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More Weeks Have Passed.


The ‘any minute’ reports keep on coming.


As usual our Intel is different, saying that the Cabals intent to ‘R.V’ in fiat would recapitalize the criminal ruling elite and doom any chance of returning to the Republic and the Constitution.


The ‘Cabal’ is worldwide and includes Communist China. The Cabal demands a continuation of fiat.


WE hear the U.S. and the U.N. own train loads of Dinars (etc.) and an R.V. in fiat would provide new trillions for them to rule for another hundred years. WE hear China has said NO to the U.S. and the U.N. receiving said trillions leaving them ‘holding the bag’ with vast quantities of ever more suspect U.S. Treasury Debt Instruments.


WE hear China has filed liens against any such R.V. funds coming to the U.S. and/or the U.N..


WE hear about Obama throwing another fit in the White House over the weekend.


WE hear he had promised lots of folks lots of money including funds to save Obama Care and now can’t deliver.


WE hear serious ‘fighting’ still going on in D.C. Monday (yesterday) which says to us that all did not go well or conclude successfully the U.N. and UST meetings Friday through the weekend.


As an aside, WE hear the Republican Establishment, led by Boehner and McConnell, have become pawns of Obama. Is this the result of NSA (NWO) wiretapping of Politicians? Is that what caused John Roberts to throw in with the Democrats in the Obama Care Supreme Court vote?


Bankers tell us they are not Basil III compliant and in the case of B.of A., that they have no intention of becoming compliant.  I have read (skimmed) the first 700 pages of Basil Regulations and find no mention of Gold, Metals or Asset Backed Banking.


For well over a year WE have been cautioning that warehouses full of basically worthless and often counterfeit Dinar are being ‘laid off’ on the general public worldwide by someone who is making a fortune on the enormous ‘spread’ between todays ‘sales price’ of approximately 1166:1 and their acquisition cost of many thousands to one. Their ‘acquisition cost’ may actually be zero since the U.S. Military was used to seize, in time of war, Iraq’s Central Bank, its currency and its currency production. WE have suggested the Bushes and Maliki were/are primarily responsible. All U.S. Corporation Politicians including Obama support this policy as it results in a continuation of the status quo. WE have also reported that China contacts have said several times they are not funding the Trillions necessary to such an R.V. endeavor and WE have pointed out that Iraq simply does not have the funds/reserves necessary to fund it either. WE have reported never ending attempts by the bad guys/Obama/the Cabal—to ‘break into’ various accounts to steal the funds for their various needs and various scams and have reported time and again ‘the funds are locked down’ and they can’t access the accounts even though they have been trying for years.


WE always hope and will continue to hope that some of those providing ‘any minute’ reports have better Intel and will be correct, finally, but you know the record without our reviewing it here.


The U.S. Corporation has screwed everyone it has dealt with for the last hundred years. Our Intel says nothing has changed and their ‘screw your friends and your enemies’ policies are continuing.


WE cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above information. WE can only report what we are hearing from sources who have a much better track record than does the ‘any minute’ sources.


                          Casper    7-30-13