their ‘tribe’ to speed?
Recently a Guru said Mercury goes Retro Jan. 25th.  Another said the Age of Aquarius ends Feb. 20th. Mercury went Retro the first week of January and goes direct Jan. 25th. An ‘AGE’ is 2160 years. No one knows when one starts or another ends. Various astronomers try to predict With In A few Hundred Years. Another know-it-all Guru attacked Wanta apparently ignorant of the fact the Courts ruled in his favor. Same with CMKX and Farm Claimants, etc.. There are dozens of examples of Guru’s saying the most uninformed things. I am sometimes embarrassed for them and I don’t even know them. Another Guru reported that Abadi met with the President of the WTO in Davos, Jim Yong Kim. He is the Director General of the World Bank. Literally hundreds of these examples of miss-information are available. I am not doing this to nit-pic. It is indicative of the easily checked false information put out virtually every day  in Dinar Land. No one checks anything. They just say things and the first thing you know Dinarians are quoting each other and believing they have verified something. Take for example this far more important example. “Banks must be asset backed to comply with Basil 111”. They have kicked this one back and forth among themselves so often and for such a long time it is accepted as fact in Dinar Land. It’s Gospel. As far as I know WE are the only ones who have ever reported that we have reviewed the first 750 pages of Basil 111.  I personally read (browsed) these 750 pages two or three years ago, there was no mention of the words Gold or Asset Backed. Basil 111 is new bank regulations. It deals with allocation of Capital into Tiers One, Two, Three, etc. etc.. It is not a ‘Monetary Document’, it is a Bank Regulation Document. A change In the worlds Monetary System would not be decided by Banks or their regulators but by those who rule this world. There may be thousands of additional pages of Basil 111 I have not reviewed. If someone has firsthand information that conflicts with these words please step forward with your intel. Otherwise, stop thinking credibility can be obtained  by quoting each other month after month. As said above, there is a steady flow of B.S. from Guru’s who have no idea what they are talking about. The average Joe’s in Dinar Land who make no claim to be knowledgeable are being terribly abused by those who do claim to be knowledgeable. And, like the Guru from afar mentioned above, the domestic Guru’s who offer commentary about things outside their tiny world of Dinar Land are making fools of themselves without even realizing it. Why do you suppose these ignorant (without knowledge) Guru’s  who have so much to say about things they don’t understand  can’t muster the courage to ask questions germane to their own business? Two months ago a post from Frank at Sterling, posted on one of the Dinar Blogs said, ‘We paid Tony a flat fee for pushing Dinar sales for us’. Not one caller out of 30,000+ on each call had the balls to even ask about this.
3). Next, lets discuss the Collateral Accounts. With all the various ‘Claimants’ speaking their piece lately I was dismayed to notice that Crayford/OITC was MIA. When did you ever see a public discourse regarding the Collateral Accounts  continue for weeks without Brother Crayford showing up on behalf of OITC?  Never is the answer. He has been as reliable as BIG BEN and sure nuff he did  finally show up this past week. Thank goodness, I thought we had lost a ‘player’. Most claimants speak of vast assets in these accounts , precious metals, gemstones, valuable artworks, etc. So WE put the question to high level Bankers in Europe. They said the countries of the world did indeed fund the accounts at the end of WWII. They went on to say the largest contributor was the U.S. at 30 B.  This is so very different than others intel. Me thinks others are right but obligated to report what Euro Bankers say. So let’s review the known claimants. Mr. Crayford/OITC, Mr. Sino, Hudes/Wld Bk/IMF, Keenan, Zaps Elders, Judge Anna, Wolfgang Struck, and us, ME, WE. Yes friends, WE have decided to claim all of it. WE have not taken this decision lightly. After several Board Meetings and several beers WE have decided it is in the world’s best interest ‘they’ give it to us so we can give it to you, and you, and you. WE appoint Judge Anna to be our fiduciary to receive the assets as we are unsure of Brother Dunford’s loyalties. As for Hudes, she represents the existing crop of criminal bankers. You DON’T GO GIRL. What does distribution of these accounts have to do with various funding’s?  WE don’t know.
4). Speaking of knowing, we have a new messenger (Dr. Clarke) who says “I KNOW”. It will be the first week of March for the R.I. and mid to late March for the R.V.. He seems to be a swell guy who is blissfully unaware of the two dozen prior ‘Dr. Clarks’ who also said,  ‘I Know’. Notice that his comments, like those of Mountain Goat, fly in the face of the other Guru’s.  
5). Our intel says Hillary will not be indicted, she and Obama are blackmailing each other and Loretta Lynch will do as ordered. They don’t care if Comey resigns. It’s a SEWER. It’s corruption beyond your wildest imaginings.
6). China leads the G-20 for the next year.
7). Hillary has been endorsed by the largest LGBT in the country, as was our Bath House President.
8). Economist Holter says “We Are Standing At The Gates Of Hell”.
9). A caller to a Dinar Telephone Site named Chryl? (government employee) says Liens have been filed against the home of the Judge involved in the situation in Oregon.
10). Some ‘insiders’ are saying ‘a vote for Trump is a vote for the Corporation’. Notice that no politician is willing to step forward and mention the incorporation of our country and every department and agency thereof, much less that this ‘Government Model’ has been applied to all Western Fiat Based Countries. Any politician willing to address this publically would, IMO, shoot straight to the top of the polls.
11). Iraq’s economy and the value of its currency are at the mercy of oil prices. WE previously reported that ‘Iraq is a Mess’. It is still a mess. An Iraq economist recently said the exchange rate of the Dinar/Dollar pair does not reflect the true value of the Dinar. Then he dropped the hammer. He said the true value of the Dinar is approximately 1500/1.
12). Wells Fargo has 17B in junk bond exposure.
13). In what seems to me a brilliant analysis by a financial writer he said China has anticipated a complete collapse, intentionally run up its sovereign debt as much as possible, invested the proceeds in
        Infrastructure and will retain those physical assets after the crash while the rest of the world will have nothing to show for their simultaneous massive run-up of debts.
14). Dow down about 2000 points since the first of the year, most every commodity bubble has burst.
15). Mid-East Sovereign Wealth Funds are dumping U.S. stocks.
16). Approximately one T in 2015 stock buy-backs now getting slaughtered.
17). Did you know that ‘Ashtar Command’,  in addition to their for sale widgets, gigits, gadgets and thingamajiggers are now offering an hour with Jesus for only $200.00?
18).  I had a dream. It was a terrible dream a few nights before Christmas . It was perhaps the most lucid and powerful dream I have ever had. It said ‘Great Disappointment Will Continue, And Poverty Also’. It occurred at a time when the net was alive with predictions and ‘intel’ saying ‘by Christmas’ with a fallback position of ‘by the first of the year’. I awoke overwhelmed with sadness which hung on throughout the morning. No way I was going to report this during the holidays. I tried hard to recall whether it included a time frame and concluded that it did not. It didn’t say ‘during the season’ and it didn’t say ‘forever’ either. I have never before reported a dream to you. I feel obligated to report this one.  
19). Then, the first week of January Mercury went Retro. Those of us who have Mercury as our ruling planet knew that nothing of significancewould begin before the last week of January. WE KNOW.
         Therefore the dream has proven to be accurate for the last 30+ days. It seemed the dream was for everyone, not just me.
20).  It’s been four long years since our financial sources in Europe said to us and WE reported to you, “the Dinar R.V. is a Government sponsored scam’. WE have given them several opportunities to change their minds, they have maintained their position .We didn’t want to believe them so i bought some Dinar and Dong and waited for the overwhelming volume of intel from others to come true. I think about this constantly as I am sure you do. Most now believe China will fund the R.V.. Why would they? They have direct contracts with Iraq and Iran for discounted oil. Why would they jump through Dinar R.V. hoops to get what they already have? By continuing to sell Dinar worldwide for one eighth of a cent the UST and the CBI, both owned by the Cabal, are continuing to intentionally debase the Dinar. Remember, WE reported to you one dealer who admitted he is getting his Dinar from UST for sale to us. And another who hinted that we are right about this but would not confirm completely. Why would UST pay $3.00++for something they already own and are selling to dealers at something less than one eighth a cent?  Why would Iraq interrupt free cash flow of Billions if not Trillions of Dollars flowing from us to them? Some folks say 40T Dinar issued, others say 60T. These numbers are from Iraq and do not included the T’s printed and distributed by the U.S., France and DelaRue/London. There has never been any common sense to be found in this ‘deal’. There is no one on this planet, certainly not Iraq, or China, who can afford to mop up tens of trillions of Dinar at $3.00 each. Why would China do this when they can easily acquire Billions/Trillions of Dinar at one eighth of a cent. With this ongoing intentional debasement for years on end coupled with falling oil prices the value of Dinar vs Dollars has fallen dramatically  should it be de-pegged from the Government imposed Program Rate. Is it possible the Dinar R.V. is a diversion? Are they going to crush every thing then introduce their World Currency? After all, we all know this has been their plan for decades. ‘They’ control the CBI just as they do the Fed Res.. Despite occasional ‘good news’ regarding a cleanup of the banks, getting our Republic  Back,  asset backed currencies, etc.etc. a careful review of actual goings on as opposed to good news from the internet would seem to indicate the Corporation, The NWO, the Police State, Q.E. (Fiat) forever everywhere and a couple of dozen other indicators leaves the appearance  and impression that ‘they’ are feeding us B.S. while expanding not contracting their tyrannical ‘CONTROL’ mechanisms. Don’t forget they have delivered billions of rounds of ammo to such as Social Security, EPA and most other Gov’t. Departments and agencies and Mexican drug cartels. Who do they fear? Us, that’s who. What are they about to do that would necessitate arming themselves to this extent.  If it (the R.V.) is a scam the Banks at the highest levels would naturally ‘be in on it’ as they all work together to preserve Fiat, Fractional and to save the Corporation by hook or crook. At the lower banking levels they would repeat what they are instructed to say and would themselves be victims of the scam. Or, all the arrangements are now in place for bank bail-ins. They might allow the R.V. in order to obtain their own funds which are not deposited in commercial banks in the U.S. or Europe. As soon as our collective deposits are made and we lay-me-down-to-sleep they announce and seize as they did in Cypress. One Guru reported that there won’t be bail-ins  because the banks will be so flush with cash. He obviously doesn’t know the difference between a bank asset and a bank liability. Friends, it is not that something smells fishy. It is that something stinks to high heaven. Year after year, in spite of the ridiculousness of the proposition, people continue to hope, pray and believe in miracles. And make no mistake, it will take a miracle. Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear would be child’s play compared to the magic wand turning pieces of pennies into dollars. Other explanations are possible. Completely closing the domestic Fed Res Fiat Financial system while simultaneously opening the electronic digital system is the most logical, IMO. When dealing in digits anything is possible. Such a system might require ‘seeding’ to generate the necessary ‘velocity’ of money (digits). We could be those seeds. Miracles do happen. I continue to ask, why would this possible successful  scenario not amount to ‘the mark of the beast’ and suggest that brother Bellringer is the right man to address this question.
20-A). On the other hand: Iraq might jump up one day soon and say ‘we have not been able to retrieve trillions of stolen dinar. What’s worse, we have determined  that ISIS is in possession of vast quantities of Dinar. We cannot revalue the existing Dinar. It is necessary that we void it completely and issue a new currency (the lower denom’s).  Therefore the voided Dinar is and will remain, without value.
21). Why so few updates? WE have been very busy racking and stacking canoes along the coastlines in order to get rid of those pesky Liberals before November. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder resulting in a complete loss of common sense.
22). I still think Biden will be their man. Will be ‘elected’ by their electoral voters at their convention.
23). Three years ago my mother who lives nearby responded to a notice in the local newspaper for a ‘grant’ to do work on her home without charge. Contractors hired by the city came in and replaced the central heat and air system, all the ducts, all windows and doors and a variety of additional work. I had forgotten about it, more or less. This weekend past I walked across the street to speak to a long time neighbor who’s house had been completely torn down including removal of the slab and a brand spanking new brick home was being constructed. Turns out the city is paying for every dime of it. He is not a minority, refugee, etc. He is a retired white man. Refugees being brought in by Obama in much larger numbers than generally known are given EBT cards with living expenses continuously loaded on the cards. A friend who is Creek/Cherokee Native American confided in me recently that he and every member of his tribe receive from the Government (Corporation) a Christmas gift of $25,000. Cash. Every year, every Christmas and another $10,000. Cash on their birthdays.  Obama/Cloward Pivin/ How to destroy our country from within? ‘Spend it into oblivion’.
24). China has injected I T in Q.E. Fiat with more to come. S&P down 2T since first of year. Iraq budget built on $45.00 oil, they are selling someoil at $20.00. Got to compete with ISIS stolen oil don’t you see.
I am tired of writing, I’m sure you are tired of reading. Have much to say about the Judge Anna/Hudes stuff. Will save for another time. Keep your nose to the wind friends. It is not difficult to smell the shit storm approaching.
Casper   1-26-16