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CASPER UPDATE: June 7, 2013

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Twice in her update this week “D” of ‘Removing The Shackles’ mentions her “Zap Naps”. It causes us to wonder whether D and/or Heather is the source of the information provided last Sunday night by Suzan and ‘Zap’ as they carry on the work of ‘Poof’? A coincidental use of words? Or something more? Dear Mr./Mrs. ‘Zap’, a couple of months ago WE were informed by sources in China that for reasons unknown Poof was no longer getting his Intel from his sources there but was instead using information obtained from the OPPT group in his ongoing weekly updates. WE and others are anxious to know whether or not ‘D’ and/or the folks at OPPT are the source of information for your current update. WE are not questioning your identity as WE too prefer anonymity, as did Poof. WE are asking whether the info you have been providing to your/our emotionally stressed audience is in any way attributable to the OPPT/’D’ group. Thank you for answering.


Heneghan says ‘Showdown Time’ between the Military and Obama’s NSA in his current update. Oh really? Obama has relieved of command twenty some odd Generals and Admirals leaving his puppets in control, we are advised. It is so bad a Sargent, if I recall his rank correctly, was this week reprimanded by his Commanding Officer for reading ‘Conservative’ books by Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. The man had to get a lawyer to get the officer off his back. When the media contacted his higher ups they said, “this is how it is now that Obamas people have taken over”. And so it is throughout Obama’s Government as thirty six or so Marxist CZARS and most Cabinet Officers are actually extensions of Obama personally, ‘YES’ men and women who are willing to do as told or be persecuted if they don’t. In other words, promotions for the loyal liars, the IRS treatment and Lawyers and firings for whistleblowers who try to tell the American people what HITLER is doing behind the scenes. Moving Suzan Rice into the White House instead of The State Department avoids Senate Confirmation and puts her where she can be hidden behind “Executive Privilege” --as the Benghazi cover-ups continue. The same for his Chief of Staff and White House Counsel both of whom admitted they know the truth about this and the IRS Corruption, but will be shielded from the investigating committees of Congress using Executive Privilege. Every day there are new exposures showing the depths of corruption and depravity of this foreign born con-artist who, with the help of the Communist Democrat Party, has usurped the Presidency by fraud. In actual fact the country itself has been ‘usurped’ by the criminals Obama works for. So, Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Percent who were not brain washed or hypnotized by this ‘greatest enemy’ America has ever known, you are pissed to learn, finally, that Little Hitler, using the treasonous NSA, has grabbed your phone and e-mail records and your Medical Records? Well guess what sleepy heads, HE HAS ALSO GRABBED ALL OF YOUR BANKING AND FINANCIAL RECORDS GOING BACK YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. If you want to do something helpful why don’t you call Fox News and demand to know why this is not being reported by them as it was reported by Reuters which was quoting Treasury Dept. Documents.    


WE hear the meeting this weekend, Obama and Xi Jinping at the Annenberg Estate in Palm Springs, may be unusually important for us. You and me and WE and US. WE hear that while Obama was busy ‘hacking’ all of us he was himself getting ‘hacked’. Now who has been getting lots of publicity recently for their hacking activities? WE also hear that OBAMA has continued with his outright lying and breaking of agreements with China and others --multiple times. It’s just a hunch and a prayer but maybe someone is about to inform Little Hitler how the cow ate the cabbage? 


A DHS ‘Insider’ post today says ‘this is the end game for all the marbles’. Henneghan says ‘Showdown Time’. Scandals breaking out everywhere with more to come. Fed, E.C.B. and B.of J. running ‘presses’(figure of speech) wide open 24/7 to prop up stock and bond markets and still the Nikkei falls 20% last two weeks. The meeting with China with Michelle not attending, a major insult. By the way, Jinping refused to come to D.C. under circumstances as they exist. Hodges update says CMKX waiting for W.G.S. and Currency Resets  and Programs Real. Various well known “Metals Specialist” advising clients to ‘get ready’ --meaning a big big reversal is in the offering. Providers of Physical Metals worldwide saying demand has not slackened in spite of dramatic ‘takedown’ of paper markets allowing bullion banks a chance to cover their asses. Biggest Gold mine in the world (Indonesia) shut down by Gov’t. using safety issues as the excuse. Second biggest Silver Mine in world in Utah caves in. As previously reported China buying Gold Mines, especially South America and ‘boarding them up’ with security. July 4th approaches, significance, if any, unknown. The Corporation owes and can’t pay. WE THE PEOPLE are not the Corporation.


Obama is a Communist.  Obama is a Muslim.  Obama is an Anti-American Radical. Obama is an Illuminati puppet. Obama is a fraud and is using a dead man’s Social Security number.  Obama’s first act as President was to issue an Executive Order hiding all his personal records including his college grades and drug dealing. What did his mentor of twenty years teach him? G. Damn America?  As obvious as things now are, anyone who can not recognize Obama for what he is has no interest in truth, they are intentionally blind. Obama is the darling of the Liberals and the Liberal Media and Marxist from coast to coast. Together they are destroying historical America at break neck speed and this destruction is supported by 50% of the people. At last weekend’s national conference of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs it was demonstrated that Obama’s birth certificate, submitted to the public by the White House, is a fraud, a very poor counterfeit instrument so easily proven counterfeit the audience was in shock and stayed two extra hours deciding how to bring this before Congress and the American people. The Congress already knows, Mr. Sheriff, as does the Supreme Court. They are all part of the same corrupt Corporation which usurped the Republic and now they are all working together in the attempt to preserve their Fraudulent Financial Playpen.  Congratulations to the 50% of you who support Little Hitler. You have brought our country closer to its final destruction than you can possibly imagine.


                       Casper   6-7-13