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Life, and these updates, would be so much easier if WE knew and could report exactly what is going on. We don’t know, therefore what follows is opinion, observations and conjecture. As usual our Intel does not agree with that offered by others, least of all those who continue their ‘any minute’ reports week after week, month after month, until one day you look around and realize that another full year of these ‘any minute’ expectations have come and gone. In this update you will find considerable disagreement with Sunday night’s exciting update from the Poof/Susan/Zap camp as WE believe their solicitation of your “Business Plans”, including your personal identification, calls for a more direct response than the ‘waltz around the mulberry bush’ responses we have recently offered in consideration of the recent passing of Poof. In our two most recent updates we reported our sources belief that first Poof and now ‘Zap’ are obtaining their Intel from the OPPT group. Whether or not this is true does not materially affect our ‘observations’ as follows:
Zap says the banks ‘have never been more flush than they are as of last night’. Our Intel says all major banks worldwide are busted, flat broke, ‘upside down’ in a dozen ways and are kept alive only by the fraudulent financial carousel of unlimited amounts of ‘computer digits’ being pumped into them daily. If they are flush why is the FED, the Bk. of England, the Bk. Of Japan, etc. finding it necessary to continue to pump BILLIONS into the Commercial Banks monthly as is well known. Just last week Foreign Central Banks were forced to make public announcements that their versions of ‘Q.E’ would continue indefinitely after Bernanke’s hint about ‘tapering off’ domestically roiled international equity markets. Read todays Bix Weir (Road-to-Roota) update in which he refers to banks at this moment experiencing a meltdown, a ‘bloodbath’. Also note his conclusion that a total collapse of the existing system, the ‘Status Quo’, has become necessary, something WE have stated in our two most recent updates. Zap says ‘funds to start flowing this week’. Fulford’s  current update, out yesterday, says ‘negotiations will continue throughout the summer and hopefully something will finally break loose in October. In conversation with ‘Family Members’ in China after last night’s Zap update they say they have received nothing for their ‘Historical Assets’ and are not anticipating anything right away as the U.S. and Obama continues to block everything. They went on to say that the Governments were to originally to receive the funds to implement ‘Humanitarian Projects’ but not now as they have shown themselves to be so untrustworthy, and that when and if funding should ever occur the funds will flow directly to the people, not to Governments and certainly not to someone (Zap) setting themselves up as some kind of unauthorized distribution mechanism. Be careful friends. Watch your step. For years our Intel didn’t agree with Poof and now it does not agree with his ‘source’, i.e. Zap. Throughout the years of ‘any minute’ reports emanating from Poof WE suspected his primary motivation was to generate Monday phone calls at $50.00 each and I am sorry to say that appears to be continuing. We were informed on multiple occasions over the years that Poof’s sole source of income was his ‘consulting fees’.
WE have been very hesitant to be so explicit, so ‘forward’, with our disagreements with Zap’s Intel but now feel that his solicitation of your I.D.’s leave us no choice than to come right out with these various observations which are not only our own but that of our overseas (Europe and China) sources as well.  Surely you realize that WE would like for Zap to be right and our Intel to be wrong. Surely you realize that. Even our sources observe that while Zap is the only person on the planet in possession of his information, they too would like for him to be right.
The preservation of the Fiat Ponzi, the ‘Petro-Dollar’, the ‘Cabal Continues to Rule The World’ scenario, is the opposite of our desired outcome. All visible signs point to a forced extension of this monetary/military dominance by the U.S. and the G-8. Even as the proliferation of e-currency and actual hot wars continues, many, such as most of the ‘Dinar Gurus’ somehow see the establishments staunchest and most visible defenders -such as Lew and LaGarde- wanting the return of the Republic, it’s Treasury and the Constitution. Frankly friends, WE don’t understand these people. Are they as dumb as stumps or is it WE who are blind?  JPM alone has 45T in Interest  Rate Derivatives. There is more than a QUAD (nominal value) at risk. These people (Lew,LaGarde) are working night and day, around the clock, to preserve the status quo/fiat system, to save the Banks and the Corporation which all of them, including the politicians, work for.  Out Intel says that should the ‘R.V.’s’ ever occur they will all go at once, not a few at a time and that the more important observation is that our Intel, opposite to that of Zap and the Dinar Guru’s, is that it is not about to happen because Obama and the Banks have it blocked. Those of you who follow and retain what we report are now observing an increasing flow of information which follows almost exactly what we have been reporting in each of our updates over many many months. Even at 1166 : 1, whoever provided the worldwide currency brokers with unlimited quantities of Dinar, much of it counterfeit, has already made a fortune. No doubt there are many Shills among the Gurus but we don’t think of them as a group as being dishonest. We think of them as being used by ruthless purveyors of bullchit such as the ABC boys Zap appears to greatly respect. Our experience with them over a period of twenty years has been the opposite of his.
Obama’s Foreign Policy is a disaster on all fronts. He took a right cross to the nose last week when the people of Egypt threw his beloved Muslim Brotherhood out on its ear (Morsi). Now the Governments of the E.U. are Extremely Pissed at him having learned that his NWO Police State is international in scope as each of them are being monitored by the NSA along with you and me, especially me.
Major Banks, (ABN AMRO, UBS) are defaulting on their ‘allocated gold contracts’, unable to deliver, outright defaults, and are paying in fiat.
Hardly a day passes now that cops somewhere don’t kill someone, even their pets. Intimidation, tyranny, oppression, murder. “To protect and serve”? All gone now. Eighty year olds beaten to death. Elderly women tazed. Vets with missing limbs in wheel chair holding ball point pen, shot dead. Doors kicked in. Wives and children thrown around. Its beyond pathetic, its criminal. Obama’s police state, arming them with tanks, billions of rounds of ammo, cameras, drones, absolute intimidation at every opportunity, using the Patriot Act and ‘National Security’ as cover and now graduating the first classes of his domestic defenders (to be as big as the military he said), Obama’s “Brown Shirts” and Obama’s Police State is now in full bloom.  How many times have WE said, “Obama is the greatest enemy our country has ever faced”.
Jobs? Gained 195,000 said last week’s Jobs Report? What a low down crock of crap. 240,000 full time jobs were lost as employers everywhere are cutting employees to four days, hiring two instead of one, anything to avoid the bankrupting provisions of Obama Care. Just as Hitler used the healthcare system to take over Germany with his Socialist Revolution, so too is Obama taking over the U.S., destroying Democracy and Capitalism with every intentional pre-planned step. He is a Communist. He is a Muslim. He is a homosexual. He is a Fraud, a Con-Artist and a puppet of the Banks and the NWO. (As an aside, a memo surfaced last week in D.C  from Obama to Bernanke, “save the banks at all cost no matter what they have done”). And another aside, the “Establishment Republicans”-The Rhino’s-are no better than Obama. They too work for the Corporation. Unemployment is 23% (Shadow Stats).
Many Gurus have posted to the effect that the R.V. has occurred, at least ‘in country’. Our sources say this is absolutely untrue. Zap says this week for the Dinar and Dong, our sources say no.
Obama leading from behind? Another joke. He has become so obvious to World Leaders they don’t think he could lead a thirsty horse to water. WE view Hillary as EVIL incarnate, responsible for many deaths and the courier for the 200M Bush bribe of Biden (see previous updates archived at .)
The continuation of extremely low interest rates as directed by the Fed is essential to keeping their Ponzi Fraud churning. But, they appear to be losing control. Rates are up rather dramatically last week or so. Biggest bubble ever—the Bond Market. All could blow sky high at any time. This, WE believe, is how WE THE PEOPLE will win. WE perceive ‘The New’ to be ‘on stand-by’ ready to ‘take over’ as the old status quo collapses.
Heneghan is out with an ‘Emergency Update’. Fulfords update today is important. Bix Weirs update today is very important. The Nesara Blog Site appears to be publishing most of the important ‘news’. Weir says today--- ‘the mother of all bubbles is exploding as we speak’.
Our friends/your friends, urge caution regarding the giving of your personal information to someone you don’t know and can’t verify and as reported above, ‘Family Members’ say mega funds will not be given to certain ones for distribution to other ones.
Notice please, as WE have reported so many times before, anything and everything associated in any way with RENO, even after all these months, continues to be----- hokum, never come true B.S..
Did you see the very brief blurb from ‘The White Hats’ on July 4th?  The first since last year, I think. “Independence Coming Very Soon”.  If ya gotta be brief, what could be better than that? If true this would mean the defeat of the bad guys would it not?
Here’s something to tickle your funny bone. The Politicians and Obama’s bureaucrats and the banks packaged hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes and ‘gave them away’ to their buddies on Wall Street (and the corrupt media kept it quiet). The plan was to rent the houses and hold them for a few years expecting an annualized 8% return. They can’t rent the houses for the projected rents. The ‘insiders’ are losing their asses,  hee hee hee. I hope Obama had an equity position.
The London Metals Exchange has given notice, “a 100 day delay to take delivery”.
As WE said above, WE don’t really know what is going on right now. After all this time, all these years of hard work and expenses, at this late hour, we just don’t know. So, this is an opinion piece. Please read it as such as we all hope together that Zap knows what he is talking about. WE have been “Out On A Limb” a thousand times before as you well know so it’s not as uncomfortable as it used to be but it’s still not pleasant. Life, and these updates, would be so much easier if our Intel agreed with others.
                             Casper   7-8-13
p.s. After beginning the ‘intro’ of himself a few weeks ago with news of ‘The Five Star Trust’, Zap, as with Poof before him, indicated this would be our funding mechanism. WE immediately reported that Trust to be a fraud. In fact there are multiple “Five Star Trust” only one of which has substantial funds is various bank accounts. That one went to court and ended in a ruling in favor of Bush Senior and the CIA. WE find it interesting that there has been no further mention of this Trust by Zap, don’t you?
PPS.  Be careful. Watch your step.