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In view of Fulford's current update--out overnight--identifying ZAP and his updates as representing THE FIVE STAR TRUST   WE have decided to update again today for the purpose of passing along the results of our inquiries about this Trust.

Word from Europe this morning says it is a complete Fraud and that all this recent info coming from ZAP is a continuation of the OPPT group / Whistleblower / Five Star Trust / Etc. information all based on counterfeit documentation at its core.

They say the information being provided is not true.

More than ever this is a time for ‘alertness’ and discernment. Associations, relationships, motivations, etc. are coming to light.

You may also notice that, with the exception of, Intel conflicting that which coming from this group is being censored.

                       Casper   6-18-13

p.s. If anyone anywhere can verify the validity of The Five Start Trust please post that information for all to see.