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Long long ago when I was still a relatively young man these updates were started to help friends stay up to date and, frankly, to slow my phone from ringing day and night. These were the days of F.C’s and programs such as Gilmore and Buckley which preceded the big ‘O’.  

I was present when Buckley ‘went public’ with six of his own video camera’s rolling.

I was present in the court room when Swasinger was sentenced and present long before that at the meetings conducted by Hildebrand and Metleck around the country.

Those were the days of dinner with Gilmore and meetings with Buckley and daily phone calls with Clyde Hood. There are very few, but there are a few, who go back further with ‘Our Business’ than yours truly.

If it was possible to briefly summarize the following years of investigation, hard work, never ending phone calls, frustration, anger and loss,  I would do so but it is not possible. Losing so many good friends along the way, the grief, the intensity of effort over time, the expenses, witnessing the hurt of so many as they and I made such wrong personal decisions, costing so many so much, because we believed the false information being provided to us, often by well-intentioned others.

These difficulties cannot be adequately summarized. Only those who have ‘been through it’ all these years and are still ‘in it’ can understand or appreciate the enormity of what I am saying. For these reasons and more I and WE are especially sensitive to the cost to others of the flow of false information, false Intel and WE therefore try our best not to be counted among those who provide false info, sometimes intentionally, sometimes for a pay check.

Some have challenged our Intel on occasion and WE are certainly not immune to all B.S. and we have on occasion been ‘taken to the cleaners’, so to speak.

Sometimes I had a desire to ‘clean up’ previous Intel and updates which were, or appeared to you to be, completely wrong, but were not really wrong, it just appeared that way.  

In one such example involving planes and packages and tarmac’s and the like, I prepared a one and a half page typed explanation answering in detail the concerns and questions raised by some readers. It was submitted to other aspects of ‘WE’ for advice and counsel. Their response was unanimous, don’t do it, don’t post it, the risk to sources is just too great.

Over time many have risked their jobs, their pensions and sometimes even more to provide the Intel WE brought to you. Even now, years ‘after the fact’ in some instances, it could cost some of these sources dearly were WE to disclose how WE knew many of the things contained in our updates. In each of those updates WE emphasized the determination of the Cabal, Obama and the Corporation to stop progress and obviously they did. This blockage is continuing our sources say, much to our chagrin, as WE do not enjoy reporting Intel many consider ‘negative’.

Our commitment is to program participants-- and to the truth, as best WE can determine it, therefore in our minds we have no alternative than to report our sources Intel to you even as it regularly leaves us ‘Out On A Limb’, as Shirley McLain would say. Again we say we, along with you, much prefer the ‘positive’ Intel provided weekly by others and we sincerely hope they are right and our Intel is wrong. 

Our Intel says all ‘the usual suspects” including Obama continue to block deliveries and the ‘New’.

WE hear ‘Our Business’ was not on the agenda in Palm Springs and was not discussed, much less signed off on by Obama. WE hear the agreements being signed early on in Saturdays meetings were trade agreements, not agreements regarding our funding. Such things as China gets Iraq’s oil, never mind U.S. blood and treasure. Obama agrees not to interfere in China/Canada oil dealings, Obama agrees no more sophisticated weapons to Taiwan. Also that Xi totally and completely ‘rolled’ Obama and the happy faces were for public consumption, that Xi and Obama did not play well together and neither did their respective staffs.

Our first update came Sunday noon following the Saturday meetings, then again Sunday night, Monday morning and finally last Tuesday morning, all from the same sources as they continued to investigate then reaffirm their original reporting. As you can see this places our Intel opposite to that provided by others. In our last update, sent to the thousands who asked to be added to our e-mail lists and posted only on this time, WE publically asked whether Susan/Zap were obtaining their Intel from anyone associated with The OPPT group or ‘D’ at “Removing The Shackles’.

WE stated that our sources in China say Poof had not been receiving his Intel from China for months (for unknown reasons) and was recently obtaining his ‘Intel’ from the Internet and from OPPT and D, etc.. The words “ZAP NAPS” had been used twice by ‘D’ in her update at approximately the same time that Susan introduced “Zap” to continue Poof’s work.  “ZAP” chose not to respond just as OPPT had declined to respond to publically posted questions and had declined two proposed face to face meetings. Our sources say the information being provided by Zap is not accurate, in fact is very wrong, and that in addition to the sources they were quoting at the time of our previous update, they now have the same Intel from sources in China. It is their OPINION  ZAP/OPPT/D/OBAMA/ ETC., ETC., are putting their personal ‘spin’, ‘interpretations’, ‘opinions’, ‘understandings’ upon that which they are reporting and that said opinions are not correct. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH WHISTLEBLOWER, OPPT, D,  ZAP, HENEGHAN, CASPER and many others reporting to you their opinions and interpretations. The responsibility for discernment however, falls upon the shoulders of the readers. It is the duty of the messengers, IMO, to report their findings to you as accurately as possible and it is your duty, IMO, to analyze and judge for yourselves the status of World Affairs and ‘Our Business’.  

WE believe the actual content of the Zap updates being provided through the Poof/Susan office substantially tracks the opinions expressed publically by OPPT and D. Our sources believe they are the source of Zaps reporting. WE asked Zap about this publically and got no response. WE were polite. Go to Fourwinds and read our previous update. As WE stated publically at the time, our Intel did not agree with the OPPT/D  -spin/interpretations-  at that time and our Intel now does not agree with the information/Intel being provided to you by Zap through Susan. WE are not attempting to ‘pick a fight’ and we are ‘soft pedaling’ what we are actually hearing about the information being provided by Zap.  

The creation from thin air of unlimited sums of e-currency which is then used to prop up Bond and Stock Markets worldwide continues unabated. This is also true in China which has dumped twelve trillion Yuan in E-Currency into their economy since 2009. The Chi-Coms are as dependent upon Fiat as is the U.S.. Xi Jinping is the new leader of the Communist Gov’t in China. Our observation is that he and Obama are on the same team regarding the desperation to continue the status quo in order to remain in power (Obama and U.S. Corporation) and that force, probably financial in nature, will be necessary to overcome the existing Fiat/Corporate establishment. The weekly expectation of currency resets, of announcements of this and that and the other continues week after week with various excuses provided, many obviously being ridiculous. Messengers have had their bags packed, ready to go, umbrella drinks any minute, any minute, for months, even years now. Does the Intel now being provided to you sound as urgently imminent as it had been, or does it sound substantially less urgent, less imminent.  And since the source supposedly remains the same as before, which is incorrect? What was being said then, or what is being said now? Have WE not reported to you time and again that ‘the funds’ are frozen and therefore not available---yet. Obama to resign July 4th some say? We get our Constitutional Govt. back? O Lord let it be true. Obama has three stops in three African countries between the 26th and 3rd of July. I guess it’s possible his resignation has been pre-recorded, but not likely. But possible, as his fraudulent birth certificate, Social Security Number, draft status documents, etc., intentionally suppressed and covered up by the Democrat Party and the Corporation, are coming to light on several fronts simultaneously including in the Courts. Incompetence and corruption bubbling up everywhere with counterfeit documents the icing on the cake. The biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people, even bigger than Pearl Harbor and 9-11, IMO.  

WE hear the monumental fights over money previously reported are continuing. If all is well would this be continuing?  Are the Fiat Powers such as XI and Obama in charge of the asset backed ‘New’ as reporting by others implies, or does the New come from the opponents of Obama, the Corporation and the Fiat Powers?  New financial frauds are being reported at least weekly now, there appears to be no slow down, no visible arrest, no ability to stop the manipulation of all markets by Obama’s Plunge Protection Team.  

Over the weekend and continuing today my telephone has been blocked from calling certain sources and I have managed to confirm ‘their’ presence on my phone calls. The phone company has confirmed this situation is true but not which of Obama’s Police State Turd Heads is responsible. If I disappear, God forbid, you will be aware of what is happening, assuming this update is not stopped. Oh my, I hope they have not cut my communications with Putin, Merkel and my Mama.   

WE fully expect the ‘NEW’ to come to pass just as we always have –unless-- ‘they’ intentionally kill the system, seize bank deposits (bail-in’s) and declare Martial Law. This would amount to a forced New World Order Police State takeover by Obama and those he works for. WE don’t know everything. Much of what appears here is OPINION. That and $1.65 will get you a cup of coffee. Some of it is Intel from sources. WE try to separate the two. This update contains some of both. There is no guarantee that our opinions are accurate, only that they are honestly delivered.

 Casper    6-17-13


I forgot to address the following subject in today’s update:


In his Sunday night update ZAP was highly complementary of U.S. Intel services saying Our Business could not have been completed without them. WE hope he does know such Agency personnel and that they are helping us,  HOWEVER


Such is not and never has been our experience with Agency Personnel as you are well aware having read our updates for twenty plus years. Always lying, always funneling disinformation having an extremely negative effect upon the mental and emotional health of Program Participants. On those rare occasions WE have had to confront these folks we were not bashful and we pulled no punches. WE demanded to know why they would do this to hundreds of thousands of innocent people they didn’t even know?  The answer, if we were able to extract one, was always the same,   “WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE PAID TO DO”.


Chalk up another area in which our Intel disagrees with that provided by ZAP.



        Casper   6-17-13    add on paragraph to today’s update.