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It’s been about six weeks since our last update on September 12th which is archived at In that update WE informed you that our sources were saying neither the Gov’t. fiscal year end or the Sept. 30th debt ceiling extension had anything to do with ‘Our Business’. In the ensuing weeks virtually every Messenger and every Guru disagreed saying all was tied together as they breathlessly continued their ‘any minute’ reporting which continues even today.


As WE have reluctantly been throwing cold water on all the ‘news’ for the past year WE will begin todays update with the first positive news, or at least rumors, WE have had in a very long time. Both involve currency Intel, the first is from Iraq over this past weekend. A Gov’t. source there advises that they are trying to ‘drop two zero’s’ and RV within 30 days. The second is ‘hear say’ Intel from two disparate sources, one domestic, one China, that China may be on the verge of a 10% or more devaluation of the Yuan. This would be the opposite of the many published reports of the UST demands that China allow their currency to increase in value. You may recall two or three trips to China in recent years by US Treasury Secretaries delivering these demands in person and also the U.S. Congress threats of Trade Sanctions and threats to classify China as a ‘Currency Manipulator’ if they didn’t play ball as instructed by Obama. And so, whether this is fact or just a threat, WE view this as a very significant development.


Generally speaking our Intel remains as previously reported. No funds in the Banks or ‘The System’ to fund an R.V., no major funds moved round about as reported many times by ‘The Guru’s’.


The extension of the Debt Ceiling by Obama, the Democrats and the RINO’s is obviously an extension of the Fiat Status Quo. Obama immediately borrowed 328B to keep his Fraudulent Financial Playpen spinning and WE hear, he will borrow another 300B or so in November. So who is fool enough to lend the bankrupt U.S. another trillion or two, or three? The Fed of course which obviously still has control of its Magic Money Machine. This would seem to indicate, as discussed in great detail in the Sept. 12th update, that any pending R.V. would be in Fiat there by recapitalizing the Criminal Elite in D.C., The Corporation and the existing institutional structure of Western Finance, the U.N., the IMF, World Bank, etc.. Guru’s claiming $27.00 values for an RV’ed Dinar are long overdue for a lengthy stay at the Ha Ha Hilton. Hardly a day passes that fifty to a hundred people are not slaughtered in Iraq, usually with car bombs. The idea that they might have a currency nine or ten times as valuable as the world’s current most valuable (Kuwait) is, in our opinion, just plain nuts. WE notice that even after all the time that has passed in the Dinar Community Reporting no one has ever publically tackled the subject of what the ‘dropping of zero’s actually means’. This is not ‘Our Business’---- but it seems to us that such a calculation would be 1166 (current exchange value) divided into $1.00 U.S. results in the numeric  0.0008576. Drop two zeros? 0.08576. Eight and one half cents per Dinar, not $27.00. The Dinar would then have a value similar to the Mexican Peso and other Internationally traded currencies. The only alternatives WE can envision that would allow for such crazy value estimates are 1). The Fed Res/U.S. Dollar is devalued simultaneously by 90% or more producing a different ‘measuring stick’. How likely is that since most countries use the dollar and Treasury Instruments as their Primary Reserve Capital?  2). Currencies are RV’ed worldwide, more or less simultaneously, relative to something other than each other. In other words, the completely new asset backed monetary system we have all anticipated for so long. The extension of the fiat Debt Ceiling until February 7th does not bode well this, at least not this year. By the way, the ‘Shutdown’ was a total farce. Gov’t. revenue for Sept. was roughly 228B, debt service roughly 18B. There was no chance of an actual failure to service our debt. Surprise Surprise, D.C. Politicians are Bold Faced Liars. WE can understand why Guru’s might avoid explaining their numbers but we cannot understand why Dinar Investors fail to ask them the most obvious of questions including ‘where are the funds necessary to R.V. supposed to come from? Can you imagine, after all this time, no Guru addressing these most obvious questions or hundreds of thousands of investors failing even to ask these questions?


Attached to the Debt Ceiling Bill was 2.9 Billion for RINO Republican Senate Leader McConnell for a water project in Kentucky. He didn’t have the balls to put his name on it so it was attached for him by Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Think the RINO’s and the Democrats are not working for the same masters? The next day it was announced for the second time that Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum is being handed the exclusive contract to sell 19B of Post Office Bldg.’s in 56 cities paying him between 800M and 1B in Real Estate Commissions. WASHINGTON D.C. IS A SEWER, A GIANT CESSPOOL. THE BELTWAY IS A GIANT TOILET SEAT. Now 60 minutes has reported that most of the thieving TURDS pretending to represent the American People have hired an array of family members and personal friends and put them on the payroll at taxpayer expense. They probably think ‘Well, if it is okay for Michelle Obama to hire 22 of her personal friends as ‘assistants’ paying many of them 100k/year at taxpayer expense, why shouldn’t we do the same thing’?  Corruption is top down in D.C.. The sheep follow the leader. Together they (Dems plus RINO’s) defeated the Conservatives and the Tea Party’s attempt to make the House and the Senate subject to Obama Care like everyone else. The American people are so ignorant, blind and uninvolved they can no longer distinguish who their friends are. Do the people deserve what is happening to them and their once great country?


Obama is proceeding with his GUTTING of the military. After demanding the resignations of 19 or so Generals and Admirals last year (or lose your pension’s), another nine this year. One was accused of using counterfeit poker chips. Another, WE are advised, referred to Valerie Jarrett as an ‘egghead’ so out he goes. She runs the country you know. She is Obama’s handler. Her orders come from Chicago.


The many scandals continue with no one ever held accountable for anything. Fast and Furious? Thousands of automatic weapons to Mexican Drug Dealers, and no one held accountable even after dozens of innocents dead using these weapons including Border Patrol Agents.  Benghazi? It now comes out that there was a meeting in the White House regarding Embassy Security the day before 9-11, WITH OBAMA PRESENT, BUT NO SECURITY PROVIDED IN LIBIA  AFTER MONTHS OF BEGGING BY THE AMERICANS STATIONED THERE. If this is not outright MURDER it is incompetence on a scale that is hardly imaginable.  You Liberals who continue to support this man owe it to yourself, in fact you should be forced to read about how these Americans were tortured to death while Obama hid behind his ‘do not disturb’ sign. His funding of the terrorist Al Quida/Muslim Brotherhood continues. Do you liberals give a damn? Now our long term allies such as the Saudi’s, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel and others in the mid-east are spitting nails, ‘OUTRAGED’ is their favorite word now, over OBAMA’s destruction of American Relationships going back decades under both Demo and Repub  administrations. The IRS? Use of a Gestapo out of control Gov’t. Agency to go after those with opposing political views? This is Police State Communism people. This is pure unadulterated EVIL and if you don’t think it was ordered by Obama and Jarrett then you are beyond hope. Obama Care? Although it is not really about health care, whether you live or die will wind up in the hands of a Gov’t. Bureaucrat just as opponents have warned from the very beginning three years ago. It is about CONTROL. All your Bank Account Transactions, your most personal health information, everything, every single thing about you will be known to Govt’.  Bureaucrats and you are warned in advance ‘you have no right to any expectation of privacy’. It is a Socialist/Communist Control Vehicle just as it was in Hitler’s Germany.


Speaking of Germany, MERKLE IS OUTRAGED upon learning that Obama’s boys have been listening to her personal phone calls. Carney says they have stopped now that they have been caught. No one believes anything Obama says. He has destroyed our country’s credibility at home and abroad, with friends and enemies alike. Brazil cancels State Dinner at the White House. France OUTRAGED as 70 million phone records captured in a single month, French President comes to tell Obama to his face how he feels about it.  And what has happened to the NSA Whistle Blower Obama is trying so hard to get his hands on for prosecution and persecution, even threatening Putin and others? Snowden? He was awarded a ‘Freedom Of Speech’ award in Russia this week by various Human Rights Organizations. Putin is pissed, China is pissed, Germany and Brazil are pissed, France is pissed, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan are all pissed. OUTRAGED actually. Everyone despises Obama except------Liberals= Progressives=Socialist=Communist and the 43% of Americans who would vote for him again, most of which are ‘on the dole’. SIX TRILLION IN NEW DEBT UNDER OBAMA. Do you have any idea how much a trillion is? He is spending that much plus all incoming revenue every single year. He and Michelle are not the only ones following the Cloward and Piven Published Plan ‘How To Destroy American From Within’, it is the entire Liberal/Socialist Establishment. This is their big shot at taking down America, a necessary step in their pursuit of Communist World Gov’t. (with themselves at the helm, of course). Everything from U.N. Agenda 21 to ‘Common Core’ Education (intentional dumbing down even more), from U.N. Gun Control Treaties signed by Kerry/Obama recently to Government takeover of the country via Obama Care, none of it is accidental. Obama announced what he would do before he was first elected, he is doing it and the people have no one but themselves to blame for the loss of the Late Great American Dream.


Did you see the delightful ‘Man on The Street’ interviews by Leno (I think it was) asking passer’s by ‘Who is Responsible for The Gov’t. Shutdown’?  Every black person questioned answered ‘It is Bushes Fault’. An entire race of people brainwashed to such an extent that they blame someone who has been long gone for five and one half years. The truth is not racism people. Democracy, which is a form of Communism-call it Communism Light-has failed. Now comes the Dictatorship, his name is Obama. While GUTTING Military Leadership he is surveying Military Personnel to determine who will fire upon American Citizens.


Do you recall reports from ZAP and several Guru’s saying the head of Wells Fargo was fired for blocking the R.V.? Multiple W.F. contacts say hogwash, not true, no one fired.


Nidle and others similar sure do talk a good game don’t they? No matter how many months and years go by the message remains the same, ‘more agreements signed, all is in readiness, just one more thing to do’. And the famous fat lady? How many times has she mounted that stage and cleared her voice over the years? Two weeks ago she was back again but the next week there is suddenly another meeting two weeks hence before we can begin the entire line of crap all over again as if it has not all been said on dozens of previous occasions.  Our Intel says you/we are being used. Fed chit is a closer quote. You know the purpose, the purpose has been the same for a decade. Although WE already had this Intel from many places over the years it was still enlightening to hear it once again this week from a Dynasty Family Elder in China. Is Zap CIA? WE don’t know. Honestly we don’t. But we would be remiss if we did not report to you a communication from overseas saying exactly that from an entirely different source than discussed above.


Recently several Gurus have reported the Iraqi hierarchy as arriving in D.C.. Not so say sources there. As WE have so often said ‘WE don’t know everything and don’t pretend to’. But WE are quite capable of investigating the constant flow of garbage on the net and we do so as a matter of habit. Our ability to disprove the majority of internet rumors does not mean that the corollary is that WE know everything.


WE are supposed to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. Our Founders despised Democracy and said so forcefully in the Federalist Papers. The Democrats and the RINO’s don’t want us to recover our Government, our Country, our Constitution, they want the Corporation, Fiat,  the Status Quo and the NWO.


Boehner is now pretending to support the Conservatives. He is a RINO. He supports the continuation of the status quo. He is the weakest ‘Speaker’ ever. He had already ‘sold out’ his own colleagues (to Obama and the Senate RINO’s) before the debates began.  


Read Heneghan’s current update. He is saying something similar to what we were told and reported to you a year ago, i.e. a Dinar/Dong Ponzi.


So, a Kuala Bear, frustrated beyond words with Obama’s America, walks into a hotel in Australia. Walks past the guest milling around, past the front desk and down the hallway STRAIGHT INTO THE BAR looking for something to ease the pain. A true story. Mostly.


WE are not overly excited about the positive currency news reported above and suggest you hold your water as well. Nevertheless it is surely better than our previous recent updates. AS you can observe there is no slowdown in the ‘any minute’ reports or the other weekly messenger reports which have never once been true either. There does appear to be great pressure upon Obama from a vast array of directions. Perhaps this will cause him to get the hell out of the way depending upon what Valerie and Chicago order him to do next.


   Casper   10-24-13