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BENGHAZI is back in the news this morning. Coincidentally WE have overnight Intel re that subject:


WE are advised that Benghazi was another Obama gun running operation similar to ‘Fast And Furious’ guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. The difference is that one was run through the Justice Dept. (Holder) while this one, with MISSILES going to Al Qaida Rebels in Syria, was run through the State Dept. (Hillary).


Four Hundred Million Dollars of arms plus 400 or more M-24 Surface to Air Missiles were moved from Libya through Turkey to Syria. Ambassador Stevens and Hillary were Obama’s implementers and ‘fall guys’ should anything go wrong. Stevens died a most horrible death as did the other three. Hillary testifies-- ‘WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE’, shades of Vince Foster.  


When informed this transfer of very sophisticated weapons to terrorist was ‘against the law’ Obama reportedly replied, “TO HELL WITH THE LAW”, I will issue an executive order. Republicans John McCain and Lindsay Graham (and others) were also involved in this disaster. WE hear the terrorist are now in possession of the weapons AS ORDERED BY OBAMA. And where was Obama while these poor people pleaded for help? Hiding in the residence with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.


Obama is owned by and is likely himself a ‘Sunni’ Muslim. They paid for his education and his world travels at a young age. Assad and Iran are Shia. He has chosen sides, armed and financed the chosen side which has additional financing from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The American people are, by default, now engaged in regional war in the Mid-East, not just Syria, we are now backers of Al Quida, an arm of The Muslim Brotherhood (which we were fighting for ten years prior to the arrival of our Muslim President). Listen to the rebel leaders themselves who are dismembering children while they are still alive, listen to those who are killing Syria Soldiers and cutting them open on television and eating their hearts and livers, listen to the recipients of Obama’s weapons and Billions of American Taxpayer Dollars when they say “We will come for you in the U.S. when we conclude our business here” (paraphrasing).  



                             Casper   9-18-13