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MORE FROM CASPER - UPDATE: November 11, 2014

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Today I read over last night’s update which we dated 11/11/14 and realized that we did not mention Obama. WE cannot allow an update to go out, not one single update, without saying again and again that we believe Obama to be a Judas Goat, a man hell bent upon the intentional destruction of our country. His ‘handler’ is Valerie Jarrett who gets her direction from the Communist in Chicago and the Muslims in Iran. As WE have said many times we believe him to be the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced. Read for yourself his purge of the military as posted right now on the Nesara and other web sites. On the many occasions we reported his saying he would not allow the people to receive significant funding from any source, that Intel came to us time and again from within the Pink  er  White House.  Also, our sources who have always said they can ‘see into’ the Fed Res Banking System continue to report that there are no funds there to pay for an R.V. or for the Program Funding’s.

Just as Obama stole the Wanta Funds and used the SEC to steal the CMKX funds, our fear is that he has stolen ALL funds. Our hope lies in the possibility of an entirely new and different banking system outside the control of the Cabal as reported by so many over the years. Counting original updates to rather small groups of friends and long before the Casper updates were picked up and spread over the internet and before they were discussed on Coast to Coast Radio and before they were read and discussed at the World Court, for a total of twenty three years, we have reported on the behind the scenes financial war underway between the U.S. Corporation/Fed partnership controlled  Fiat World and those demanding a level playing field by removing money creation from thin air away from those led by the U.S./Fed  which have intentionally subjected generations of world citizens and their children to lives of debt slavery. This war continues. WE see plenty of signs of that. WE do not yet see much sign that the Cabal or its Political Pawns in the U.S., Europe, Japan or China have ‘surrendered’.

Assuming he will read this, I would like to encourage McHaffie/Nesara to disclose where he is getting his flow of Intel such as yesterday’s report that Gen. Carter Hamm was sworn in as President of the Republic before The Supreme Court Sunday at 4 p.m.?