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Since our last update on the 12th   (archived at  our Intel, as it was previously reported, has deteriorated further and continues to conflict with the reporting of other messengers.


This Intel can be summarized by saying Obama is still blocking EVERYTHING even more strenuously than ever before:


   1). He is blocking, our sources say, the payment of certain Bonds and Gold Certificates due and payable now and is saying he will continue to block the payments and the holders thereof can ‘wipe their ass with them’.   


   2). He is using the NSA to manipulate currency markets worldwide even including the Chinese Yuan, WE are informed.


   3). Other countries despise him. The word ‘hate’ was used. They say he has become the laughing stock of Europe. They view U.S. Citizens as fools and idiots and unable to see through his skin color to who and what he actually is. They are unable to overcome him, do not have the power as the U.S. Corporation and the Cabal control the world. China ‘has had a belly full of him’ but apparently cannot stop the currency manipulations ordered by Obama.  


   4). He is acting as the ruler of the world and says nothing will occur that he does not control.


   5). Half or more of D.C. Politicians support his sabotage and blockages (including any R.V.) as they are just as criminal as he is and are subject to the same exposure should they lose ‘control’.  


There is no doubt a great deal more to this than WE are picking up on the fringes. The refusal to honor due and payable Bonds and Gold Certificates appears to us to be ‘the top of the food chain’ without which nothing else can move forward.



                              Casper   9-17-13


p.s. WE hear the constant flow of information regarding Well Fargo and various Bank personnel is ALL completely false.