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Today it was reported on “IRN NEWS” from Washington D.C. (A.M. Radio, Nationwide Broadcast), that the Egyptian Military, in a raid on Morsi’s top assistants vault, have discovered and confiscated the Passports of Morsi assistants and helpers involved in the Benghazi affair which Obama and Hillary are trying so desperately to cover up, even to the extent of providing new identities for the American witnesses present there and forcing their disbursement around the country, forcing ‘new lives’ upon them. Recent news says 400 surface to air missiles were moving through there and stolen by the Muslim Brotherhood. Within hours of that Obama is on television from Martha’s Vineyard threatening the Egyptian Military. He and Hillary must stop this disclosure at all cost or they are both ‘finished’ WE hear, but it’s already ‘out there’ on the public airwaves from where WE obtained it.


Included in the seized passports is the passport belonging to the one known terrorist in Benghazi who domestic law enforcement has secretly indicted. Obama helped bring the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to power (Morsi) and now we learn he was arming them in addition to the already known Billions he was providing them in financial aid. The Brotherhood are burning Christian Churches to the ground and chasing Christians from house to house and building to building killing them as they go. Yesterday it was reported on Fox News that they slaughtered a 10 year old girl as she left her Sunday School Class. Did you hear anything about this on the Clinton News Network? Or from “All The News That’s Fit To Print” NYT? The mainstream media has become a sewer of liberalism led by the NYT, CNN and MSNBC. All of them attended the brainwashing journalism schools in the East, a requirement for employment. Meanwhile more of the Erik Holder/Obama ‘Fast and Furious’ guns sold to Mexican Drug Cartels have been found at additional MURDER scenes in Mexico, also reported by Fox News today. Are you aware that Obama has half a dozen ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ working in the White House? Do you care?


With Obama’s backing of weapons and money they (the Radical Islamist led by the Muslim Brotherhood) are attempting a worldwide Caliphate beginning and already well underway in the Mid-East. The missiles in Benghazi came in through Turkey, WE hear, 400 WE hear but others say thousands, and are now in the hands of those who are willing and now able to blow commercial jet liners out of the sky anywhere in the world or use the threat to blackmail western governments into submission. Obama and Hillary are up to their eyeballs in this incredible mess in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, etc…. It would not take much to cause Obama to “submit” since his destruction of America is his greatest ambition since long before he was elected.


And now Obama is threatening the Egyptian Military regarding the release of today passport discoveries. What this demonstrates for you ‘Low Information’ voters (Willingly Blind Liberals) is that Obama’s Foreign Policies are pro Radical Islam and just as active and anti-American as his Domestic Policies which have already spent our country into oblivion. Maybe if it were your 10 year old child? Hmmm, I wonder.


                      Casper Wendy and WE       8-15-13