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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2013

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Oct. 3, 2013


OUR Intel has not changed since our last update. It continues to say:


1.       Obama continues to block our funding and everything else related to ‘The New’.


2.       Central Banks, especially the Fed and the BOJ, are continuing to pump massive amounts of fiat e-currency into the existing monetary and banking systems for the purpose of continuing the ‘Status Quo’ indefinitely. Obama is personally a part of this effort to save the ‘too big to fail’ banks, is making closed door ‘deals’ with them and has, WE hear, agreed to their demands that there will be no prosecution of any of them no matter how criminal their behavior. Fines will be levied so the Corporation gets their ‘fair share’ of the graft/bounty/loot-- with no admissions of guilt-- thereby side stepping shareholder class action lawsuits.


3.       Regulatory agencies such as the CFTC, SEC, etc. ordered to stand down, ‘Market Manipulation’ now Gov’t. Policy and Government Directed. Not just metals, all markets. Price’s established by Administrative Decree and attendant Market Manipulation, not by ‘buy and sell’ price discovery. No such thing as ‘Free Markets’ any more. We now have Central Command and Control—of everything.


4.       Multiple Wells Fargo executive contacts still have no idea where ‘Gurus’ are getting their information. They say no funds in the bank for an R.V. and they don’t even know where the funds are supposed to be coming from. Nothing at all showing on their ‘screens’.


5.       Sources in Iraq say they do not have the funds necessary to an R.V.. Public published reports say Iraq has 50 plus Billions USD in reserves, not nearly enough to handle an R.V..


6.       Offshore Banking contacts say no big money moving anywhere in the system, if it were happening they would be able to see it.


7.       More weeks of ‘any minute’ reports have come to naught-- not to mention several weeks of false reports by certain other messengers.


8.       ‘The Bonds’ and the ‘Gold Certificates’ and the activity surrounding them is complicated. Many are counterfeit. Some were written at $35./oz, now someone wants todays values. Fulford reports the Fed offering 500k for one of the Fed Res Boxes containing 12.5B of their Bonds. Some countries, such as Germany, want their gold returned from U.S. care to their own possession because the U.S. (under Obama) cannot be trusted. The U.S. responds ‘we will let you have a third of it back---in seven years’. Many world leaders want nothing more to do with Obama (Germany, Brazil, etc.) as Obama’s use of the NSA to spy on world leaders has angered them so much that communications have been cut off and even planned State Dinners in the White House cancelled by the guest nation. Obama has made a fool of himself and of the U.S.. Everything entrusted to the U.S. Corporation during the past hundred years appears to have been stolen. Domestic Media, owned by the Corporation(s) is not telling the American people the truth---about anything. Lying by omission is still lying.   


9.       Regarding Michelle Obama our sources have nothing good to say about her so we won’t go there--- except to say she is still being waited on hand and foot by her 22 taxpayer funded ‘assistances’ (personal friends).


10.   Our sources—all of them---continue to say---Obama Sucks (polite version).     ALL EVIDENCE puts him in the pockets of the Banks and The NWO.


Casper   10-3-13