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CASPER SAYS on 1.17.16

WE will do an update soon. In the meantime there is, IMO, a Big Unknown floating which requires immediate attention. It is in regard to Guru Tenn. Wolf Man updates disclosing that his Wealth Manager has left her bank because of information she has learned.

Let’s review something WE have previously reported. During the previous year three major items occurred in the banking world indicating an intent to “Bail-In” the banks thereby stealing the deposits of those receiving funds from Programs, R.V., etc.. Now a fourth item has been added.

1). The G-20 issued a ‘ruling’ saying that deposits in a bank in their countries are no longer to be considered “money”.

2). Congress reversed Dodd Frank legislation which said “no more bank bailouts by the American people” to now say “except in the event of bank failure caused by derivatives”. (Of course any bank failure for whatever reason would be blamed on derivatives in order to trigger this exception so as to steal depositors money).

3). Domestic Legislation was passed classifying depositors as ‘creditors’ of the bank meaning that a depositor gets the same treatment in a banking crisis as the banks office supply company or its window washing company.

4). Recently, 120 U.S. Banks have published their ‘Living Wills’, a guide describing what will occur in the event the bank fails.

And ominously, this weekend we read that the Dallas Fed has ordered banks in its District ‘Not to write down impaired Oil and Gas Assets’ as would be normal and ‘Not to mark to market’ other assets within the banks. In other words, lie. Do not follow GAPP-Generally Accepted Accounting Practices –or normal Bank Regulations for that matter. The Fed is ordering the Banks to commit fraud.

Also, as an aside, the very important recently posted writings by Judge Anna Von Reitz(inger) claims Wells Fargo is owned by the Atty. General of the UNITES STATES ,Inc., a pawn of Obama who is himself a pawn of Satan’s Bankers. She goes on to say that Wells Fargo attempted to PURCHASE our original Republic claiming it is no longer a country and its people cannot be located.

So, why do you suppose Tenn. Wolf Mans friend and Wealth Manager left the bank ‘because of what she knows’. I view this as an extremely important unknown and implore T.W.M. to obtain further intel in this regard and to confirm or deny whether it should influence an exchange involving domestic banks.

Casper 1-17-16